Theme: New Perspectives, New Attitude, and New Ideas

Key: Dream Big and Apply Yourself

October brings energy to create fresh starts – thus new beginnings. We’ve entered the sign of Libra, a time that is about creating balance in our lives. I am calling the new cycle that has started Chapter 2 of 2016. We made it through eclipse season, which brought intense energy for needed clarification regarding our direction in life. There was a lot of karmic energy to deal with in both August and September, which was to support our growth and give clarity to our deepest needs. Last month was an important month to weed out the things that were not working in life. Accepting your imperfections and owning who you are, and who you want to be is key. Remember too that what ever doors closed in the last few months… were meant to close in order to allow for new doors to open, allowing for new energy to enter, promising growth in all aspects of life. Trust that the Universe is always wise and loving, and will never give more than one can handle.

October is a month to relight the happiness in your life. A time to really look at what you are dedicating yourself too and where are you trying to find happiness. Sometimes it’s all about looking within and loving your self that comes first. Truly trusting yourself, following your own passion and really dedicating and committing yourself in both career and home life and the relationships you have. Maintaining balance and not getting distracted is a huge theme for October. Distractions take us away from creating the day-to-day life that we are seeking. Let October be the month to not get side tracked and perhaps take a closer look at the patterns we create that cause distractions. Becoming aware of these patterns is the first step, (as they truly are obstacles), then let go of these patterns that are outworn that cause blocks to moving forward.

Libra is the sign of relationships, and as we have entered this energy, we will be learning more about the people in our circle and maintaining balance in our sphere of life. September took us through some fairly rough weather. Seeing how we would navigate through the storms was a lesson in our dedication to goals and to our self worth in finding who we want to be. So as we enter October and November it’s all about putting what we learned into action. Stepping up your game and no longer sitting on the fence is now the new energy and to take a fresh approach as you step into your power. Do what is fair and balanced and what brings you peace of mind. Find the courage to bring in the necessary changes into you life.

Choosing the right people in your circle that will help evolve with you is very important. Finding the right people that you connect with and also the life that you connect with is often a challenge. Be savvy with your choices and do not doubt your decisions. October is the month to be confident and believe in you, take charge and take initiative. Stay optimistic, be positive and find your true happiness through your individuality. It’s a month to really take a close look at yourself and to see what you are reflecting. Pay attention to how you react and to what makes you react. Understand where boundary setting is important. When we bring in people into our lives we are bringing in a reflection of ourselves. Let October be the month to clearly look in the mirror and ask yourself if you like what you see.

Making decisions on how we move forward is not always as easy as one would like. Decisions are only hard to make when you are hanging onto old energy, holding onto things that are outworn really act as stumbling block to allowing new things to enter that would much better serve your purpose. Sometimes decision making gets set aside and a distraction enters. Once we acknowledge our distractions we will have a better understanding of what decision(s) need to be made. As October is seed planting month for new beginnings; this is a great time to be clear with decision-making. And know what ever seeds that you are planting need to be well thought out, as what you bring into life over the next few months will be here to stay for a while. Choose wisely. Stay focused and be clear with intention setting.

Building a life where you have true freedom of who you are is key for October. Going deep to bring out the real you, which will assist in attracting the people that truly match your goals. This is not a time to accept status quo… This is a month to challenge status quo and not compromise who you need to manifest in your life. (Libra energy is a lot about compromise and balance… both very different things). It’s a time to believe in yourself, setting boundaries in your life and maintaining a balance in all areas of life. This is the month to be assertive with your own needs.

October is working with the vibration of the number one, not a compromising time but a time to manifest in your life what will bring you the most happiness and desired outcome for the long term. Let the clarity of what has been exposed to you thus far this year; assist you in planning where you really want to be in life. Really being truthful about the work that really needs to be done for self-improvement is important this month. It is also essential to really understand and accept the truth of your reality. Let October be the month to convert ideas, goals and aspirations into direct and meaningful action. Make change as you see it…. using the vibration of number one to manifest new beginnings.

September offered huge energy to bring things to completion and to let go. October now is a time to really concentrate on what you have in life, not what you’re lacking. The powerful moons we are experiencing this fall represents change and potential. The moon’s energy of reflection does show us how we react and respond via emotions. October is the month to use emotions, (the heart and soul), and the intellect, (our mind), and to tap in with Universal guidance (our intuition), allowing you then to walk to the beat of your own drum. Follow your individual instincts; to be proactive and make wise decisions and mostly follow through with life changing events with your head held high. Connect with who you are and your true energy.
All the Best in October
Yes this forecast is late… those distractions I was talking about…. I have learned bringing balance into life is key towards success.
: ) Rhonda