Theme: Redefine who you are!

Key: Be innovative, creative, and self-expressive… expanding consciousness.

Welcome to the month of December… an incredibly fortunate month to tune into higher consciousness and to truly tap into your creative self. The energy is fast moving and the cosmic messages are shouting loudly to speak your truth and receive the gifts from the Universe. Your journey will be open to new experiences, new passions, and idealisms. Coming into an awareness of what you really want in life is Key. Be open to receive… remember the theme of 2016 was to release what no longer serves your spiritual growth – thus making room to receive new positive energy that brings new opportunities, new relationships and new growth on your spiritual journey. Wishes truly do happen. Raising your vibration expands consciousness… moving you higher on your spiritual journey.

This month we have several planets that are affecting our intention setting and foundation planning. Saturn is abut responsibility and accountability and Jupiter, the planet that expands opportunities are both in positive energy flow with Uranus, (the planet of sudden breakthroughs & lightning bolt opportunities); thus bringing opportunities out of the blue… doors open to achieve goals. KEY: expansion + practicality is a step-by-step process to success. So please be clear with setting your intentions for the next year. We are in a cycle of energy that is about redefining who you are’, not who you have been.

In November, Chiron-the wounded healer, was coming through to bring up our deepest wounds to initiate the healing needed in our lives. Think of your addictions, co-dependencies’, disconnections with self; access the pain, confront the wounds, and chose forgiveness and peace and heal. Our dysfunctions can become our greatest source of healing, facing the writing on the wall, no more detaching or escaping from the work that needs to be done. Truly face the pain and ask the Universe to provide guidance, strength and courage to keep moving forward. Climb the spiral staircase with joy and ease, and release the burdens that are no longer yours to carry. The shadow of the past can be released… let it go and move forward with no judgment. Acknowledge the gifts of knowledge & wisdom of your past and be the change to a more positive future. 2016 has been a year of healing and serving the greatest good… see where you can lead by example.

December is the month to speak your truth and express your feelings. Let your feelings out. November was about crossing the road to new territory. New beginnings are truly happening with hopes and wishes coming true. Act fast on opportunities presenting at the beginning of the month. Lots of energy with generosity with possibility, which becomes more practical as we move towards mid December; especially when mercury goes retrograde. Remember practicality with reality. Using both left and right brain, (intuitive brain and practical brain).
See something in yourself that creates greater love and clarity on identity; seeing who you are in a moment of truth and seeing yourself more lovingly is key for December.

As we enter a month under the vibration of #3, we are joining the masculine #1 with the feminine # 2, they merge into a collection of creative manifestation and where artistic ideas are awakened. It is a time of being with good friends, bringing out your natural charm and simply radiating in joy and enthusiasm. This will work perfect with the holidays celebrated in December. This is the month to be a part of communications, media, writing any form of self-expression. Develop your artistic or aesthetic abilities. As 3 is the number of inspiration and expression, you can use this energy in business, this might mean the creation of new marketing strategy or product. In science or technology this could be a time of developing a new theory or hypothesis. The real Key to success this month, is to trust feelings and learn to be more honest with self and others in our relating of feelings.

This will be the month that you are likely to run the whole gamut of feelings and emotions, from highs to lows. Be compassionate with self and others. Be willing to face both the dark thoughts that may threaten you and try to get to the source of origin and force. Try and get clear with what you want and how do you feel with what you are doing. Also go by what someone does – the behavior – not the words. Pay attention to the delivery. A reminder that energy follows thought; so if dwelling on negative drama this will intensify emotions and it will be a big combustion. This would be the month to definitely take the high road and speak your truth with dignity and express yourself with unconditional love. Remember November was about crossing the road to a greater place of creative self-expression and positive place of intention setting in all aspects of life. Let December be that new area of growth to redefine your foundation and who you want to become to achieve your goals.

Mercury retrogrades Dec 19th – Jan 8th. Look at your strategies: recheck, rethink, redo, reevaluate, and do your homework. Sit tight on big decisions, such as buying a house, car, or computer. Where are you putting your time and energy and investing yourself? Really focus on how you use your resources and evaluate the time and energy you are putting onto things during this period.

The new moon on Dec 29th is in Capricorn; this energy is about how you use your resources. Bring practicality with creativity and using positive improvement methods. The Holiday season is really bringing a positive energy, in receiving good news in financial areas, relationships, media, community…. So many positive things taking form, allowing you to tap into greater blessings. Practicality with optimism is the key to secure success.

The number 3 can be a bit of a scattered energy; meaning that you could easily get distracted, best not to take on too many things at once. Keep things simple, prioritize your goals and try and stay organized and disciplined. This is a great month to work on your home projects, making your space a peaceful, mindful experience. Make sure you have created a place to rest, and regenerate, as needed this month. This will foster creativity.

2016 was a year that created a lot of tension in relationships and structures. This all changes as we end the year and cross over into 2017. New doors open to achieve goals in relationships and new foundations. Opportunities and sudden breakthroughs can be expected. Take time now to set your intention of what you want to create in your life; making you top priority. Tune into the higher voice / higher consciousness; as it will be speaking loudly. What you do in the world matters and who you are in the world matters. Always remember that you are wise and loving and deserve to be treated with the same energy flow. Make positive changes in your life…. take risks, experiment and most of all speak your truth to who you are. Be proud of your accomplishments and give yourself a break for all the mistakes, or what you feel could have been done better. We are here to learn as we move forward daily; we are not expected to ever be perfect. That would be so boring if everyone was perfect. Try and see something in yourself that creates greater love and clarity on identity. Seeing who you are in a moment of truth is key to a positive self-expression of who you are to others. Say yes to life and have more fun. Optimism is your goal and priority this month.
Be kind to yourself this month. Enjoy December and remember that we have crossed the road into calmer waters, after several stormy years. 2017 brings a new chapter of hope and self-growth.

“You are the sun, I am the moon, you are the words, I am the tune, so play me. “
This kept coming into my head over and over and over writing this forecast. This is what I am talking about with the number 3 vibration. Be creative and just go with it.
Thanks Neil Diamond.

All the best to you for December