Theme: Step into your Authentic self….. Its time

Key: Visualize your dreams & desires coming true – Go Big

Universal timing does not necessarily work, as we are accustomed to the 30-day calendar…. Thank you for your patience in receiving the July forecast…. I too have been waiting to receive the messages and today they came rolling in…………… Get Ready to Go Big This Month, To Think Big, Plan Big & Manifest Big!!!

July is a month to balance both the material and spiritual worlds. We are working with the number 8 this month; thus July brings opportunity to reclaim your personal power, to know and understand your gifts and claim your authentic identity. This month will encourage you and provide opportunity to re-adjust what has overpowered you, to confront fears once and for all and to take ownership of your personal essence…. To live, breath and share your true gifts and purpose.

What a powerful month to manifest your goals and dreams and to reprogram any limiting beliefs you have. The full moon July 8th was truly about facing your fears and embracing this powerful creative energy to literally talk and walk your highest visions. Allow the Universe to move you forward with Devine timing. An intense full moon in Capricorn will provide insight where you need to make the adjustments in your life with the people you know, the things you do and the goals you have. This is a time to be truthful with your purpose and to really own who you are.

July 23rd, the New Moon this month is a very positive energy to move forward with courage and to embrace your true purpose and your ideas and ability to express yourself with new initiatives. Pay attention to the groups you belong to and the people that are like-minded, as they will expand your self-knowledge in understanding more of who you are at a deeper level. This provides you encouragement for you to express your truth and to follow your new path with confidence. Start to reprogram any limiting beliefs you may have of yourself.
This month brings a true positive energy that is filling you up with amazing ideas to manifest amazing things to move you forward. Embrace this energy… all your past wisdom does provide you with an inner truth to bring new opportunities that will assist you to ascend on your journey. Love who you are and what you have learned. Do not look back with regret, build from your past, build new structures, and tap into your mind and ideas to create abundance and loving relationships. Get out in your community and circulate, meet new people who inspire you and embrace life to the fullest.

July is truly about facing your demons, and releasing them. The more baggage you can release, the more room you allow for new energy to enter. This is absolute timing to be truthful to your inner self…. Do not take a job or get involved in groups that do not resonate with whom you are. This energy is moving you forward to being the authentic you, embracing your purpose. (We have signed up to do many things in a lifetime…this is Universal timing to commit and step into one of those purposes). The Universe is always wise and loving and will simply give you a nudge to embrace the opportunities unfolding to you this summer. Difficulties in making any decisions are due to holding onto old energy that needs to be released. Old coping mechanisms and patterns of habit will no longer serve your purpose this year. August will be the month to take a closer look at what it is outworn and to see what can truly be released in order to move forward.

Meanwhile for July, show gratitude this month. Count your blessings. Give yourself a high five for all that you have accomplished. Thank your friends, neighbors, family, employers, or employees for their place in your life. Take a moment to really see how good things are for you. Look at your surroundings and be so very thankful for what you do have. Let July be the month to be very appreciative for your blessings in all forms. And as I always remind my readers that, energy follows thought… please focus on the positive aspects of everything this month; for what you place the most energy on is what you are creating and building upon for your very near future to receive. July brings very powerful manifesting energy…… be careful for what you wish for…. Be clear, concise and do give it thought.

July holds very karmic energy, demanding balance in both the material and spiritual part of our lives. Go big, think big, but most of all, act upon your ideas…. Do not sit with the clutch in neutral… move forward – the light is very green. G0… drive down that yellow brick road and claim your rewards. Claim your right of passage. This is an amazing month for doors to open and opportunities to present. Get off the lawn chair and see what is waiting.

