Study at the Oracle is designed to awaken possibility, explore timeless techniques, unlock ancient wisdom, and nourish the seeds of transformation for personal evolution in modern life; ultimately bringing a sense of serenity, ease, balance, and joy.

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Psychic Development Circle

The perfect platform to practice your evolving intuitive abilities, or simply enjoy the messages being given! Opening with a brief meditation, followed by the sharing of messages from the spirit world among the group.

Every Sunday 6:30-8:30pm / $15

Every Wedneday 6:00-7:30pm / $15

Private Tutorial


with Sadhana

Pick a Topic and jump in!
These private mini-classes are at your convenience. You choose the day and time that works with your schedule. Each private mini-class is only $35.

The Art of Smudging
How to smudge yourself and your home. Cleanse, purify, remove negative energy.

Pick a Chakra = Know a Chakra
Crystals, mantra and meditation for one chakra. Transform and balance.

Gods & Goddesses 101
Quick tour and overview of the pantheon of statues in the store and learn how their energy can enhance your environment.

Oracle Cards – You Can Do It!
How to clear and shuffle a deck & draw a daily card.

Mala Practice: Here’s Your Peace
How to use a mala for counting breath or mantra.

Tarot Tutorial
Pick a suit, a few cards or bring your question.

Please call 604-885-2200 to book your private session.

Tarot Introduction

Tarot 101

Get to know yourself (and your friends!) a little better through discovery of the Tarot. You will learn the archetypal qualities and symbolic messages of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, that you can put to use in your life immediately. Includes your personal ‘mini’ reading. A little bit of insight and a lot of fun. (This class is included if you are taking the Tarot Certificate Program)

What to Bring: Notebook, pen, and Tarot cards if you have them (not required).

Tuesday, September 18th

Fall 2018

Professional Tarot

Tarot Certificate Program

Tarot is a powerful tool to self-discovery, providing insight and prospective in your life. This personal empowerment study shows you how to put together, read and interpret Tarot cards using symbology, your intuition and your connection with the higher self. Read Tarot with confidence and become an Intuitive Professional Tarot Reader*. Certification provided upon completion of all course objectives.

*Opportunity for Apprenticeship and practice for graduates.

What to Bring: Rider Waite Tarot Cards / Binder for Handouts / Journal / Pen
(Rider Waite Tarot Cards required, available at a 20% discount when registering)

Tuesday, September 18
Wednesdays, September 19, 26, October 3, 10