Theme: The Current

Key: Harmonize with your inner awareness of self.

October is the month to really go deep with the work you love and the month to immerse yourself to feel efficient and effective; to champion your cause in what you do in the world and how you feel in the world. October will highlight when you are not in vibrational alignment with your higher self. You will know when your paddling up river, the choice will be why are you paddling against the current vs. floating down stream?

October has everything to do with choices and balance as we are working with the number two vibrations all month. The number two is about self-awareness and the awareness of the other; this vibration is becoming conscious of something that is apart from oneself, seeing contrasts and thus creating equilibrium. After all the one energy going on in September, brought ideas, potentials and initiatives forward……….. October’s two energy is about creating your ideas/visions and understanding that the creation has no form until it is observed and how it is being mirrored back is the reward. Two is really a beautiful energy that is the next step to identifying with your creativity, as it is the gateway number to the emotions; because there will always be someone or something to relate it to. The most important qualities to remember this month will be compassion, and cooperation. Key for October is to trust your intuition and it is thru your inner awareness that you must align with how you feel about what you desire that will bring you the success your wanting. Everything that you wish in life must start out as a thought within and the inner changes that happen following will be how you manifest in the outer material world….”no action has effect until there is a reaction” to the idea you are wanting to put forward.

Following the turbulence of September, this month the stream is still running fast, but there is less obstacles. Key: Life is about our relationship with the stream. There will always be the odd boulder to navigate; but by staying in the boat, floating with the current; you will succeed. During October be aware of when your boat is turning up stream; pay attention to what feels good and what does not. If it does not feel good – then your going up stream; thus let go of the oars and focus on making peace at where you are in the river.

As we are working with the number two energy this month, the qualities of duality will be highlighted. The yin and yang, night and day, north and south, good and bad, acceptance and anger, sweet and sour, assertiveness and lethargy, exciting and boring, war and peace, cooperation and feud, silence and noise, happy and sad, poor and abundant, lonely and fulfilled, dissatisfaction and contentment, love and hate, sensitivity and arrogance, judgment and acceptance, sarcasm and genuine, truth and false………… I truly could go on. My point is that October will give opportunity to experience all of the above because of the contrasts being highlighted this month….….. your perception of how the river is flowing is key; for you create the movement from the position of yourself in the flow. Do you want to paddle upstream against the current? Or join forces with the current and flow down stream with no resistance? This will apply to all relationships of all kinds this month.

When we are working with a two vibration,….. your intuition is heightened and innerawereness of your highest self wants to connect and bring to balance the ego and inner light that you are. Our ego always steers us in the wrong direction, it takes short cuts and offers a band aide to areas in life that have been wounded. Remember band aids are only temporary measures to cover a wound or sensitive part of self. The full moon in October has the energy to rip off the band aide and expose the wound or anything hidden. Thus secrets can be revealed. Our ego is vulnerable to judgment and criticism. Do not react or become defensive if it is your wound being exposed. Sometimes it’s just better to bring everything out into the open once and for all. We have been dealing with transformational energies at an inner level and as a collective consciousness this whole year. Things have been happening outside of ourselves and changes have occurred that impact us personally, even though they are not being driven from self.
It is important to take a step back and regain focus this month… take perspective on the bigger picture, from a wider lens. The key to all the activity in the world around you is to find balance and the middle ground. Stay authentic……… and make peace at where you are by letting go of the oars.

This is the month to achieve both mental and emotional balance and build your confidence with self. Relationships with others, inclusive of friends, coworkers, employees, family, money and things will all need to be brought into prospective and into conscious awareness of what is in and what is out of balance. Again it is, your relationship with self that will be first priority. This month really own and appreciatiate your authentic self, your inner calling. Are you the person that you want to be? Ask yourself who you are? Do you feel effective in your life? Do you feel efficient in what role you play in the world?

This is a month to learn patience, to understand timing is everything. Listen to your inner voice, as intuition is spot on. Decision-making this month means to listen to your intuition; we are in the sign of Libra, so weigh out all the facts carefully. What makes sense and what does not? A difficulty in making decisions is only because you are still holding onto outworn energy. Understanding of others and cooperation are the keys to success this month. This month you must receive and share rather than to aggressively push and assert. Embrace opportunities and offers………. Recognize things that excite you at the heart level and things that only your ego desires. Distinguishing between the two is such a different vibration and will both take you to two very different places.

