Theme: Power of Authenticity

Key: Energy follows thought… be mindful

This summer brings a lot of karmic energy…. Meaning fated moments surrounding your destiny may appear to assist you in your learning curve to propel you forward. Sometimes it is in the most simple things or acts that bring an inner awareness offering clarity of next steps. Be open to receive light bulb moments this month to assist with major decisions about moving forward towards your true path..

July is opportune time to dream big, think big and to be clear of what serves you in the highest form of intention setting…release old ways and really think of innovative, creative new ideas that best suit the new version of self that has been getting ready to blossom in 2018. This month brings powerful energy to move forward, to reclaim your personal power and to confront anxieties/fears once and for all. The one catch to accomplish this is self-honesty – the ability to speak your truth and to recognize how you truly get in your way. The beginning of this summer has an interesting energy flow that comes in like a gentle night breeze, (yet in contrast is very powerful energy and not so easy to sustain); that will assist with the development of new value systems that give more purpose to your life’s journey. Because it speaks closer to your truth of whom you are and what you believe in to be true to yourself. All you have to do is adjust to a new vibration that brings you joy and the excitement of accepting your gifts and the uniqueness of your inner self. Unfortunately this is not so simply achieved, due to the constraints of daily life responsibility/ social norms that we find our self-living with. Therefore, it will be important to get organized, and to be disciplined with what your organizing to get established, which will be key to your happiness this month and following months. Be open to opportunity that will reveal options to bring change to all aspects of life this month……… especially where you may feel stuck.

This is the month to challenge status quo… to truly champion a cause that will help you evolve in this lifetime. Believe in magic. Believe in fairy tales. Never lose sight of the light that will always be available to your soul as you move onward to attain your goals. Thus key words for this month: moving forward. It will be important to understand your deepest, most inner self and believe in this true self and then to trust that there is a higher power pushing you forward and backing you up as needed.

2018 has us learning all about relationships, seeing both sides of the coin, and then bringing some general consensus how to bring harmony and some balance between both sides. Overall, 2018 brings much learning on how to have the best relationship with self, and July gives us a true looking glass on both our inner and outer self.. When we have a positive, balanced relationship with both our inner and outer self, we will mirror similar into our circle. Chiron is going retrograde in Aries this month which will deal with our identity and questioning our direction and if we our moving down the right road that meets our true inner needs and desires. It will be most important to know and understand what direction your inner self is calling and not to doubt or fear when the wind blows differently. Remember we cannot direct the wind but we can adjust our sails. Knowing this, do not settle or give up in any situation this month.

The number 8 was guiding the month of June this year; a number that really demands discipline, efficiency and personal empowerment to manifest the things you truly desire. It will still be very important to channel your energy and efforts in a grounded, constructive manner to achieve results all summer. Organize your time and work efficiently in the time constraints presenting. Know what you want in all possible angles. Do your homework when it comes to manifesting; make sure your energy is being directed in a positive constructive manner. As I always say, every thought, word and action will and does come back to you. So in any heart to heart conversation, be mindful of your intention and make sure to explore any new thought, idea or emotion that may arise.

The key to really harnessing the energy of the eclipses this summer will be to really know your truth, and make sure you speak your truth and follow your truth and accept the truth in all aspects of your life. Get excited about the vision of next steps in life. Defining discipline in this context of speaking your truth is ensuring that you do what ever it takes to make your dreams come true, with getting both physical and spiritual aspects of self in balance.

Stay focused and organized to bring in the structure required to create and build your dreams. Stay connected in a higher frequency these months to bring out your potential creative power to achieve goals. Keep away from negativity; recognize the people who drain your energy and the folks that thrive in a low vibration and toxic environments. The planet has been flushing out a lot of its own toxic energy since 2016… there is definitely a new dynamic of energy surrounding us that calls for a higher vibration and positivity on all levels. Make your goal to live your best life and be a beacon of inspiration to others that need some positivity and reassurance that life does get better and that you to will feel more accepted of who you are and understand the shoes your walking in.

The last few new moons have been trying to bring about a reflection of what it is that you want to create and build in your life. What is it that feels like the inner you that you want to share with the world? What makes you happy? Knowing that you feel like you are on the verge of something more in life, there may be an inner feeling this month or an undercurrent or hidden pressure that is insisting you need to be happy, when your mood suggests otherwise. This energy is very emotional and moody. It is hard for me to put the feeling and message together to make sense. Just make sure that you do not let a mood pull you away from what is important to you this month. Try and look out of the box with a different lens and make sure you can see the details that may bring new emotions, along with new ideas and thoughts that give you purpose or better reflect your purpose of creativity. Thinking out of the box can sometimes offer feelings of inspiration and hope

If you’re feeling moody or seem to be fluctuating between real highs and then real lows, or feel extraordinarily sensitive; just know it is just the way the wind blows this month. Lots of old energy / low vibration is going to be flushed out… old worn out energy so to speak. There is always a transition time to let the new energy arrive and settle. So be prepared for new dynamics and new opportunities to roll in, and as it settles there is some turbulence and hypersensitivity. Be mindful with communication and remember do no be reactive; best to be proactive with your delivery at all levels. Keep your vision and stick to what your values are.

July is ideal time to set the bar high and get your ducks lined up with the direction you want to steer your life. This is the month to get things moving and make any last minute pitches showcasing your agenda to those that can assist in forward movement. Focus on what is going to get you to the next level and make sure you communicate your needs/goals. Look around you and count your blessings and acknowledge those who have helped you on your journey. Attract more of the good things in your life by looking out of the box, try and see a new perspective for manifesting and getting things done. Be open to new ways and ideas regarding expansion of what you already have. Be curious, explore all avenues and make sure you can see your target clearly, just be open to diverse means of getting there.

Remember to understand how you get in your own way of achievement at all levels. Break old patterns and limiting beliefs of self. Appreciate your worth and value your successes. If there ever was a time to think out of the box, this is the month; yet be strategic and focused with discipline to attain and sustain forward movement. Champion all triumphs as your soul continues on this journey; and acknowledge all obstacles daily as future victories. And most of all enjoy your imagination this summer, as it is a preview to your upcoming future life attractions’.

Enjoy July…… rain or shine
Love and Light Always