Theme: New Direction to Live Your Heart’s Desire

Key: Stay focused / Be Present in the Now

We started off the month with a Lunar Eclipse Full moon in Leo Jan 31st that will roll out its energy over the next 3 months. This moon has impact on our Hearts Desire. There are no full moons in February; as the full moon in January has its work cut out for us for some time.

This full moon is pointing towards the North Node, a direction where you need to go; where your soul has not been before. This is a powerful energy that is pushing you towards living your authentic self. There is a powerful awareness of what direction you are meant to move in where you will be able to meet the needs of your inner self. This moon is making you see what it is that your heart truly wants; it will bring you into alignment with your higher self. The message from the Universe is to create fun and passion and enjoy life, while working from your creative self. If you have received any offerings, or ideas around this time…. Then it is a gift from the Universe to consider what is being put on the table in front of you.
If you are willing to feel deep and be honest with self, then this Moon will bring a powerful awareness of moving you forward, connecting with the right people at the right tine. This energy really wants you to look ahead to the future and not backwards at the past. This full moon eclipse will demand you to see the reality of what you have created thus far and will want you to be honest with self if your enjoying your current reality or do you see a new road that is waiting for you to venture forward. Remember if you are still holding onto the past, it will be very difficult to bring in this new energy that so wants to express your true self….. to get in alignment with your inner self and connect with your highest self…….. the light of your soul.

The Solar eclipse in Aquarius will be on the 15th…. this is a New Moon in the area of “expansion in consciousness”. It will stimulate the mind for new ideas, new opportunities and new beginnings that all blast off with “full steam forward”….. kind of energy. A great time to jump into the magic of all the positive energy poring inspiration into the areas of communication and again what areas of life that make you smile. If you love to travel…. Travel will open up. If you want a love partner….. then get ready to meet someone special. If you desire new ideas to create…… be ready for that innovative, most creative idea to blossom. What ever you want, your hearts desire is available for you. Almost sounds to good to be true…. But do remember we are the masters of creating our own reality………………….. Own that energy and start creating and never stop believing that. But…….. Be consistent with what you want and what you put out to the Universe. Energy follows thought…… be clear, be concise, be confident !

The big Universal message with the Solar eclipse New Moon Feb 15th, is bringing an energy that engages you with the outer world. Be open for opportunity to move forward in a bigger way. Focus on what you do in the world and how you want people to see you in the bigger picture. For there is opportunity to live from your hearts desire, by making changes and venturing down a new path. Also at this new moon, it is a time to look at your surroundings and see who is with you on your journey…. Who are the loyal people that surround you? Are the people in your sandbox playing nicely or acting as stumbling blocks? Remember we are working under a two vibration all year, which will test relationships by showing you the truth and reality and showing what is more of an illusion. People who have your back will appear out of nowhere. Listen to the messages coming in. This is energy to really listen to your inner guidance; so do pay attention to all the messages around you coming in from all areas of life.

As we have entered Eclipse season it is important to remember that eclipse energy is very powerful to make change. Eclipse season is all about change that moves you forward in life. Eclipse energy will close a door often, but will very quickly open another door. The energy is always a reboot where a boot is required. If a big change in life is presenting out of the blue, then just know it is for your greater good….. a blessing in disguise.

February has us working very hard under a number “4” vibration all month. The 4-energy demands organization. Coming into Capricorn energy this January, was a big reality check of what’s going on at all levels of your intention planning. February is a month to get organized, bring some structure into life…. as it will help balance the energy. This is the month to ensure that all areas of life are being tended too. Make sure to dot all the i ‘s and cross all the T’s. Be accountable, stick to budget, follow thru, finish what you start in a big way, (remember that all the planets are moving forward), which brings so much momentum to help you get the things done that need to be done.. This is the month to stick to a budget, pay your bills, prioritize, and follow thru with commitments. Absolutely not the month to procrastinate or to be lazy… that will not work at all. You will feel the energy that wants to get things organized and to get as many as your projects complete. The energy to do this will not be available in March. So do take advantage of the momentum this February to complete small projects you have been putting off, to prioritize the home improvements. Basically this is the month to put systems in place to improve quality of life and set the foundation for ‘more” in life – what ever more is in your life.

This month will really bring a heightened sense of duty to self and others. It will give you the energy of confidence and loyalty to complete projects and to partner with the right people. February is a great month to really get organized and to be a conscientious citizen in your community. Laying the groundwork for future endeavors is also important in all areas of your life.
What will be important this month is to be grounded and to be present in the moment in order to really understand the bigger picture, to really see with clarity where your life is going? This will be the month to explore the contrasts, as the more we explore the pace, the momentum moves faster. This is absolutely beautiful Universal timing to allow the Universe to pull you in the direction that your heart desires… what is calling your soul. The path of true Universal connectedness is available if you are open to hear and receive the messages flowing to you. Be willing to move forward, leaving the past with a knowing that the past is the past and cannot be changed no matter how hard you dwell. Put your energy into the present moment. The energy is in the here and now to make your next move. The biggest message trying to connect with you from the Universe this month is: you are here to create, have fun and live with passion and enjoy life on a day to day basis. Live from your hearts desire.

Helpful hints for February: empty the inbox / return phone calls / start preparing taxes / be confident / set your intentions / get organized / clean house / sort what you no longer need in your physical surroundings / sort what you no longer need in your mental surroundings / Make a plan for long term savings / plan for short term savings / avoid impulse shopping / be frugal / work on your networking / build that website / plan for home improvements / plan your dream vacation / plan your dream desires ………….. create the vision.
Enjoy February. Be confident, be diligent with thought and stay focused on outcome. Make your wishes known to the Universe…. make that dream and vision board a reality.

Love and Light Always,