Study at the Oracle is designed to awaken possibility, explore timeless techniques, unlock ancient wisdom, and nourish the seeds of transformation for personal evolution in modern life; ultimately bringing a sense of serenity, ease, balance, and joy.

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1st Monday of the Month WHISTLER

Guided Meditation

with Terri and Natalia

Calm your mind and de-stress your life through relaxing meditation. Visualization, crystal bowl, heart centred, and more. Facilitators vary. Proceeds to our foundations in Mexico.

The First Monday of Every Month

We deeply appreciate your help in helping others.
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Sunday Psychic Circle

with Linda
The perfect platform to practice your evolving intuitive abilities, or simply enjoy the messages being given! Opening with a brief meditation, followed by the sharing of messages from the spirit world among the group.

Have crystals? Bring ’em along … and your journal too!

6:30-8:30pm / $15


My Monday Meditation

with Gail

Gail invites you to come and fill your heart with her beautifully created insightful guided meditations. Her goal is for participants to find a slow tranquil moment of relief and encouragement. Her gentle words and voice smoothly take listeners into a quiet, restful state of peace.
Her main desire for this Meditation Circle is for participants to feel warmly welcomed, to know serene quiet breath as she offers guiding words through a few minutes of calm for their bodies, and peace for their minds; to reconnect with Divine and touch boundless Spirit; to gently restore courage and energy for “life out there”, and for them to leave refreshed, having gained inspiration from taking part in our time together.

7:30-9pm / $10


Chakras for Beginners

with Joy
This class is a well laid-out plan to introduce you to the 7 Major Chakras and energy centres in an easy-to-learn method. You will learn about colours and areas of the body associated with each centre. We will also touch upon Chakra Balancing, Chakra Opening and Chakra Healing through different modalities.

Thursday, Nov 23rd, 7–9:00pm

Spirit Connection

Messages from a Medium

with Deborah

What would bring you peace? Deborah can help:

  • Communicate with loved ones who have passed.
  • Bring closure to a troubled relationship by hearing and communicating with that person.

Spend an evening with this gifted medium and prepare to be amazed.

Deborah is a psychic medium who has spent her life honing her spiritual gifts at The School of Medical Intuition, Kingswell, Aberdeen and at The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England. She also has a Masters Degree in Applied Behavioural Sciences.

TBA… she’ll be back!

Tarot Introduction

Tarot 101

Get to know yourself (and your friends!) a little better through discovery of the Tarot. You will learn the archetypal qualities and symbolic messages of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, that you can put to use in your life immediately. Includes your personal ‘mini’ reading. A little bit of insight and a lot of fun. (This class is included if you are taking the Tarot Certificate Program)

What to Bring: Notebook, pen, and Tarot cards if you have them (not required).

In Progress, next course: SPRING 2018

Professional Tarot

Tarot Certificate Program

Tarot is a powerful tool to self-discovery, providing insight and prospective in your life. This personal empowerment study shows you how to put together, read and interpret Tarot cards using symbology, your intuition and your connection with the higher self. Read Tarot with confidence and become an Intuitive Professional Tarot Reader*. Certification provided upon completion of all course objectives.

*Opportunity for Apprenticeship and practice for graduates.

What to Bring: Rider Waite Tarot Cards / Binder for Handouts / Journal / Pen
(Rider Waite Tarot Cards required, available at a 20% discount when registering)

In progress. Next course SPRING 2018