Theme: Introspection

Key: Breathe… take one step at a time

May has arrived with not just flowers but some bumblebees too……….. The energy that presents will take some adjustment as you recharge the batteries after the recent storms that April hurled in. The purpose of May is really about how to promote introspection, to reach a better understanding of who you are and to reflect on the direction your going. The key is to go within and focus on the inner development of your soul’s purpose and journey thus far. Spring is that beautiful cleansing season that offers renewal and fresh starts after the carnage of winter. So this is the month to get excited about the changes that come with spring……fresh new growth always.

It will be a little different this particular May of 2018, as we have some interesting new transits happening in the astrology world that will have impact on all. Bottom line, May brings amazing opportunity to get your self together, (like step it up and really get it together). Take stalk of what happened over winter and especially April and start getting prepared for a definitive new beginning for inner self-development, awareness and direction in life. Get ready to not just talk the walk… but also walk the talk.

We are working with the number 7 energy all month, which brings a calming energy that wants to tap into moments of peace, tranquility and introspection to contemplate life at all levels. Thus May will be the month to schedule quality time to liberate yourself and to enjoy the journey, knowing that the Universe always has your back. This is not the month to take a walk on the wild side. Leave that to Uranus, which I will discuss. The 7 energy attached to May this year, will command inner silence for very needed reflection to ponder the questions regarding the course of your life. May is all about going behind the scenes, looking at personal issues and the finding the obstacles that block growth. Ask yourself what patterns can you see that hold you back in life? What self-defeating behavior’s can you identify with that sabotage your personal happiness? Note how others have been treating you. What behaviors have you been attracting? As it can be all about what your reflecting from within, the hidden aspects of yourself that may not reflect the best qualities of your own personal resume. This month take the time to identify the parts of your self that hold you back from being the person you want to be. Heal your inner wounds; let go of behaviors that you know disrupt successful relations and your ultimate happiness. Always easier said than done… Right. But it will be so worth the investment of your time to be honest with self and take a walk beside yourself and see how you like it.

As mentioned May will provide opportunity to take some time to reflect and be alone if needed. When we are in a 7 vibration – it is very Hermit like. Sometimes when one is really struggling with identity and/or self-direction, you will often find yourself being placed in alone time, unintentionally and it is quiet well received. This gives opportune time to do the inner work and find those deeper meanings of self to move forward in the direction of your soul’s journey.

This month if you simply can identify how you get in your own way…. Then you are truly steps ahead to personal empowerment. This spring really is time of inner change that can foster huge quantum leaps of self-growth. Ask yourself if you truly know the road you are going down or still contemplating direction? Have you figured out what is of value and worth persevering in daily life and the bigger picture? What are your needs and desires and are you honoring your true attributes and capabilities with what you do in the world. Something important to consider also is the people in your life. Are you surrounded with the necessary team of people who will foster your growth, and not add roadblocks? Knowing that we can’t chose our family but we can chose our friends………. Its important to understand that you can chose not to spend time with people who drain your energy or bring you into a lower vibration because of their negativity or their own dysfunctional out look on life. Keep your energy field clean and clear from outside interference as it can block your own manifestation and empowerment process.

Lots of karma and hidden self aspects will be revealed this month, if and only if you are ready to see it for what it is and do the work. New beginnings truly wait if you really want to open up for new experiences. The Universe is going to give you the nudge needed to move foreword in areas of relationships, commitments and work. It will be important to stay present in the “now” energy and flow with the daily energy with least resistance. Not getting stuck grieving what was….. or getting anxious about what could be in future. Stay focused in the moment of what is happening right now. Reminding yourself of who you are and what your intentions are in the present. Goal setting and intention setting is important; however it will be most beneficial if you can tap into your present reality with an objective focus of self improvement. When we have the best relationship with self, then we mirror so much differently and attract more positive experiences into our lives.

it will be important this month to recognize what is not working in life and to dig a bit deeper and do some work of how you may be projecting onto others. Projecting things about yourself that are not the most glorious attributes that you want to share. Thus inner conflicts and behaviors can be easily displaced onto others without you realizing what your doing. So this really is the month to stop, look and listen to your daily communications and check in with how you integrate with others. The month of May has the vibration to bring forward a whole new image of yourself and a new outlook of yourself in the world if you are ready to embrace big change.

This month as we roll further along into it, might bring about some ‘edgy’ energy. A few thunder storms – May 16th is a day that you want to have clear intentions and take some alone time, avoiding others who may be a tad assertive and confrontational with their agenda. For the rest of the month it will be important for you to understand what is your ‘stuff’ to own and take accountability for when it comes to any obstacles presenting. And to understand when someone else’s issues is not yours. Make sure you identify and/or recognize hidden agendas others might have or simply the bumps in life that need acknowledgement and know how to effectively deal with it. If something is not working the way you want or its difficult to get a project or idea launched; its important to recognize what the obstacle / hurdles are that might be self generated, and to not project onto others and the opposite not to be the target to others projections.

This month will definitely bring some clarity to who you are and to the direction you want to move towards. Your sense of self and what you value will have opportunity for revaluation Understanding what really makes you ‘tick’ will be clear as with your sense of how to achieve your inner desires.

The planet Uranus will be making headlines from midmonth onwards as it moves into Taurus for the first time in decades. This is the planet of change and unpredictability, (the disrupter).
Taurus is a manifesting energy and wants to know what the worth and value of something is. (Taurus is not very flexible…… hint…. the Bull standing in the middle of the road). As Uranus moves into Taurus territory, it will want to bring change to do with your environment, your finances, and your creative self-expression; embrace it as an opportunity to be more abundant and creative. This is a great month to have people invest in you or for you to invest in others via a business investment, or simply giving time and or your energy. Just be clear and concise with the choices you are making and know this is truly a month to see yourself moving in a positive direction in your life.

Key for May is to really take time for self-reflection. Find time to review your direction and purpose and embrace change as needed. Know that integrity of self is fundamental to decision making this month, as is your values and the impact to self worth. It will be important to create solid structure in life by prioritizing and then to make every effort to initiate forward movement in all areas of life. Plant your seeds carefully this spring and begin to nourish all the growth that follows in your life.
Love and Light Always,