A look back at 2016

Moving into 2017

Reflection & seeking the truth about who you are was a major theme for 2016. We were in a 9-year wrap up & clean out of the spiritual garden. 2016 was a year of completion…. a year that we were meant to surrender and to let the Universe assist with our intuitive awakening. Personal integrity was being highlighted…. while trying to figure out our unique purpose, as we did the spiritual clean up around us. Finding truth in self and others was key for 2016. The number 16 is a very karmic number; truth is revealed often in shocking ways. This number does teach us about the truth that you have been hiding from yourself over a course of many lifetimes. Hence a very karmic year this has been; a huge year to deal with karmic lessons and processing truth. Anything that was not of sound integrity…. would bring about a big ‘shake up’ in events. People that came into your life or left were meant too. This was the year to learn, and release, and truly have a spiritual awakening of self. A year of endings and transitions that all had purpose to move you forward and gain a better understanding of your life path. Major life cycles were meant to be completed in 2016.

Moving forward into 2017 …. The green light turns on. “Go”

Theme: New experiences coming / be proactive / optimistic/new beginnings
2017 is the year that sets the pace of the next 9 years.

We are starting off the new year in a number one year….. the beginning of a new book, not a new chapter, we are starting a new book. Starting with a blank canvas to create new ideas and instigating new plans. Truly new beginnings… thus set your intentions carefully. Plant the seeds with care, as the garden you grow has potential to produce a very abundant outcome. Mindfulness is key; focus on awareness and on what is happening now. Power is in the present, the one place we can take action.
This is a very karmic time in our lives to truly step into the person we signed up to be. Our lives are no longer about who we were, what we were. Life is about who you want to be and who you are now. 2017 is not going to be easy if you are trying to live in the past, or trying to hold onto outworn energy. We are starting off the New Year in Mercury retrograde. Perfect Universal timing, as it allows us to close the book of 2016; providing opportunity to detach, take time out and close doors on areas or people in our lives that no longer serve your greater purpose. This retrograde time fosters closure in providing guidance into moving forward into new energy that this #one year has to offer. Yes 2016 was busy, hectic; some say a little bit overwhelming at times, many losses, endings etc. But that is what the number 9 of 2016 was all about. Bringing endings and helping us clear blockages from the past; setting the pace and space for a year 1. Which brings new energy and qualities needed to match the energy of a ‘green light’; such as courage, leadership, enthusiasm, and excitement. Embrace the new energy of the number one with vigor and be open to new opportunities.

2017 is the year to be creative with all possibilities that present to you. Have faith in yourself. As we begin chapter one this year, remember what you are building on is going to be the foundation of the next 9 years. So be very clear with intention setting. Being careful and deliberate about what you clearly want to bring to fruition…. As this is the year to start the planting and cooking and creating, which will then start manifesting in 2018.

Truly if there ever was a year to believe in yourself… this is the year to jump on the horse and make your dreams come true. We are being blessed by very supportive cosmic energy. Dream big and believe at all levels that you can literally make, bake and eat that cake. The planets are lining up to secure and empower you to create new opportunities, new goals, new relationships, new work, and new travel. Key: Believe at all levels that you deserve what you want / talk like you have it / visualize what it is that you see yourself doing and most of all maintain optimism and be proactive.

2017 offers profound change in all areas of life. This new energy we are stepping into will help move us forward on our spiritual journey. Key: Ask yourself where it is that you would like to go with your true self? Have confidence with your own creative energy to bring about changes in all areas of your life; love / career/ prosperity / spirituality. Remember to understand that the last nine years, (most certainly the last four years); provided learning opportunities to prepare your soul’s journey & life purpose….bring you closer towards your destined path. Any unexpected breakthroughs or progress this year; will bring on an element of stability with your direction & purpose.

Definitely question your own limitations, and have an understanding of your own boundaries that will enable you to leap forward. This really will be a powerful year for self-growth and momentum for the next 9 years. Make sure to ask yourself where are the breakthroughs possible and where is progress available? Carefully mix your ingredients this year, because the finished product for 2017will prove to you that miracles really do happen. The ingredients to remember is: have faith, trust in your intuition, stay positive, energetic and optimistic and be courageous showcasing every last drop of genuine compassion towards your goals.