Feel Good

4 “GOOD VIBE” ideas you can do today.

So easy… why wouldn’t you take a few steps to get the good vibes going?

1 | Body: Add one healthy practice to your routine.

  • Warm water and lemon before your habitual coffee or tea. (The lemon juice helps cleanse the liver and aides its ability to remove toxins and fats from the body).

2 | Mind: Practice basic mindfulness.

  • Stop and notice where you are in the moment as frequently as you can.

3 | Spirit: Do something that jazzes or inspires you (ignite a passion).

  • Be the active participant and not the spectator.

4 | Space: Cleanse and Protect

Of course these are just suggestions to get you thinking about self improvement at a holistic level, and you can change or add whatever you choose to up your vibe.

Have fun with it … and Live in joy!



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