Theme: Your Journey of Self

Key: Choose your direction with confidence and courage

Summer is the sweet time to relax, to enjoy lazy days on the porch, on a beach, in a park. Enjoying our daydreams drifting in and out of our conscious and unconscious self, knowing that our reality of stuff can take the back seat for a bit. Or can it……… with so many important planets taking a break, Mercury and Mars especially…. The energy is and has been difficult to move forward to gain any kind of momentum, never mind just trying to keep status quo up held. Then there is the eclipse season that has been swirling in causing havoc to our quiet afternoon on the hammock ….. flipping us off randomly at any given moment. What ever area in your life has unstable ground…. The eclipse energy will provide stability but only after giving you the message abruptly that something needs to change. Always a blessing in disguise that eclipse energy brings, just not so fun to be awoken on the hammock while sipping lemonade.

Meanwhile, Mercury went retrograde just before the last full moon, which was an eclipse. Interesting, this full moon urgently wanted you to find answers regarding your true inner direction, speaking honestly about your hearts desire. Mercury went retrograde the day before this eclipse full moon, to add value to the illumination of what is trying to get you to point your life in a direction of growth and true inner happiness. Having mercury retrograde highlights the need to rethink, reconsider and reorganize anything about your plans to move forward. Perfect Devine timing to receive down time from the planet of communication and Mars the planet of action. Perfect timing to review all angles of any plans, making sure all the ducks are lined up before moving forward in one particular direction. I say perfect timing because the astrology is lining up nicely with the numerology occurring. Change and new beginnings is exactly what the numerological essence of the number one is, which is the number governing August this year.

There are actually 6 planets in retrograde this month. WOW….. ‘retro’ is going back, looking at our past…. This brings a massive amount of karmic energy to our plate. This is all about self-renewal, realizing what is the truth within our hearts that will ultimately make us happy. It brings new ways to build self-confidence in our manifesting ability, our ability to conquer changes that are needed for renewal. If your having difficulty just getting out of bed these days, its all very understandable, for there is such a build up of energy to break through. Sifting through a massive wall of fog can get frustrating and tiring, but it is necessary in order to see the light. I am referring to the light as a final realization of what your truly wanting in life in career, projects and with relationships; thus finding a life that is fulfilling and resembles your true creative essence. It’s a month to take an honest inner look at your life; especially knowing your long-term plan… this is key. It’s important to look at the bigger picture of where you want your path to take you. Questions to ponder. What is happiness to you? What is the situation that will best express your creative self? What are the right partnerships for you that will bring you peace and a balanced connection with similar goals for long term?

August has us in a number one energy all month…. That opens up new beginnings, new ideas, new people & situations and renewals etc. However, it’s important to mention that this summer we have been going through a major Eclipse Season. Three eclipse moons at that, which is not common to have a solar, lunar and then another solar eclipse back to back. July 12th, 2018 we started the eclipse off with a solar eclipse, followed by a lunar eclipse July 27th and now another solar eclipse August 11th. A solar eclipse happens with a new moon, so the energy of renewal is huge. Eclipse energy is more powerful than a regular full or new moon; so people actually feel the intensity that arrives. The purpose of an eclipse is to assist with completion of a situation or person(s) that no longer serve your highest intentions. An eclipse will literally showcase something huge or subtle that needs attention, whether you like what’s happening or not. Whatever change is manifesting it is always for your greater good/growth and in retrospect a blessing that a completion took place, right alongside something new entering your life.

Manifesting tips: Avoid making decisions for short-term gain. It is important to work with eclipse energy thinking about all aspects of self and understanding that this energy will bring change where growth is no longer happening. The eclipse energy is about starting a brand new cycle in something. Out with the old and in with the new. I have been saying for the last few months that in order to start manifesting things for your personal growth and needs, you will have to look out of the box. Somehow see things from a different angle and from a different perspective, but still staying in alignment with your truth. With so many planets retrograde and as we go though 3 eclipses, the energy to foster and champion new life events is huge. The doors are ready to open big time; so be ready and make sure the doors opening for you are truly the ones that need to open. We are in very fated energy, where big destined changes are about to take place. The only thing you have to do in order to benefit from all this energy is to honestly know the direction you want to take your life. And make sure that any and all decisions that you are making are yours alone. The journey of the soul is a journey of self, following your inner guidance radar to what feels good and what situations will help you evolve. Listening to what other people tell you what they think you should do is not your journey following your inner knowing. No matter how much people tell you they know what is best for you and to listen to their perspective … their loving input will not be “you” speaking from your truth and a big lesson we are all learning this year is to trust your intuition and to choose from the heart. If someone choses to judge your decision making, remember that how others treat you is their karma/journey and how you react is yours. To acknowledge your true identity is so very important right now. To be your most creative, honest, authentic self is key to success as you speak your truth and move forward into situations and people that resonate with what brings you happiness. Make use of the eclipse energy to flush out the parts of self and situations and people that no longer serve your highest intentions. The more you can release, then the more room you have for all the exciting new energy of new situations, and people to enter your life.

One of the lessons thus far in 2018 and especially now, is not to connect to something or someone that does not resonate with your inner self. Things that are just appearing out of know where for you is definitely Devine intervention…. So be thankful and ‘know it is meant to be’. And on the flip side of the coin…. situations and people leaving your life, are no longer serving your best interest, so do not block the process of any exit. Be grateful for the time and teachings received and send love and light to attachments no longer needed and energetically cut the cord. It is important to learn to say “no” to both situations and people that do not resonate with your inner dreams and desires based in truth. It is most important not to make decisions that are based in the Ego. Choosing from the Ego will always take you down a road that will ultimately disappoint you in the long term. So important to recognize what is your true inner desire and what is based in Ego. Any upcoming agreements need to work for each party, and for long term purposes and not short term gain; as anything coming together now has long term effects and connections made now must resonate with your inner desires looking at truth, and again avoiding ego desires.

Key: Ask and you shall receive. We are being blessed by the Universe and encouraged to revisit our path that best reflects are true identity. Also it is time to look deeply at what it is we need to manifest to assist in our happiness and our continual evolution in this lifetime. Know from the heart the goals that will bring situations and people that are in alignment with your inner self. When you are in alignment with your souls purpose and in alignment with your creative expression… the Universe will bring everything you need to be happy and truly at peace with your life. The one thing that may seem different about manifesting in this energy is that you must be very clear with what you want and have the courage to ask for it knowing your value and worth to receive it. Remember you are a deserving soul and if you think you need A to get you to B…ask the Universe placing no doubt and fear on how it could possibly happen. Leave that work to the Universe, your work is figuring out what it is you need to achieve your divine purpose and ultimate happiness. Once you can clear your thoughts of doubt and fear and can confront your true desires, watch the Universe bring it to you in all sorts of magical ways. You will be in the right place at the right time to receive your dreams. Trust in the process and have faith in the process. And please remember that The Universe is most wise and always loving.

All the best for August – stay cool 
Love and Light Always,