Theme: Take a major step forward

Key: Be willing and open to change

March was the month of planning, getting organized and being more responsible and accountable for long-term security. March was busy…. It was the month to soldier on and to stay focused and committed to goals. It was your dedication and determination that was being tested. What were you learning about your destiny in the World? The new moon in Aries March 27th was providing manifesting energy to move you forward. That New Moon had real ‘get up and go’ intuitive energy to assist in helping you move out of patterns and stuck energy…. Bringing in fresh, new dynamic energy that took you right into the adventurous energy of April.

April is the month to go with the flow and to not be attached to outcome. We will be working with the Number 5 energy this month; so be prepared to embrace the unpredictable and to be creative with self-expression. This is definitely going to be a dynamic month with a lot of scattered energy. The 5 energy this month, brings growth, change and a sense of freedom from doing both. Intuition and curiosity are also key themes helping you move towards new directions with new lessons to ultimately empower you.

There will be a strong urge to break from the past; this will encourage new doors to open, new relationships to be formed and new opportunities to venture. Five is the number of the senses… it encourages exploration of all the senses. Be mindful of the temptation to overindulge in the physical pleasures. Moderation is key.
Both Pluto & Uranus have much input this month, along with the Libra full moon making for some crazy energy that will defiantly bring things to conscious awareness. Be in tune to what is being shown to you. The Uranus energy being felt will require you to take a real close look at the patterns in life that you have created. In order to bring in something better to your situation and to your relationships, (things that are in more alignment with your own growth), you will want to look at what patterns need to be let go of? Ask yourself if you have reached a place that you are ready to move on in relationships and in work life. This month will bring an awareness of how you could change the rules of a relationship, allowing you out of any ridged structure or pattern that you may be in. Tell the people in your life what you want. Do not settle for anything less than what you truly deserve and desire.

People often arrive at various times in our lives when we need to learn, grow or could use a new perspective in life. Let April be the month to really look at your relationships and to make sure that you’re in a balanced relationship, where there is an equal balance of give and take. Evaluate what your needs are in both personal and work relationships. Review what you have learned in previous months and be truthful about your partnerships… do you need an upgrade? Sometimes the Universe acts for us when we become complacent or get stuck. Knowing this, anything stuck or not evolving will definitely be brought to your conscious awareness this month to assist in climbing higher to your destiny in the world. In order to receive the gifts of the Universe, be clear with what your goals are and be clear with your vision of what you want to achieve. Do you have the right people around you to accomplish what you need? Taking care of yourself and fulfilling your responsibilities to your karma/destiny are definitely in the forefront this month.

The ‘five’ energy for April indicates that now is the time to learn from experience, understanding what is your own truth. Trust your intuition, pay attention to all the subtle signs from the Universe that you are on the right track. April is a month of change and to integrate what you have learned and to incorporate all the growth work you have done for your destiny in the world. So ask yourself, “Do I like what I am doing in the world”? Remember that you are the master of your destiny… what has been holding you back from moving forward or making changes? Definitely open yourself to receive new philosophies and ways of looking at life.

April is very much a turning point in understanding ‘self’. In order to truly understand who you are and what your heart truly desires, it is important to get the perspective you need by putting the past to rest. Understand why you made the choices you made. Understand the vulnerabilities and realities of past patterns and how past conditioning has brought you to this place you are now. Try and understand the past and forgive yourself for making any of the choices you made that you regret, but at the time, try and remember why you made them when you did. Thus make peace with yourself. Make peace with your past. Then you can truly move forward to a new future.

