New Beginnings

Key: Believe / Be Mindful / Be Confident

January starts off in a Mercury retrograde but leaves by Janurary 8th. So the new year may have started off with you feeling a bit scattered and drained from the holidays that just passed. Endings are still occurring as we transition into a year of new beginnings. Patience is needed at the beginning of this month. You may be feeling like a ping pong ball; but this is part of the letting go energy of 2016. Take time to really think about what you are manifesting. Intentions need to be set with clear thinking and true clarity.
There is also a lot of unpredictable energy around us. They might bring up fears; but this is perfect timing to face your fears and insecurities head on. Go with the flow; pay attention to your intuition. Trust that the Universe is steering you forward in the right direction. This is a month to work on details, gathering facts while exercising patience. The intuitive radar is full on this month, which may cause you to be unusually sensitive. Thus do not take things personally. This is a month to be diplomatic and cooperative; maintaining professionalism and most of all not being quick to over react. A month to listen; try and really hear what is being said, as your mind is truly ready to absorb information, which will assist you in understanding what is going on.

As we enter this year, make January the month to plan for the changes needed in 2017. As this is truly an amazing time to be aligning with your true identity. The target you are heading for needs to be the target you most identify with. This is the month to really pay attention to who you are teaming up with; are these relationships assisting your movement forward on your journey? This is the time to end any relationship that feels stagnate or unhealthy in both personal and work life. The full moon in January will be shining brightly on solid relationships, and at the same time this moon will bring closure to any relationship that has a weak foundation.

Overall, use 2017 to truly step into your power with the right people who are aligned with you. Don’t get stuck in something you do not want to be in regards to work. This is the last time that the Universal energy will be so strong to assist in making changes to identity; aligning us with our true calling. Use this special cosmic energy to move forward in life and be the person you have always wanted to be. Remember that when making any big decisions; if you are having difficulty doing this, then you are still holding onto outworn energy that needs to be let go of. January is the month to complete the cycle of the last 9 years; clearing away the debris that is not necessary or needed for the next 9 years.

All the best to you as you start your first chapter of your new book for 2017.

Stay in the light always…