Ongoing Studies


Meditation Nights ~ WHISTLER
Calm your mind and de-stress your life through relaxing meditation. Visualization, crystal bowl, heart centred, and more. Facilitators vary.
Every Thursday, 7:00-8:00pm / 
By donation.
Proceeds to our foundations in Mexico.

By Donation.
We deeply appreciate your help in helping others.

Many thanks.

Psychic Circle Sunday

Psychic Circle ~ NORTH VANCOUVER
The perfect platform to practice your evolving intuitive abilities, or simply enjoy the messages being given! Opening with a brief meditation, followed by the sharing of messages from the spirit world among the group. With Leala.
Every Sunday, 7:00-9:00pm / 
$10 + GST
Proceeds to our foundations in Mexico.

Psychic Circle


Mindfulness 101 ~ ON-LINE
A free on-line study program that promotes the practice of mindfulness to help you become more conscious and aware of your precious amazing life.
The program paces the development of your practice gently and daily with lessons, ideas, and reminders over a 5-week period through email. Start any time.

Free on-line course


Expanding Joy Meet Up ~ Sechelt
Explore Universal Energy, Intuition, Happiness and Healing with Joanne Moore.
Wednesday 6:30 - 8:30pm at The Wellness Loft (beside The Oracle)
Questions or to register please call Joanne @ 604-243-7568

Registration $10
please call Joanne


Workshops 2016


Venus Workshop ~ Baby you've got it!
Let's talk about LOVE! We each have our own unique imprint of the Goddess of love, beauty and values -- Venus--- and she must be honored if we are to be fulfilled, regardless of our relationship status. This workshop will introduce you to the archetype of Venus and what she symbolizes in your astrological chart. We'll learn about the astrological elements to gain insight into what turns your Venus on, and talk about ways you can keep your goddess happy. No astrological knowledge necessary.  Facilitator: Frances
SECHELT: Feb 6th at Oracle
NORTH VANCOUVER: Feb 7th 6:30-8:30pm
WHISTLER: Feb 13th,  6:45-8:45pm

Venus Workshop



Vision Board Mandala Circles with EFT (tapping) ~ NORTH VANCOUVER
Do you have one specific goal or dream that escapes you?
Join us in this fun, creative exploration in specific goal setting and action taking. Using EFT, Art and Meditation participants learn to use a new tools to help facilitate change in their lives. Offered over two Evenings. Facilitator: Linda
Tuesday, February 16th 7-8:30pm 1.5 hours
Wednesday, February 17th 6:30 - 8:30 pm 2 hours
$59. pre register.  Supplies included.

Vision Board w EFT



Tarot Certification Level 1: 
The Intuitive Journey with Tarot
5 week – 2.0-hour workshops
Tarot is a powerful tool to self-discovery, providing insight and prospective in your life. This personal empowerment study shows you how to put together, read and interpret Tarot cards using symbology, your intuition and your connection with the higher self. Read Tarot with confidence and become an Intuitive Professional Tarot Reader. Certification provided upon completion of all course objectives. Facilitator: Rhonda
Tuesdays, March 1st – March 29th , 6:30 – 8:30 pm
$180.00 (Rider Waite Tarot Cards required, available at a 20% discount when registering)

Tarot Certification Level 1



Numerology Workshop Level 1:
The Intuitive Journey with Numbers ~ WHISTLER
3 week – 2.0-hour workshops
Numerology is a belief that numbers carry vibrations that relate to the physical reality in ones life. Your unique numerological value provides a blue print of your potentials, character and the inner you. Numerology studies each year as it evolves through a pattern of nine-year cycles; each year provides opportunities and various obstacles that you may encounter.
Find out your hidden potential, Karmic lessons, personal year cycles, birth day meaning and how your nick names, shortened name, married name has impacted your life path. 
Facilitator: Rhonda
Tuesdays, April 5th, 12th, 19th, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Numerology Level 1


Still in the works... (TBA)


Introduction to EFT (Tapping) ~ NORTH VANCOUVER
Emotional Freedom Technique is a gentle, effective energy based healing modality based on new Neural (brain) Science and ancient healing practices namely Acupuncture. Release and diminish stress, overwhelm old emotional patterns and self limiting beliefs that hold you back from greater freedom, personal accomplishments, happiness and well being.
Follow up Tapping Circle  the next 3 consecutive evenings.
Facilitator: Linda
2016 TBA
Call 604-984-9098 to register. 
  • EFT Tapping Circle~ NORTH VANCOUVER
    Let's continue to tap! Reap the shared benefits and fun of tapping with a group. Bring your questions. Explore the power and possibilities of EFT. 
    Wednesday evenings 2016 TBA, 7:00-8:00pm
    $30 for 3 evenings (pre-registered) ... or $15 drop-in