Theme: Light the fire within

Key: Be creative / Be confident / Be connected

This fall season has been loaded with self-growth opportunities that have required the utmost attention to detail and motivation to pursue moving forward. November has been the month of creative self-expression and most definitely a journey into higher spiritual realms. Connecting to your higher self brings about spiritual manifestations. A huge cosmic download is available all this month if you are in Universal alignment and emotionally connected to be open and intellectually available to receive. (And what I mean by intellectually available is that you are being reasonable with expectations and have mastered work/life balance).
Both October and November have been about opportunity to harmonize with self and to listen to Universal messages. A wake up call to hear your inner voice is present to empower you to achieve greater pursuits and to find your place in the world.
Be open to receive a spiritual teacher who may arrive in any form that helps you get where you need to be and to be who you are meant to be. This teacher could be someone who may enlighten you in to understanding your destiny in the world. Spiritual teachers may show up as a lover, friend, baby, child, pet, neighbor, boss, employee or even a random stranger. Be open for the opportunity to engage by being in the moment to receive a random event. The stars are truly trying to align you to not miss your moment to literally go on a spiritual quest, to meet up with a kindred spirit that could be the catalyst you need to get the momentum going for moving up in your world. Practice being in the moment this month, by focusing on what you want in your current reality and not stewing about what has been. Be present with your current surroundings by accepting of what is your current situation and to get excited of what can be your new reality. Similar to October… tap in, tune in and get ready to soar to those higher realms and connect to Universal energy – to your highest self. Connecting with Universal energy always feels good and it will bring huge rewards this month if open to receive. Take the gift. Take the journey into higher vibrations. Huge lessons for all is really understanding and learning the ‘art of receiving’. Giving to others always feels amazing, as does receiving from others. Remember there must be an equal balance of both to be in harmony and in Universal alignment.

We have been working with the number 3 theme this month, the number of creativity and expression of who you are at deeper levels. The number 3 is an emotional, social energy and carries a vibration that magnitudes your feelings / emotions and vibrates out to bring the desired in. So do remember what you focus on expands. Qualities of the number 3 are love, joy, happiness, compassion and wisdom, which will be highlighted at various times for you this month. Its important to utilize your imagination with this 3 vibration as nothing new can come into your life until its truly heart felt… emotionally recognized. “ Energy goes where the attention flows”… Thus self-awareness is crucial. Get excited with the 3 vibrations as it is all about the following sequence: 1) visualize 2) believe and 3) receive. This would be an excellent month to make imageries of what you want to manifest via some sort of visual and creative outlet. Write down a list of all the benefits present in your life, all the things you are grateful for. Ask what is of value in the moment that you can you serve others. Key: as you raise your vibration you will attract the Universal higher frequency vibrations that align with an energetic match that arrives via the energy you are putting out. Definitely advance your consciousness and expand your awareness… thru meditation or just some time out in nature.

How you take care of yourself and where you put self-worth/self respect and self-appreciation on the hierarchy will be highlighted all month and into December. Having a healthy self-esteem and how you value your self worth will be in direct alignment with what is available to you. Are you ready to receive …… are you in alignment to receive. Look at your thoughts and actions that you project….. And look at what is being brought to your current reality. Is it in alignment with your belief system? Invest in yourself this month and be aware of your thoughts and actions. Really appreciate yourself and give yourself kudos for all that you have accomplished in the world. Be in the energy of gratitude and really look at your place in the world. What have your investments been in self and others? What needs an upgrade in order to make your life more effective in how you receive and have more fun in life?
The first 3 weeks of November were spent in Scorpio energy …. A time to speak the truth and to be honest with what things can be released in your life and what things inspire you to achieve a greater self-awareness of your place in the world. This is a time to really go within and get that fire within blazing at full capacity. The spark within is really a torch “awaiting to be a blazing”. So do put that blowtorch on high and get excited to shine and be on fire with whom you are. Whatever area in your life that you would like to see improvement on…. Put fuel on it and watch how fast you can change it all for the good.
The month of October’s forecast spoke about how we see our selves in the current of life…observing where we are in the river. Perhaps October was the most emotional month thus far this year. I saw a painting of this guy walking through the tress carrying his canoe on his head and shoulders. I immediately held a connection to what many of us have been doing….. walking around with our boat on our head, it has not even been in the river. Carrying the weight and tolerating the load of past emotional baggage or current undesirable circumstances will not help you move forward with life in any way. I really had a good chuckle with a vision of myself wondering around with a canoe on my head this past year, now realizing that life would be so much easier if the canoe was placed in the river pointed down stream… moving with the current.
So many folks this year have felt that the challenges of late similar to being in class 4 rapids or feeling like their boat was tossed right over a waterfall. If this was the case… the stir about in the whirl pools and turbulent waters was testing time to trust in your values, to trust in your strength of who you are and to acknowledge fears and patterns that need dealing with.
This is what the full moon was highlighting at the beginning of November …….. to recognize self value, self worth and about who you are to the very core and to not lose focus on your belief system. The essence of knowing who you are and the attitude you maintain is key to moving forward. We have been in Scorpio energy this month and the reality of your world is being highlighted as well as merging both your dark and your bright side. Accepting all traits, accepting your unique self and accepting all sides of what makes you that unique individual is absolutely key to transitioning through November.

