Theme: Self Discovery

Key: Be Introspective / Be Optimistic / Be Insightful

June is a start up period of “out with the old and in with the new”, welcome and embrace any change, as it will surely bring about new blessings. We are now moving forward after trekking through some pretty crazy energy that the last five months have brought. Have faith that the changes you are considering or have already experienced are truly for the best and will lead you to greater inner and outer growth.

June is the month that 2017 really moves forward with greater understanding of where you want to focus your energies. This month provides opportunity to do some self-analysis to better comprehend who you are and what you want and where you are headed. This is the month to do some deep personal development and tap into your spiritual wisdom to find the answers you seek. A great month to reflect on the last five months, to find clarity and make peace with all the events that have recently took place. This is the month to tap into your inner wisdom and truly do some soul searching and trust in Universal timing. June provides great opportunity to process and heal, to reflect and spend some valuable time with self. The shift needed to spring forward in your true direction has finally presented.

The full moon June 9th, is a powerful time to focus on opening doors and keeping thoughts positive. Jupiter has gone direct on the same day we have a full moon in Sagittarius. This is a big deal. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and higher knowledge…. developing yourself, seeking wisdom and being optimistic. Jupiter is also the planet of abundance and about going bigger. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is the sign of expansion and going in a direction in life to experience and believe in something of a higher calling. Thus this full moon period is a restart opportunity to go in the direction that will bring you the greatest joy in your future. Believe in your adventure and get ready to leap forward in a new direction that aligns with your higher purpose… the authentic you to experience and engage. All the facts may not all be clear to you at the moment; that’s where June gives the opportunity to take time out to explore the new partnerships developing and the details needed to move foreword.

Old patterns and habits are being phased out this year. Leaving the comfort of status quo and routine may be uncomfortable, but do follow you heart and trust your intuition and tread those uncharted waters with joy and ease. Letting go of any routine in life, daily ritual or pattern that you may feel stuck in will be supported by the Universe, as it will support the development of your higher self. Believe in something and step into seeing the bigger picture this month. Point your arrow where you need a restart, reboot, or renewal in your life and have full faith that you are aiming in the right direction to make change. Remember 2017 is the year to prepare a brand new script for your life with long-term security as an important consideration.

As June unfolds, we are about to kick off into the summer season… Whatever may be your reality try and let June be a month to take a bit of a sabbatical, to reflect and rejuvenate. Some required ‘me’ time may be in order. Definitely recharge your batteries by spending time in nature or some solitude – alone time away from the media platform. This is the month to get to know yourself and direction better. Analyze all that has happened, where you’ve been and now where you want to go…. Without doing the “should of, would of, could of’s ”….. because you did the things and did not, for whatever reason. The most power you have is in the moment. Remember that with Jupiter going direct it is going to grow what you put the most energy into. Therefore, you want to make sure you are planting the seeds for tomorrow and not growing more of the baggage and let downs of the past. Work with what you have now and be patient for new growth and direction to progress. 2017 is a Year One, which means new beginnings and opportunities…. this is very creative energy that has only just opened. Let June be the month to be clear on your intention setting, relying on your intuition and experience of the past decade to lead you forward.

Take time out this month to do the inner work that is required to improve the quality of your life. Remember that wealth is truly in your health. Give yourself more attention; rest and attend to your everyday health needs this month. This would be a good month to read, meditate or simply rest. It is your spiritual presence that requires attention this month so that you are able to strengthen the foundation of your life. You will want to have a refreshed mind to be able to contemplate and gain personal insight on the growing awareness of yourself; which will enable you to make the right choices for future direction.

June is also the kick off month for manifesting relationships. The ultimate partnership will be a mirror image of the best part of yourself…. Therefore you really will want to be projecting the more clear-headed/focused self to pursue your most desired partnership. If you are able to be in a contemplative, self-aware, insightful and relaxing space… you will mirror a most charming reflection of yourself. As all relationships / partnerships are echoes of our inner and outer self; it would be such a blessing to bring forth a compassionate, charitable, healing and most forgiving and courageous part of self. In a nutshell, take time out to bring out the best part of yourself this month.

In summary, June is the month for meditation, introspection and self-examination. It is a month where you may find yourself with more alone time than usual; which is all part of the bigger picture to promote soul-searching opportunity. This is truly the month to go within and do the philosophical searching and intellectual exploration to bring forth inward illumination.

Embrace June to literally count your blessings and expand your conscious awareness. This will be the month to put your destiny into perspective and have a better understanding to the purpose of your journey. Find your inner peace and stay optimistic and keep your arrow pointed in the direction that gives you the most motivation and clarity of self.

Happy June ……… Embrace Summer
Love and Light Always,