Accepting Stuffies for a Good Cause


By Tessa Sweeney: The Question Newspaper / November 29, 2012

This November, seven children from Colonia Leonardo Gastelum participated in a Be the Change beach clean up to help sea life after Hurricane Paul. During the adventure, the kids shared the organization’s mascot, Finnigan the Frog. They loved the small toy, took good care of him, and gently gave him back at the end of the day.

Seeing this, and discovering their lack of toys has inspired The Oracle to collect small stuffed animals to take to Mexico. Many of the families of Colonia Leonardo Gastelum moved from mainland Mexico in hopes of employment opportunities and a better life. However, upon arrival, they soon discovered a lack of jobs and an unsustainable desert environment. With no water, electricity, agriculture, sewers or schools these people endured severe challenges.

Over the past two years, the local government has granted them status and a school. They have water trucks delivering water approximately once per week. Last April, The Oracle, along with the Ray Thomas Group opened the doors to a school kitchen that currently feeds 100 hungry school children every school day. Volunteer moms run the kitchen and the food is generously donated by various grocers and corporations.

The Oracle wholeheartedly supports local community efforts in Whistler and Sechelt, and is actively involved in the countries of import; most notably, the children of Colonia Leonardo Gastelum, at BCS, Mexico and Sanggar Anak Tangguh, educating children in Bali, Indonesia.