In review of the last few months…..we went thru some pretty intense currents in the river, and/or may have felt like your boat did leap over a water fall. Whatever was the case, it is how you landed and chose to repair any damages that occurred that would define your alignment with Universal energy to move forward and learn from whatever presented thus far this year. The drama of it all was about you truly facing your truth. Did you even want to get back in the boat and back in the flow and perhaps try the path of least resistance? Your outcome was and is dependent on what you value, what you fear and your trust with your direction. Thus the full moon in Taurus November 4th was highlighting your fears, highlighting what you truly value in all areas of life and ultimately your truth and trust of your inner awareness of self.

The month of November falls under the number 11 as situated in the 11th spot of the calendar months and is the month that hosts the sign of Scorpio. Eleven is a master number that deals with understanding things at a spiritual level with the ability to motivate and enlighten others. Eleven holds the essence of evolved insight and spirituality, and how this information can benefit the greater collective consciousness, often shown through the creative outlets or through a leadership role the benefits others. The other side of the eleven energy can be shown through an attitude or projection of the exact opposite, which would be martyrdom and complete lack of care for others and self. As November falls in the sign of Scorpio, there will be exposer of true desires, and opportunity to go deep into intense emotions, which will dig up the hidden aspects of things…..all of course for the greater good, ( a blessing in disguise). Scorpio deals with living in your truth and having the truth exposed. November will always be an intense month to walk and teach your true values and to only act on what you truly want. Anything hidden will be exposed for the greater good of self and others.

As we are always learning and transcending, it is very transformational energy to learn to surrender what does not serve you and to learn to receive…. The give and take theme has been huge all year. Thus know what you value and what you want and who you trust in order for you to receive what you desire. Embracing the spiritual quests that foster your inner growth and development will be highlighted and intensified this month. Be both the student and the teacher this month. Follow your heart and acknowledge your inner wisdom, as you are both wise and came from a place of light so this is the month to really shine that inner light and expose your inner being – which is your truth of self to others. Key: Scorpio transforms dark into light.

In summary of this 2017 Fall season, it is important to understand what was being exposed and what was/is really happening behind the scenes, thus providing opportunity to acknowledge, revisit and reboot what area in life needs a boot. Revisit what is of value to you and what brings pleasure to you. Find alignment with what you enjoy and what is of value in the bigger picture of life. Our value system forms at a very young age; what values did you inherit vs what values did you learn and thus form a personal relationship with. How does your self worth and what you value form alliances and opposition? What was happening in 2012 with what you value? What has changed with your value system since 2012? For whatever was the major theme in your life then, there is a common thread/link to what you are learning now. So, do let this month bring huge self-awareness to the area(s) in life that needs acknowledgment of growth and acceptance of self. Embrace your lessons and move forward with ease, which is your path to clarity and ability to heal and to accept all the layers of the onion. This will help you find the path of allowance and acceptance of what is and what can be. Revisit your value system and acknowledge self and worth, be in gratitude for what was and receiving mode for what is in the present reality.
The New moon November 18th in Scorpio is about new beginnings in understanding the deeper mysteries of self,,, bringing opportunity to really go behind the scenes to connect to that higher version of yourself. An opening to step into and embrace higher consciousness of mind, body and soul….. when you can truly connect to a higher vibration you will feel inspired and eager to strut your stuff to the world. See the bigger picture of where your talents can make a difference in both your world and others. Your enthusiasm and charm will pay off; as the world needs some heart felt energy that vibrates with fun and creativity. Scorpio energy always feels intense because its all about truth and what is real and what is felt at a deep level, so it’s a perfect time to communicate, address issues and acknowledge what it will take to achieve your goals, while you are still having fun in the world.

When you fall down, do pick yourself up. When you bump into those big stumbling blocks in the river…. Chose the path of least resistance and go around them. Never give up. Trust that you are never given more than you can handle. Learn from your past, make peace with all the rapids and ripples in life and get excited about landing in new waters, new territory, and new challenges.

Embrace life and get excited about who you are as an inspiring individual.
Love and Light Always