Theme: Your Intuition is key to success

Key: Be balanced in Mind, Body and Soul

We started March off under Full Moon in Virgo in the water sign of Pisces. Both full moon and Pisces water energy is supporting your intuitive instincts and attention to detail when it comes to your destiny in the world and direction of self. Doing things to expand your creative self expression is positive for your work and for your goal setting and for networking. Understand your mission, goals and spiritual quest with focus on outcome. Know who and what is supporting your best interests, and be clear with your planning so you do not fall down into any mystical rabbit hole adventure. Remember 2018 is guided under a two vibration, which demands you to do your homework and to see the contrasts of both sides. To bring harmony and balance in everything you do is key to achieve desired outcome. Focus on your health and well-being, and at the same time be ambitious and promote yourself. This is the month of progress, movement and change……. Key to success is tuning into your Intuitive knowledge.

Health habits will be highlighted as we march into March ……. Mind, Body and Soul requires alignment and attention to detail to bring your best self forward this month. Chiron is present with this full moon to bring messages about your care taking of self. Your weaknesses and strengths in health will be shown. Chiron wants to make sure you understand that harmony and balance in everyday life is important as is staying positive in the moment. This will bring you the most desired outcomes. Work life balance will be highlighted all month and for those out of balance, your body will show you via illness or other means to get you to realign with mind, body and soul. Any illusions you may have about your self and/or limiting beliefs will be made clear to you this month, thanks to Chiron, (an aspect/planet known as the wounded healer). Remember that you were born to enjoy a prosperous life and did not come here to suffer in order to achieve and receive. However, living in joy, peace and harmony requires you to be balanced in mind, body and soul and to focus in the moment. The most power you have is in the present, here and now energy.

Any way that you connect with the Universal Source is very much the ticket to success this month. Any kind of meditation or any way that brings alignment with your inner self will raise your vibration and assist in your manifestation in the moment. Pisces energy can get you caught up in the illusions, limiting beliefs and fantasies of self; so it is important to recognize what is your truth to move you forward and what is an illusion. Trusting your intuition a 110 % this month will be key to recognizing the path to move forward. Trust your instincts with relationships and be sure to have a clear vision of how you see things unfolding. Set the bar high and manifest the best of the best in all scenarios.

As we are working under a 5 vibration this month; the energy may seem scattered or moving fast. It will be important to stay grounded and to set your intentions. Choose your battles wisely. Boundary setting will be important. Learn from your past. Know your limits and embrace your personal power. Manage your energy. Select your path wisely as the Eclipse energy is your soul taking you where you are meant to go. Listening to your intuition will move you forward in the direction your meant to go. Your intuition will be speaking loudly, especially following the eclipse January 31st all the way to May 1st. Listen and trust what your intuitive self is saying.

When we are in ‘five’ energy, our minds are moving fast, as is the energy. But you do not want to move forward unless you are sure. Not a time to take big risks; make sure you have done your homework. Not the month to get distracted or to be led down a rabbit hole as already mentioned. This is the energy to feel excited, to feel motivated and to listen to new ideas and fresh perspectives. Resist the temptation to please the senses and to be impulsive. Stay focused and remember your goal and purpose is part of your souls journey if you have been following your intuitive self. Key: how people treat you is their karma, and how you react is your karma. Trust your instincts and trust what your gut hunches suggest. If something or someone seems to good to be true, then know it is too good to be true. Trust and believe in your inner knowing of what feels good in life and set your goals with confidence and believe in your success.

The new moon in Pisces March 17th, will be highlighting your destiny in the world. Chiron will be highlighting your insecurities and doubts of self in your abilities to achieve your goals. It will be important to be clear with your desired outcome of who you are, what your legacy is and what your set goals are with career. Know that if you chose your path wisely with your intuitive self…. All will work out as intended. Knowing and understanding your own limiting beliefs, will help you be successful. Knowing where your Achilles heel is, allows you to be prepared and ready for unexpected curve balls.

March has a five energy swirling around, an energy that is fast moving, unpredictable and action packed; therefore it is important to prepare yourself for the unexpected, for things out of left field. Key: is to be adaptable, flexible and not to set plans in stone. Its an ideal month to promote yourself and to get excited with the energy of change….. just be prepared and one step ahead. Again, be clear with outcome and know what your goal is and have a plan B. This is the month that will help you move up and forwards to bigger and better things in life. Just be clear what that is to you. Thoughts are powerful indicators of your future, as energy follows thought. Thus be diligent with what your thoughts are. Think carefully and clearly. This is the month to promote your self, as there are opportunities out there. Be selective and know that wisdom and prudence is key with decision making this month. If you chose from the heart, (from that gut feeling,) then be assured you are making the right decision. When you are having difficulty making a decision, then you are holding onto energy of the past that is outworn.

Let March be the month to embrace new opportunities. Make sure the opportunities that you consider are in alignment with your inner self….. with who you truly are. We are in a very destiny kind of energy, the connection to work and people need to be a true fit with your souls purpose. As the days get longer, our energy usually increases, however remember this month is moving in a high energy current. Do not over extend yourself. Being prepared and flexible will help you navigate through any unexpected storms. March 20th is the official equinox. Exciting energy that will shift into some fire energy. Focus on making your visions and goals a reality. Stay focused on improving health habits. Believe in your dreams. Set your intentions for achieving your goals in this fast moving energy. Progress and success can be achieved with clear thinking and careful boundary setting. Be confident and take a leap of faith. March brings the energy of progress, movement and a little bit of magic. Remember with effort comes reward, but moderation is key. Don’t lose focus on your goal. Raise the bar at all levels in life………… this is the month that with a little faith – results can be huge. Believe in yourself. Listen your inner guidance and do not look backward…. Forward movement is key to success this month.

Enjoy March.
Love and Light Always