Yes, I would like to join the Mindfulness 101 free 5-week  study program.


Mindfulness 101 is a free on-line study program that promotes the practice of mindfulness to help you be conscious and aware of your precious amazing life.

The program paces the development of your practice gently and daily with lessons, ideas, and reminders over a 5-week period through email. There is no catch, fee, or follow-up sales plan or other agenda. You may opt out or back in at any time.

As you progress through the 5 weeks, we hope that you have adopted a more mindful way of living the rest of your life.

To be mindful is to gain intense awareness of the present moment ~ sounds, sights, flavours, and scents; everything that is happening right now; what you are thinking, feeling and doing in this instant. Your breath can bring you to this state. ~ Living Peace