Theme: Raise your vibration and choose your happiness

Key: Healthy Life Work Balance

May brings opportunity to look at life work balance. To assess life habits and work habits… with a goal to improve your energy to live your best life. This month finding strength to be self-honest and locating a platform to do your best thinking will be important. As we are working with a number six energy this month, this is a time to get clarity with self and attend to everyday needs, to rest and to get into harmony with yourself and surroundings. This month the planets Mercury, Mars and Venus that have been retrograde are now moving forward, which brings back determination, strength, and clear communication, and finally clarity of the recent past and into the present.

As May brings opportunity to improve all areas of life to live your most desired life. Manifesting what you want in the form of life style and what direction in life to take that will bring stability and also what will raise your vibration is key this month.
The focus will be on the quality of life you want and the people in your life that will share similar values and goals. Choose your happiness this month. Be self-honest with what you truly love to do, and figure out where you matter in the world. Where and who makes you feel worthy about what you do? Understand what your heart wants. What is it that you want to create in your life… is it prosperity, work, love or feeling connected in community? The energy this month will help you get to know yourself with what matters to you in life and truly who matters to you; while being your authentic self.

May brings about a sense of clarity regarding some of the changes that March and April brought. The Universe has really been trying hard to show you the grey areas around the people connected to you the last few months …… to enable you to make an informed decision to the kinds of people needed in your life that will foster positive soul growth. New energy this month is a needed breath of fresh air after the chaos of the last few months. Allow yourself this month to slow down and smell the roses. Focus on the renewal of what spring brings, such as new ideas, new people, and new opportunities. But mostly a new self-awareness that comes will bring you the most blessings. Create and give energy and nurture the things that you love to do most, the things that matter to you the most; which is the same for the people that inspire you the most.

The Universe this month is providing opportunity for you to evaluate the kind of life that you want to manifest and to choose what road you want to take. The options are either choosing a life style that brings you a healthier quality of life that is aligned with your Devine light/truth; or choosing a lifestyle that is not seeking a higher vibration or platform for soul growth. It is important to figure out who you want to be and to identify what habits and coping mechanisms are no longer working. Basically any past patterns will not be productive in this new energy. In order to move forward this year, it really is necessary to deal with emotional baggage and any dysfunctional coping means. This is the month of self-love, forgiving self and others and stepping into a place of compassion. Accepting responsibility for your actions and being able to commit to self, and those close to you will require a fine balance of diplomacy and consideration.

We are working with the Number 6 this month…. the number of love, harmony and balance, as well as the number of responsibility and service to others. This is where the work life balance theme enters, as six has energy to attend to everyday needs and to get into harmony with yourself and surroundings. It will be the month to deal with any misunderstandings in relationships of all kinds. The six vibration is very geared toward service to others, and an energy to give more than to take, but it is important to tend to your own needs and not get out of balance. This month will also be a month testing your patience with self and how to resolve issues harmoniously.

Let May be the month to truly ascend and raise your vibration. The energy that has arrived is a true gift from the Universe to really review what will make you happy and live in your best light.
So it is really important to review the people that you associate with. Are they assisting in your growth or acting as obstacles in your soul development? Do the people in your circle make you happy and make you feel good about yourself? Be honest; make no acceptations to what is valid and what is not. You are worthy of healthy, loving relationships and being treated as such.

This is also the month to evaluate the food you eat, the exercise you do, and what do you do for self-renewal. How do you revive your energy after a busy week of work and after helping out with family, friends and community? This month is really about identifying what you are doing in life, understanding that there needs to be a fine balance between work, play and time for self. This is the month to understand where any anxiety and negative circumstances are based. Identify what your worries are. What are the things that cause you anxiety? Identify if you have the ability or power to change the source of worry and anxiety. If you don’t have the means to change the source … try and stop being anxious over things that you cannot change.

This is the month to practice self-healing techniques to understand the law of cause and affect. To really understand that worrying about something that you have no power to change is wasted energy and will only bring out negative results. This month really understand where you are holding your values and beliefs. Ask yourself what can increase the value in your life? How can you build the life of positivity? A great start is to start to identify what obstacles and baggage can be removed. Its time to identify with what makes you the happiest and who will bring true positivity to you in life. Make sure that you are connected with your heart in the right ways. Appreciating true love and true happiness. Sometimes it’s the small things in life right in front of us that are huge gifts to the heart and soul.

As we work with the number 6 energy this month… a lot of focus will be about love, home family, responsibility and ultimately emotional harmony. There may be real push/pull energy between the love you give to others and the love you receive. This month is not about satisfying personal desires…. it is a month to really get to know yourself and to understand how creative self expression can improve relations with others, while still honoring your own needs that will best raise your vibration.

This six energy is a great energy to manifest your dreams. However, it will be important to be connected with a high vibration of self, which will be key to attract what you desire. Align yourself to see the beauty in the world, and align yourself to be supported by the Universal light to improve your quality of life. This is really important this month. As it will allow you means to re-connect with your inner truth and acknowledge who you are and give yourself credit for what you have accomplished.

Unconditional self-love and the love and appreciation that you have in life for others will also be key to navigating through the difficult days. The secret to success this month is really being of service to those around you in need and feeling the love and compassion toward others, but not forgetting about yourself.