Whenever we are in an energy vibration of two we are learning about relationships of all kinds. This is the month to really gather facts, all the details and exercise patience. Stepping back to look at the broader picture. This is a month to know when to step back and let others shine. A month to know when to realize that being right really has no value. This is the month to accept others opinions, to value others work, to appreciate what others do for you and vise versa, show others what you do for them. Ego must not get involved, that’s when we always get messed up. This is a month to follow your inner knowing, your heart/soul. So do take the high road, which aligns you better to a higher vibration that moves you forward in all aspects of life. This is a great time to find alliances with kindred spirits who share your ideas and visions. Diplomacy is required this month to be successful with others and again, really knowing when to step back and maybe just listen.
As our inner wounds become exposed this month it is self-love and your relationship with self that is first priority this month. Building self-confidence and healing whatever needs to be healed will take precedence. This month demands balance, it will be utmost important to understand our unresolved emotions or limiting beliefs that block you from moving down stream. I have talked about life / work balance being important to bring into balance as much as bringing into balance your intuitive self and your intellectual self, giving and receiving and where to truly understand cooperation, harmony and your limitations on inappropriate behavior. How others treat you on their journey is their karma, but how you react to it is your karma. When you can forgive someone you let go of the resistance that was keeping you from alignment with your higher self / your higher connection to Universal support that is always there waiting to assist you. Feeling worthy and happy is ultimately what brings you relief…… so tapping into what truly matters to how you feel will put you on that higher vibrational road to be in alignment with your highest self ….. Which is the higher frequency of source energy. If you get consumed with what you are to others then you will lose yourself. October has a huge potential to bring people into our lives that could stay for the long haul. Make sure you know what and who you want…. By knowing who you are. Have the best relationship with self first. Be confident; be honest and truthful regarding your ability and readability to commit. Trust you intuitive gut 100 percent. If someone or something presents as if it is too good to be true…… it probably is too good to be true. Do your homework and let the Full Moon in Aries bring needed clarity and insight. Trust your intuition; trust your feelings and you will be taken in the right direction.

You can achieve more in the world when balance is in place. Stay focused on your desires and do not get caught up in martyrdom of difficulties that others offer. Do not react. This is a great month to mediate for others and harmonize with others; finding middle ground while staying authentic. Do not get caught up in all the headlines, or other people’s drama. The cards will be laid out on the table very clearly on motives of others, opinions that others want to share. Do resist changing to meet the needs of others. That would bring you up stream. You can be most effective in relationships of all kinds if you mirror genuine, authentic compassion and creative cooperation. Remember that October is offering both visual and intuitive truths to all situations. Empower yourself to feel effective, resourceful and competent. There may be opportunity to form new alliances or improved alliances at home, work or socially. Ask yourself what is your reputation in the world, as it will be mirroring back to you this month.

Leave outdated patterns, and perceptions that really no longer serve you. Set new guidelines for yourself, as this is great energy this month that is demanding truths, honesty and authenticity. Focus on what excites you and rise above fears, anxiety and insecurities that block you from being effective. That’s the Ego that loves to play mind games and ultimately get you paddling even harder up river. Never let the Ego define who you are. A very wise person told me “you don’t get what you want in life, you get what you are.”

As the energies of the past few months gradually calm down, take a moment to regain focus on your life. Take perspective of what you are putting out emotionally in the world. Take perspective of your visions and go deep within self to pull out your true creativity that is the essence of who you are. Tap in, tune in and get excited about something or someone; this momentum will get into a vibration that will align you to the path of least resistance and you will be amazed how your life changes for the better.

I think the biggest secret that the planets have to reveal this month, is your creativity and self-awareness of what your authentic self is capable. We are in very transformational energies that will inspire you to achieve the work and love you desire in more effective and efficient ways. Harmonize with what feels good. Reject what does not feel good.

Let October be the month to enjoy the trip down the river without paddles, without resistance, keeping the boat balanced at all times.

Enjoy the crisp, fresh air of October.
Love and Light Always,