Theme: Eclipse Season Brings Conscious Awareness

Key: Be Positive / Be Original / Be Confident

Turbo charged energy Ignites
Brace yourself for fast moving energy this month. February is a very creative time that carries a vibrant exciting feeling to promote confidence in both self-esteem & self worth. Eclipse season is starting… this energy will assist you to climb to the top of your destiny in the world.
Eclipses work with the moon cycles that bring about a turning point in life. They happen every six months to compel us to make changes or alterations to areas in life that need our attention. Both the full moon and new moon Eclipse offer opportunity for conclusions and bring energy to inspire new beginnings.

An Eclipse will bring things into our conscious awareness; things that you were not cognizant of. Bringing completions with new opportunities for growth. This is to encourage and inspire us to move into new life experiences for our greater purpose and self-development.

The Eclipse full moon February 12th is literally a full moon on steroids… bringing fruition to something and/or may present a big finale to a situation. This alignment can bring inspiration and opportunity to complete points in our life that are fated – meaning something really important happens to move us forward. The gains or changes can be manifested a month before or after the eclipse happens. A full moon eclipse is often an emotional time; everybody feels the effects of the eclipse differently as it is dependent on your unique birth chart. Remember that any adjustments that you may be making via eclipse energy; is the only way the Universe really gets you to pay attention to the area(s) in your life that needed a reboot.

The solar eclipse takes place with the new moon Feb 27th that could bring an innovative opportunity or new beginning literally out of the blue. This is a time then to pour energy into any new creative work that presents, even if it is placing you into a path of uncertainty. The Universe is encouraging you to step into the unknown and unfamiliar ground for a reason. If you are always doing what feels certain and/or comfortable then you are not evolving, not growing into the limitless possibilities that exist. Key: Eclipses bring us things that will give long- term results in the end.

During eclipse season when people or situations exit our lives, understand the role in which they played has now been completed. This allows room for something new to enter that liberates you spiritually on your path and brings changes that are productive in your day-to-day life that advance you forward.

As we move into 2017, we are beginning a new chapter in life; so let February be the month to embrace the energy of new beginnings by showcasing self-expression and creativity. Embrace your emotions with optimism and communicate your thoughts and feelings, especially your ideas.

Do pay attention to synchronicities and those intuitive hunches this month. If you are hearing, reading or seeing something more than once, know that its not a coincidence… your guides are trying to get your attention; so take notice and be proactive. February encourages inspirational ideas, opens doors for new people and opportunities that can literally pop out of nowhere. Embrace with both optimism and confidence.

Do more of what you love and enjoy this month. Make yourself take time out to enjoy the environment around you…. see things differently with the glass half full. Look around you with a new lens… what opportunities are right in front of you? What people are standing right in front of you? Open up your social circle, your attitude towards love; and try to be more accepting and compassionate. Be aware of what you are projecting – what part of yourself is shinning, what part of yourself needs shinning. Embrace your unique character this month, knowing that when you illuminate light and love; that is what you receive in return.
January we were being tested in areas of balance, patience, facing fears and accepting compromise, not just with others but also with ourselves. This month our tests may be more in aligned with recognizing the expansion of our consciousness. Understanding what is truth to our passions and goals and following the higher calling of our higher self. This is where the eclipses step in. The eclipses carry the big guns of getting us to step out of our comfort zone, helping us leave relationships, situations and areas in life that no longer serve a purpose to our higher calling. Remember that the energy of eclipses can last for up to six months. Most dramatic events and changes tend to arrive one month prior, during or one month after the eclipse. Doors will close, lights will turn off, but new doors open and new lights will turn on. Trust that the Universe is wise and always loving, leading us forward to champion our greatest endeavors.

Stepping into 2017 is similar to putting on a new pair of shoes. There is that breaking in period, an adjustment that needs time and perseverance until that shoe feels comfortable. Sometimes it takes several months before the ease of the shoe is felt. January the shoes definitely felt awkward, maybe even regret of breaking in the new. However, determination wins the day. Stay focused and let February be the month to show off the new footwear…maybe you had to get them altered in some way; but in the end you are able to jump and run forward with ease.
February really does carry new energy to embrace and to show off with every footstep how you can move forward with confidence. Be thankful that you had opportunity to try the new and to be able to have an adjustment period to mold and endure. Change always has an adjustment period; so go easy on yourself.

February will be the month to be creative with self-expression, to be creative with your truth and to move forward into any new door that opens without fear. For some, new relationships walk in. For others, new ideas and new concepts appear. Whatever new aspect presents, know that the Universe is showcasing a new perspective for you to embrace. Positive energy will carry you forward all month. As you tap into conscious awareness, know that you are on your journey up the mountain with a new self-confidence that inspires all those that you meet along the way.

I truly love how the Universe has “eclipse season” set up in February this year, as it is working with a number three energy. This is the number that supports expansion, and creative outlets that truly align with Mind, Body, and Soul. There is a truth within you that is moving forward. You begin to open up and see the bigger picture with pure optimism and a cheerfulness that vibrates self-expression with clarity.

Be open to receive this very promotional energy this month to assist in a transformation of self, supporting your truth within and encouraging you to step closer to becoming that person you always wanted to be.
Be open to flourish by being creative. Be accepting of new situations and know that there are never really endings…. because something is always beginning.

Love and Light Always,