Get happy: Idea #4

Get happier… be nice!

This is our long-time friend Nyoman. He lives on the island of Bali, and is one of the kindest people I have ever met.
His laughter kills me.
When he laughs – I start too – we end up in hysterics. And it’s funnier because my Balinese is terrible and his English is only so-so, so we keep setting each other off.
It’s fun.

I asked him why he is always so happy.
His answer? He doesn’t do things that make his heart worry.
He doesn’t lie (even white ones), cheat, push (even metaphorically), hurt (words or actions) or treat anyone other than how he would like to be treated.

In plain English – that means – he’s nice. 

He’s also not a push-over.
He is nice to himself as well as the rest of the world.
He set’s kind boundaries, says ‘no’ in a lovely manner, problems solves with grace, and meets challenges with optimism.

What to do?

Easy…Be nice.
Do nice things, think benevolent thoughts, say kind words.
Don’t make your heart worry.