Theme: Crossing the Road

Key: Living in your truth. Not knowing all the details, but believing in them. Relighting the fire at the end of the month & really seeing the bigger picture.

We are in a two vibration this month of November. This is a month to activate intuition and have trust of inner awareness. The number two relates to the feminine energy and stresses relationships. Listen to your intuitive self. This will be a very emotional month as we are in Scorpio energy. Key will be transforming self by digging deep into our true emotions … allowing hidden truths to come forth.

We start November with a new moon, which represents new beginnings, planting seeds and new insights. Seeing new tangibility’s – where mind is meeting clarity and where inspiration and motivation for self is strong. Be honest with yourself as you make your intentions and reset your priorities.

Stepping into November embraces Scorpio energy – which is a time to define your foundation and home life. Scorpios gift is one of regeneration and of self-love. This energy exposes things that are deep, hidden and intense. Digging deep for hidden answers and dealing with intense deep emotions, triggers hidden fears, deep inner feelings and thus true desires emerge.
November speaks loudly to hit the ‘reset’ button. However, this reset cannot happen, until we let go of what no longer serves our true inner self as we evolve into a higher version of ourselves. The key for September and October was to release, let go and foster new perspectives, new attitudes and ideas. Stepping up to the plate and letting go of attachments is a huge theme for November. Making a new reality with practicality is key.

Resetting your foundation is an opportunity to define your commitments with what you really want to create with your home life, relationships and work life environment. Creating the world we want involves releasing fears, anxieties and doubts. Forgive yourself and others are key to bringing in new-inspired energy. Send love and light to all negativity/ pessimism and opinions that are not truth to you. Hit the reset button with true conviction to tap into your possibilities and inspirational opportunities.

As we are in the number two vibration this month, it is opportunity to activate intuition and gain a trust of inner awareness. Really pay attention to the lunar aspects this month, as it is a direct channel for the flow of the Universal source…. our Devine link between spirit and earth. Therefore listen to your intuition, and the signals coming in via dreams, feelings and subtle senses. Allow your intuitive powers to guide you fully.
The influence of the moon this month, does play a big part in highlighting the mental aspects, (feminine), rather than the physical plane, (masculine). It is a more compromising energy with gentle, reconciling, receptive qualities. This is a month to be imaginative, romantic, inventive and creative; especially dealing with our interpersonal relationships. As you go through November old issues with opposition of self will be stimulated, when unresolved issues are uncovered, the emotions and conflicts of the past may surface with more intensity than expected. You might find yourself attracting relationships that act out old negative patterns related to childhood & young adult conflicts. This is when the act of forgiving and being patient with self is really required. Remember that we chose to learn the lessons when we did, for reasons we may not understand; but accepting this as part of life without holding grudges is so important. Accepting the realities of experiencing painful memories can be made easier by being grateful that you were able to have a true understanding what real happiness, and love feels like compared to what unhappiness and being hurt feels like. Without the experience and memory it would be difficult to compare the complete opposite. Sending love and light always to the people in our past that played a part in our learning to a better understanding towards self-love.

November is the month to elaborate on and develop any ideas and new endeavors that were initiated in early fall. Pay attention to details and surround yourself with compatible and supportive people who will help you move toward success. This is a time to cultivate a new image based upon your true identity and aligned with your inner self. Thus living in your truth and only acting on what you truly want.
The seeds planted in October are germinating now…. This is the month to protect your ideas and initiatives with true patience. November is the waiting time, to be the sponge and absorb everything, gathering facts and listening to that inner voice, not making hasty decisions. This is opportunity to weigh out all the facts to ensure good results.

Crossing the road into new boundaries, between two places, moving from one phase into a new phase is occurring; remember universal timing is key and trusting in Devine timing. This is about believing in creating the life that you truly want. Resetting our values and defining the foundation and commitments that you truly desire present now. Crossing the road means letting go of past wounds, hurts, old coping mechanisms and forgiving imperfections of self. Self-love and relationship with self will be instrumental when choosing your options and opportunities that will present to you. This could be a possibility in relationships, new business ideas, new life thoughts etc. Building on confidence and what needs to be healed; which involves addressing limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving a harmonious life is part of the learning this month.
November is the month to balance intuition with logic, giving and receiving, work and play. Opening up the heart this month will have powerful impact on a new reality with love and in all partnerships. Healthy relationships with others can only stem from a healthy relationship with oneself. Be aware of the duality/polarity and the interaction of opposites in self. Having a reality check in relationship with self, others and even money is important in achieving balance and healthy results.

November is giving us opportunity to work on the details, and to seek out advice, not a month to fly solo. A time to use all your skills that include: cooperation, diplomacy, tactfulness, and compromise. Forming alliances with kindred spirits who share your high ideals / vision and have your best interest at heart is of great value. November is opportunity to listen more than talking. Really hear what someone is saying. Also really hear and feel what your inner self is telling you. Personal radar is on “high” frequency all month – thus listen to that gut feeling. Pay attention to those subtle signs. Every time you see the same number on the clock everyday; pay attention to what your mind was thinking at that moment or what you were talking about or listening too. Seeing the exact number all day is your spirit guide(s) trying to get your attention, to make you pay attention to something. So pay notice…. And always say thank you.

November could be the most emotional month thus far this year. Existing relationships may be challenged or may get stronger. People may meet someone very special that could become a life long friend. The lesson we are receiving this month is a chance to explore our emotional self. This can manifest itself in very many different ways – each person’s experience is different. It could be thru heartache, loss, disappointment, happiness, joy, repressed emotions coming to surface, having a deeper connection with self and others. Whatever the experience of the emotional self; the gift we are receiving from Scorpio’s energy is the regeneration of self-love and developing a stronger relationship with yourself. Surround yourself with high vibrational people to create balance and harmony. Most of all be kind to “you” and remember that we grow within when we acknowledge what truly honors self-love.
November is a good time to look at unhealthy habits, addictions and ultimately all self-defeating behavior and say good riddance and forgive yourself for stumbling along life’s journey. Think of November as a month to prepare for a death of the parts of self that need to go, whatever humbling experience. Fall is the time when the branches shake off all the old leaves, preparing for a new growth in time. Remember nothing happens over night. And one of the big lessons for 2016 is patience and to surrender what no longer serves us. As we enter 2017, we will be budding branches, getting ready for a new growth of new ideas and watching our visions mature into reality.

In summary, nurture plans from October. Tap into the possibilities of resetting creative energy and inspirational arts. Let friends, and family facilitate positive changes for you as needed. Romance is available to you when you are not over thinking it; enjoy living and being in the moment. Step into the energy that makes miracles be created, crossing the road to greater possibilities when timing is right. Be cooperative, be patient, trust your intuition and follow it. Embrace your emotions in a healthy way. And remember new experiences may create new emotions or even bring out repressed emotions from the past. So step into your power and let go of unhealthy attachments and do not block what is available to you on the other side of the road. Remember that the new reality needs to be met with practicality. Dream big, but be realistic.
Hit that reset button with full strength this month when you are ready to embrace creative change, which is coming up next month. Let November be the month to figure out what commitments you are ready to commit to and to create too. Go big with vision but stay real. Cross that road with your head held high this month and get ready to spark the fire where you need to change in life. Remember that partnerships of all kinds will help on the journey…. Balance is key in all areas of life. Live in love and light always.
All the best for living in truth this November.