May is the month to ask yourself what is the most healthy life choices for you to make this month. This is opportune time to ground to a healthy pure life that is connected to a higher vibration. May is an excellent month to improve your health. To honor your body and recognize what it does for you. We often get so caught up in our headspace that we forget that our body is a gift that requires commitment to keep it functioning at the highest capacity possible. Our body is like a car…. It needs regular tune-ups and the batteries charged now and then. Our bodies need the same attention. This is the month to make those needed routine doctor visits for mind and body, which ultimately keeps the soul strong. Any self-improvement attempt will be favored when you really put your mind into it. This is the month to review your health regime, inclusive of the food you eat and the activity you do. Be mindful to do the things that make you feel good, but dutifully note the things that are not from a higher vibration. Recognize addictions, habits and patterns that inhibit self-growth. Remember food for the soul is pure as the water you drink. Would you drink cloudy, dirty water? So just be mindful of the kind of food you are feeding your body and any thing else that you give the body. The energy this month will favor any kind of dietary change, life style change and exercise regime. What can you let go of that no longer serves a purpose that will bring better health to self is key.

Pay attention to May 10th as this is a full moon in Scorpio, which is a great opportunity to take time out to enjoy your surroundings…… to notice your surroundings. The full moon will highlight what needs an upgrade and what needs changing with how you are taking care of your body and any of the habits that have developed that need a reboot. This is an emotional full moon to dig deep into self and release once and for all anything that you no longer want in life. To really check out your life style and life habits. Bringing to conscious awareness life work balance. We need strong health to be able to enjoy all the good things life has to offer. Healing energy is available. This moon will be influential to bring health and fitness to a high point and to really take a look at the life- work balance. Review your personal responsibilities and accountabilities and make sure the goals are achievable. Remember there will be a weird push and pull energy between the energy you have for others and for self. It would be advisable to stay on your own path and not get distracted by others in any negative issues or negative energy. Basically drive cautiously and stay in the slow lane, only passing when absolutely necessary.

A six energy also creates opportunity to dig deep into the issues of relationships; either a deeper level of commitment is established this month, or an opportunity to go your separate ways. This is an excellent month to make every relationship in your life the best it can be. And that is inclusive of the relationship with self. Self worth is connected to what people you are surrounding yourself with. Are the people you are associating with raising your vibration? Any relationship with a weak foundation will have to deal with the deeper issues causing the friction. Relationships that are more firmly based will both deepen and mature into planting long-term security. Do utilize the month of May to reconnect with self and to rekindle the connection that brought you together with those in your present circle. This really is the month to review underlying tensions in any type of relationship and reach a mutual stance of cooperation that will promote a deeper appreciation of each other.

A reminder that with the new energy for 2017… We have been raised to a higher vibration/higher frequency that requires the use of creative self-expression and truth to achieve goals. Be your best self and most truthful loving self when connecting with others. New dynamics are required. Old ways of doing things will not bring positive results. In order to meet your current needs, it is utmost important to focus on doing things differently. How you live your best life will be tested. When making important decisions this month, do you follow your heart or do you follow your head or do you do what simply makes the best sense. There really is a way to connect both the head and the heart so that wise, balanced decisions can be made. It’s really about merging together the conscious mind and the subconscious and the higher self. As long as you’re challenging status quo this month and moving forward, raising your vibration will be the right direction to chose. Do not chose the road in which there is no growth in self. And remember, when we chose to stay in status quo… you are guaranteed to attract the attention of the Universe and then Boom…. The universe makes change in ways that you may have avoided. Be open to changes this month in the way you make money, the way you receive love and give love and the way you look after your self.

A notable moment for you this month will be when you truly identify what matters to you in life. Navigate the tough moments this month, while staying positive and remaining happy. Confront the truth to relationships that matter, understand your heart and then solidify and secure the relationships that support you the most.…… Take time to rest this month and to really understand work-life balance to incorporate you feeling your best at all times. So again what and who really matters in your life, will bring such positive clarity of what your purpose and journey is.

In summary,
May is the month to allow issues in all relationships to surface and actually start the process of resolution. Established couples are given opportunity to separate from old outworn, unconscious family patterns. Issues of codependency may surface, allowing opportunity for professional counseling. The six energy / cycle we are in, truly encourages establishing and maintaining healthy relationships. The theme of healthy relationships this month is to serve unselfishly… without getting involved in the drama. The six energy is teaching us about boundaries and understanding when its unhealthy to further engage in other peoples stuff. Its important to help in a crisis moment… but not to get dragged into the deeper roots/cause of the problem. Remember it is easy to become so involved in someone else’s problems that you lose yourself and your own focus in the process of serving another…know when to give to others and when to give to yourself. Thus creating a true balance of give and take.

May is also a month to explore volunteering in your community. This month is about partnership; responsibility and service, thus learning give and take via volunteering. This is the month as well where friends may be reaching out more than usual without notice for assistance. Lending a helping hand is key for the give and take energy.

Health issues may arise this month; but more likely to improve health for optimum function will be the main focus. April was a month that escapism through potentially addictive behaviors seemed an easy way to deal with life. Now you may find yourself in a situation that old coping mechanisms and escapism will no longer work. Let May be the month to step into your power to truly face your wounds and obstacles with healthier choices. Getting back into nature and reconnecting with the environment is healing and also the first steps to raising your vibration to receive peace of mind and assistance from the Universe. Take new approaches to step forward and think out of the box to deal with daily obstacles.

For May focus on how and what will get you to the next level of spiritual soul development. Stay in your creative power and stay in the light. Be your best self and meet your current needs in a new way, with new approaches. Remember to surround yourself with high vibrational people that will assist you on your path. Stay true to what you deserve. Raise your vibration by simply living the best life possible.

Be at peace with yourself and live in light and love always.