What You Can Expect

As we bring 2017 to a close, 2018 comes in with very emotionally charged energy……. A full Moon in Cancer on the first of the New Year….. how extreme is that! This is a very spiritual full moon that is bringing closure to a chapter in life and is asking for a surrender of fear, anxiety and your unease of the unknown. The energy of this moon is offering intense energy to go deep within self and see your truth. The New Year is embracing a two vibration for 2018; this is very inspirational and guided energy. The key to tap into this energy and how to make it work for you is to get into alignment with your inner awareness of self. Meaning, it is important to understand what it is that you are most excited to achieve, and what direction to go that meets your needs that will increase your vibration. A number two energy is very intuitive energy, so it is well worth the attention to what you are truly wanting to bring into your experience by tapping into what feels good within and setting achievable intentions from there.

What is coming into fruition at the beginning of January is energy to empower you to understand what it is that you want in life. As we enter January we are shifting in a new direction that brings focus and momentum into the present. The power is always, always, always in the present moment. What is shifting out and being highlighted with this full moon in Cancer is for you to purge the past, and to learn from all of it…. But let it go. Release the guilt and sensitivities that hold you frozen in time. This full moon wants you to feel connected to moving forward in a direction that will ultimately meet your needs and raise your vibration. This is a powerful time to focus on self-healing and to reprogram limiting beliefs that are holding you back from meeting and attaining your deepest desires. Key: stay optimistic, maintain a positive outlook and pay attention to the details of what you want to manifest.

Entering 2018 is a shift from a one vibration of planting new ideas and initiatives, into a two vibration that will nurture and protect your new ideas. It is important to focus on mental and emotional balance that create harmony between logic and intuition, by sifting and sorting through what things or thoughts no longer serve you and to emphasis on what does. This is opportunity to really zoom in on seeing the contrasts and thus creating equilibrium with the desires. Ask yourself who is the character that you want to build for yourself. What thoughts, feelings and actions feel inspirational and guided and what feels negative and or depressive. Send beliefs of doubt, fear and insecurities to the Universe, as they do not define you. Following your intuition 100% in a two vibration is absolutely a must do. Pay attention to your emotions and stay positively focused.

2018 will demand balance and motivation to find harmony in all areas of life. January brings about a very sobering energy forcing a reality check to look at what is happening in your life at all levels. Getting in touch with your inner self and trusting your intuitive insight will assist in answering the big questions about your journey. There is so much momentum for you to move forward and step into your authentic self. The questions of who are you and who do you want to be and seeing the broader picture outside your ego will be key to consider. Basically stepping right into January will bring a big reality check of what direction you need to take. You may feel the emotional power struggle the Cancer full moon highlights regarding the path for you to choose. Are you going to go down the path that calls attention to your ego, (which will be the lower vibrational route), or chose the path that allows you to focus on your creative self which fosters a higher consciousness that will raise your vibration. The path that will bring you into higher alignment with self is the direction that will harness the power of your inner self-awareness and will embrace your true connectedness to your creative power. Choose wisely with no ego involved, so then your journey will feel inspired, rather than struggle.

As we enter 2018, the vibration of the number two will be highlighted for the next twelve months. This is the number of balance and duality. We are also entering a period where the sign of Capricorn is predominant. The sign of practicality, focus and discipline… meaning that these qualities will be required to achieve what you desire. Figure out what it is that you want, then focus, believe and empower your thoughts to achieve. Be intentional in the moment. Capricorn is the sign of the Goat… And the goat always gets to the top of the mountain – step by step. Key: focus on the steady step forward one-foot step at a time. Patience and perseverance will be your ticket to success this whole year. Knowing the direction that you want your life to go and what peak your conquering will be prudent to the success, as Capricorn is about structure and carries a very fixed energy that wants stability.

January 2018 brings the very creative number 3 energy to the forefront. A three vibration is all about deliberate creation and innovation… An opportunity to really highlight what gets you excited to jump out of bed for. It is the month to tap into your inspired self and communicate in all aspects what your desires are. Tell the world who you are and what you are here for. As mentioned the first of the month starts off with the full moon in Cancer – which wants to feel connected and safe and brings out the essence of who you are. Work with this full moon and embrace the 3 vibration. Let go of self doubt and all limiting beliefs about your capability and grab hold of the steering wheel and put the pedal to the metal and put into motion all that is what you want in life. Dream big and think out of the box. Be creative, and pioneer new ideas. Get inspired to make a plan on how to climb to the top of the mountain.

So many folks are coming out of 2017 exhausted and/or wondering what the heck happened the last 12 months. This full moon will help you release and let go and take a big sigh. Try and figure out all that you have learned about yourself in the past year. Sift and sort through the debris and get your boat back in the river with no paddles. Trust that your higher guidance will gently pull you forward to the direction your wanting to go. Note: All of 2018 is embraced in a two vibration that fosters your intuitive ability – therefore trust your intuition 110% for the next 12 months. This cancer full moon in January will assist in bringing you in alignment with the flow of life again, if you can at least get your boat pointing down stream. Stay out of competitive ego and listen to the wise words of your inner source. Ego will always take you up stream that will hinder your journey, therefore listen and follow the simple guidance that your intuitive self knows when it comes to the direction you need to go. Let January be the month to shift your creative thoughts and desires in a new direction that empowers you to truly step into your authentic self. Key: A “steady eddy” energy will win the prize vs. a “give it to me now” energy. This is not the month to push for things; this is the month to show off your talents and to get excited about who you are. All month the number 3 offers a vibration to align mind, body and soul and to achieve with a gradual expansion to succeed.

As we shift out from a “one” energy in 2017, which did provide opportunity to plant new seeds and set the momentum for the next 9 years; 2018’s two energy sets the tone now for nurturing and protecting the seeds that were planted. This is the energy now to choose the direction you want the momentum to ride out. The duality of the number two will ask you to make choices that empower you and that bring balance to all areas of life. Choosing wisely is so important. You will want to go down a path that will raise your vibration and that speaks clearly to your destiny. Questions to ponder: 1. Are you moving forward in a direction that is about your desire or out of obligation? 2. Is the path truly an inner adventure that speaks closely to your heart or is it a path that will be like dragging your car forward with the brakes on?

As you go through January and into February watch for the evidence of improvements in your daily life. If you are constantly feeling like you’re swimming up stream then you need to reassess your intentions and or the path you have chose. If you find yourself always looking back to the past with a should of, would of could of attitude….. ask yourself if you were really truly happy in the past. It’s always easy to look with hindsight, but the reality of being happy is in the present moment. Getting stuck looking backwards is often a sign of depression and or anger and even resentment. If you find yourself anxious about your decisions and direction in life, ask yourself if you are focusing too much on the future. Not knowing what will unfold in the future is often going to bring about anxiety. So it is better to stay in the moment and bring about peace and harmony in the now. Focusing always on the past will only trigger a depressive longing for things that you have no power to bring back into the present. This full moon in Cancer will surely highlight your emotions and trigger realities that need your present attention. So embrace the Capricorn energy this month and step into your power, get ambitious about your goals and what it is you want to achieve. Tap into your creative unlimited strength and stay true to your authentic self and purpose. All the planets are about to go direct until March, so get ready to embrace a lot of forward movement… Build the momentum in the direction you want to bring success towards.

January has potential to be a game changer by really tapping into your creative power to bring you success, abundance, health and happiness. This really is opportune time to raise your vibration, master your passion and step into your authenticity and to be intuitively guided by your highest self to journey your destined path. Get excited. Be inspired. Be happy.

Enjoy January! Stay Warm and Intuitively Guided!
Happy New Year