As you persevere this month, be prepared to make change in order to bring all the new things needed in your life. Be willing to face your fears this summer in order to move forward. Do not be afraid to take risks… the energy will support a positive outcome. The full moon this month may trigger insecurities and an understanding about your emotional limits about how much you really want something. July provides energy to question how far are you willing to go to achieve your dreams. How much change you are willing to make and to understand what your true limitations are about moving forward. Are you able to make sacrifices to better your future emotionally and physically? This energy is for you to focus on your positive road and journey that makes you be the special person you are. Going from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain, will depend on how much you are willing to sacrifice and risk to bring about a new version of yourself – a higher version of yourself. Are you ready to move forward? Are you ready to take care of yourself in all aspects to achieve? Are you ready to face your truth and venture out in life to experience more and ascend?

Going out of your comfort zone is never easy… but Universal timing will support you to take a risk to achieve your goals. It is time to embrace life to the fullest and truly live it. You do not have to settle ever for status quo. Embrace your inner confidence and strength to live fully the newly found truth and wisdom that you have acquired thus far on your path. Your skills and potential will be recognized if you show them off this month. Avoid the evils of false pride, better to enhance abilities to inspire, motivate and to cheerlead others.

Be open to receive with gratitude new beginnings and endeavors that are in perfect alignment with your soul’s acknowledgement of purpose. This is Universal timing to be promoted, recognized and rewarded at the same time understanding how you got there and always remain humble. Remember to be thankful for those that helped you, encouraged you and fostered your growth. The number 8 is the number of Karmic balance. Be prepared for the scales of Justice to bring rebalance in direct proportion to your attitude, and actions of the past. What you have sown in the past 8 months will be returning to you soon. This can be in the form of financial, work news, or through recognition for something you have done or by attracting promising opportunities.

This is a powerful month to make changes in your physical and spiritual health. As you improve yourself, you will improve the circumstances of your life. July is the time to make changes in your financial sector and to make changes in how you manifest, and how you receive abundance. Wow…. July is suppose to be holiday time…. not happening… not this July. We are in very powerful energy to embrace the “light” of 2017, which is pushing you to walk into your authentic footsteps. Be the real you and acknowledge both strength and weakness. And by being self honest with any needed changes you can make to foster better relationships with self and others.

Be willing to learn from others and at the same time learn from all your past relationships of all kinds. Find the patterns that you create, to either avoid truths or to make things seem easier to digest. July gives you opportunity to really explore why you may attract unhealthy copy mechanisms with the people you know, and why you have been attracting particular people into your life. This is the month to reclaim your personal power, by confronting anything or anyone that has disempowered you in some way. Whether it’s an overpowering person, an addiction, or belief system, this is the month to confront it once and for all and take ownership of your personal power. Learn from your past relationships of all kinds….. cut the energetic cords of dysfunctional relations and send love and light and move forward. Always remember that all relationships are a mirror of part of self. Take a look and see what your projecting and attracting. This is a good month to study the laws of attraction. July gives energy to balance and learn that money; image, appearance, status nor power defines your souls purpose. It is essential that you live with honesty and integrity at all levels and at all moments.

In summary, July brings a powerful cycle of manifestation where you can attract what you focus on the most. Thus stay positive and minimize your fears…. Do not let fears define you. This is also a very karmic month where major lessons will be learned, and important connection cans be made. Be open to receive, be open to meet new people or folks from the past who may reappear who actually play a significant role in your overall quality of life.
This truly is an amazing month that acts as a catalyst for many “meant to be things in life”.

Working under the powerful number 8 this month…. Be prepared to embrace change in big ways. I always say that there is no middle ground with the #8 energy…. Its very strong and your either at the top of the energy or at the bottom of the energy…. This is where living with integrity and pure intention comes in. Be responsible and accountable for your actions and also on the flip side, be forgiving and nurturing, minding boundaries. The number 8 is a very karmic energy, it governs ‘cause and effect’, and so you will always want to be creating and fostering a high vibration, coming from a place of love and light.

Hard work, dedication and raising your vibration in all aspects of life will be key to support new relationships, projects and partnerships. Remember this month you attract what you think about the most, so this would be a great month to start a vision board creating positive affirmations that represent your dreams and desires, knowing that the Universe is most abundant & always loving.

Enjoy July….. The sun feels amazing.

Love and Light Always