As we evolve growing pains are felt in the emotional and physical sense. April may take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. There will be moments when you want off the train, but there will be moments when you are enjoying the ride. As we release parts of ourselves that no longer serve a purpose, there will be a huge emotional release. This can manifest in many different ways. You may sleep more, cry more, laugh more… what ever is being released; send it love and light and truly release. One of the lessons of the number five is finding the balance between the needs and desires of the body and those of the soul. As you redefine who you are a light bulb moment will occur this month. Investigate fresh ideas and new ways of doing things. As you begin to explore, ‘trust issues’ in yourself will surface. Understand that the past few months, (and past few years), have led up to this point where you are now seeing the ‘real you’ – a more evolved part of yourself. An authentic part of you has come forth. Integrate all the growth work you have done up to this point in time and see a new version of yourself that is about to step forward. The Universe will align things up for you to ask yourself how safe do you feel in being the new you. Remember 2017 is the year to start painting a new landscape of your life for the next 9 years. How perfect to begin this with a new sense of self. The birds have begun to sing this month…… join in the song. Springtime has truly blossomed a new version of self. Universal timing always amazes me. Embrace a new beginning of self to nurture and carefully grow as spring unfolds.

A major theme this month is to break out of old patterns and find new ways of doing things. Break away from stagnate relationships. Reflect and review the work that you have done in all relationships. Revaluate what it is you want in relationships. Imbalances will definitely be shown this month to give opportunity to correct it or to allow you to make an informed decision to move on. The opposing energies created this month may bring out drama and power struggles…. Just stay out of other people’s stuff and stay focused on your goals. Do not add any fuel to anyone’s fire, no matter how tempting it may be. Your own vulnerabilities may surface in relationships of all kinds. Try and understand what triggered this, what past conditioning has made you feel vulnerable in certain situations. This would be a perfect time to understand any imbalance that is shown and to revaluate your priorities, values and beliefs. Breaking out of past conditioning and from old outworn patterns can be very liberating. It moves you closer to stepping into your power of attracting greater love and achieving wisdom that serves your spiritual and physical journey.

April is the month we will be receiving an “Awakening” energy that will disrupt status quo in order for you to move up the spiritual staircase. This takes place to empower yourself to create your true desires and to showcase the best of ‘you”. This energy will also help you understand who the people are that can support you in the greatest way. This can be in work relationships or personal relationships. April really is an important month to learn about love, and that is unconditional love. Remember that before we can bring in loving relationships, we have to love self first. Healing our past imperfections will be expedited this month. Really expect the unexpected.

Five is the number of Change… the desire to change will be highlighted all month. Key: Change starts with the desire to improve ourselves to bring out the best person we know is within. However, resist the urge to try and change anyone else. Don’t go down that road. Even leaving subtle hints for loved ones, or friends to make self-improvements would not be seen as helpful with the energy this month. Stay focused on your own goals. April will be an excellent month to explore alternative healing methods that can improve health and to tune up mind, body and soul. Remember that the five energy likes to please the senses’. So be mindful of addictions, food cravings, and any other pleasures that really need to be done in moderation.

In summary being impulsive, impatient and restless goes with the territory of the number 5 energy. Be aware of projections as well. The best way to tap into this restless nervous energy is to put it to constructive use. Any kind of physical workout will help alleviate the restlessness felt. Listen to your heart, if you want to stay home and read, stay home and read. The energy will really take you all over the map…… just ride with it. When it comes to relationships, again follow your heart. Do not procrastinate or make excuses for yourself or for anyone else. After careful deliberation, leave restrictive relationships and environments that no longer offer progression. This is the month not to leave unfinished business…. as you will find yourself stepping right back into the same type of situation next month, which will not have the same type of energy available to help you complete it as this month does.

The New Moon April 26th, may bring a new start in areas of work, lifestyle and rising you to the top in your personal endeavors. Be open to receive new relationships as well. Definitely do not be attached to temporary situations. As it is important to manifest things that offer long term support. The Uranus energy this month is busy in assisting you to raise your vibration… disrupting status quo in order for you to grow and move up in the world. When you take the time to acknowledge who you are, you become more attached to the flow of life, trusting your inner guidance to create a life you love and deserve.

Enjoy April,
Love & Light Always