Theme: Foundation Building – Future planning

Key: Dedication, Determination and Discipline

Last month we dealt with two major eclipses that focused on rebooting areas and parts of self that demanded our conscious awareness. We now awaken to energy that is practical, yet inspired from within. Action required for March is to build upon your foundation and to build on self. If the eclipses brought any major changes, know that it was meant to bring you long-term security; and that the eclipse energy does carry into March.

March offers us opportunity to bring the physical, mental and emotional elements in balance in order to meet long-term goals. The past months have focused on identifying obstacles that no longer serve, cleaning out both physical and emotional baggage. This month gives opportunity to promote and expand productivity and contribution to others. March is an important month to remember the conscious and unconscious act of giving and receiving. And to remember the karmic balance of what goes out returns.
We are working with a number “4” energy this month, which indicates that extra physical / mental / emotional effort is required to achieve desired results. Thus balance is key for all areas of life. When working under a four energy, the lesson is to be ‘patient and persevere’ no matter what. March will be a month to test your dedication and commitment to yourself. Your attitude towards self and others will be key to your success this month. Make sure to prioritize in order to stay focused on the details. As March is about making long term decisions that make your life more secure. Commit to your future — finish what you start.
Every 18 months the planet Venus goes retrograde. Venus is connected to relationships and our values in the physical sense and how you value yourself. Opportunity to explore how you value yourself via your value systems, goals, plans and expectations are a major theme this month. Venus going retrograde March 4th – April 18th; which provides opportunity to re-evaluate what you value in relationships and what you appreciate. This is often a time when relationships & partnerships get tested. This energy can trigger strong emotions and feelings and fears regarding our commitments and our possessions. This can be a time when the grey areas in a relationship are not grey anymore. You get to see the true colors and then you can decide if the relationship fits in with your value system and what is important to you in a relationship/partnership.
This Venus retrograde period provides opportunity to really evaluate what your fears are. Understand that usually what we fear has been created by our intellectual self. We do this to protect emotions and to protect self from being hurt or unhappy in some aspect. It’s important to acknowledging the fear, but do not put energy into it, do not let the fear define your truth. Try and release fears and see them as obstacles that block new energy and opportunities — release any fears, surrender them to the Universe. Trust in your higher self to assist in seeing the bigger picture in all aspects of life, without placing fear of our actions wondering if we are doing the right thing or being afraid that past mistakes will be repeated. Follow your heart, (intuitive self), not your head. Our head knows how to trick us into believing all sorts of things for so many different reasons. Pay attention to spiritual awareness and trust in Universal guidance.

Venus retrograde gives us opportunity to re-evaluate our values and possessions and relationships, and to make an assessment of what is worth the effort and what is not. It supports us to revisit what we desire and appreciate the most; and to take a look at our goals and plans and the expectations placed. Are these reasonable goals? Are the expectations achievable? Are the values that you are placing on building your foundation focused on long-term gains? Have you got the right people surrounding you that are in alignment with your value system, goals and upcoming achievements? This will be the month to really commit to future planning. Pay attention to the opportunities around you that will help build a firm foundation for your potential. During this retrograde often people from the past reappear. Dysfunctional or weak partnerships will be brought to our conscious awareness; so its important to learn from these relationships and to understand when its time to move on.

This will be a good month to deal with your financial matters… with committing to your future as a focus. Pay off debts, (or put in systems to begin the process), and strategize ways to save money. Re-evaluate your relationship with money. Boundaries may need a reset to be more efficient with funds and to understand the limitations of resources.

‘Attitude’ will be the secret ingredient this month. Having the right mindset to persevere and to be patient in all areas of life. Your attitude will have impact on your creativity, the projects you do and how you navigate through life’s obstacles and delays. March will be testing dedication and commitment to your goals; thus having the right attitude will definitely assist with working towards overcoming obstacles and achieving the right balance to get everything done. Again prioritizing your time to stay focused on the details will assist in putting systems into place that will allow things to move smoothly.

Dedication, determination and discipline is required to clean up the issues of the past and to identify what has been holding you back in projects or relationships. March is the month to contemplate your master plan for the next 9 months. Use the ‘4’ energy to work hard, organize your thoughts and tap into your creative self. No procrastinating. Persevere no matter what. Don’t give up when the going gets tough… power through any obstacle or perceived stumbling blocks. Roll up your sleeves and concentrate on the work at hand, putting your best foot forward.

Pay attention to your intuitive self this month… get clear what it is that you most value. Ask yourself what is inspiring you to commit towards future gains? What is the most logical place for you to move towards? Really elevate and expand your productivity and contribution to self and others. Remember always that what you give and put out in the world does return to you. Do have a look at any imbalance between give and take in your job, personal life and professional life. What area has been given too much attention? What changes are needed to achieve and maintain goals and a balanced life?

In summary of March 2017 we are working with the “4” energy. The number of balance, representing stability, foundations, solidity and the four elements earth, wind, water and fire. We will need to plan, organize and be patient to manifest our greatest desires; truly showcasing strength and ensuring balance in mind, body and soul. Be mindful of how your actions impact those around you as you begin to implement change that is required to move productively forward. Re-evaluate relationships from the past and in the present; ensuring that you are in the right relationships and that you have learned from past partnerships. Let go of any attachment that no longer connects with your higher self. Sending love and light always to those that helped teach your lessons that you chose to learn.
This is the month to really commit to your future. It will be busy and will test your inner strength…. But if you stay focused and prioritize with the right attitude for success; this will be a progressive month on so many levels.

Stay focused. Love and Light Always.