Cleanse and Protect

Feel Good!


Why cleanse?

Because you deserve the freedom to be happy.  

We pick up energy like a magnet or a sponge; good and bad vibrations affect us.  Cleansing and protection helps eliminate negative energy and program good vibes! Set yourself free, reclaim your personal power, and live in joy.

Why protect?

After cleansing, it makes sense to protect work that has been done.

  • Seal in good vibes, reinforce your intentions and keep negativity away!
  • As a preventative measure; before upcoming challenges, stressful meetings, first dates, job interviews, negative entities and even family gatherings.
  • Keep bad vibes away from you, your family and your home.

Cleansing and protection deals with just about everything that can set you free!

  • Places: Accumulated energy from public places, transport, restaurants, work, gyms, hospitals, and schools.
  • People: Arguments, difficult personalities, negative people, unbalanced energy.
  • Situations: Moving, divorce, financial strain, difficult decisions, empty nest, difficult relationships.
  • Items: Clean the energy of previous owners or program new items to work productively.

Who should cleanse?

Anyone desiring a lighter, brighter vibe!

  • Those dealing with challenging situations, feeling lost, fearful, victimized, discontent or anxious.
  • Sensitives, empaths, intuitives, artists, writers, musicians, teachers, and those working in the healing arts including; hands on touch,  massage, counseling or psychology, care givers, and health care providers. (Yup… pretty much everyone can benefit!)

North Vancouver location: 604-984-9098
Whistler location: 604-905-0084


  • 1/2 Hour = $65
  • 1 Hour = $120
  • 1.5 Hours = $170
  • Home/Office/Yacht Clearing = by quotation (usually based on square footage)


Derived from ancient teachings and traditions, and adapted to today’s modern world, we offer cleansing and protection to eliminate negative energy and promote healthier vitality and flow.

Our rituals include the use of cedar, copal, aromatherapy essential oils, Wisdom Tree sprays and can be applied with or without smoke.


Founder of Wisdom Trees Sprays

Sindy Taylor is the founder of WisdomTrees. She developed the Cleansing and Protection Sprays and Oils to be used as tools to help transform negative and dense energy, as well as promote healthier vitality and energy flow.
Using her extensive training in Shamanism, Sindy performs Personal and House Cleansings, using techniques such as: Plant Cleansings, Egg Cleansing, Smoke Cleansing, and Metal Cleansing.
Sindy is passionate about educating and empowering people so they can positively affect their lives and the lives of those around them. She does this by teaching people how to transform negative energy through intention, exercising personal power, and the use of various tools.

  • Live Plant: Cedar, Rosemary, Sage
  • Egg Cleansing,
  • Smoke Cleansing: Copal
  • Metal Cleansing (auric).


Holistic Practitioner

Rhonda’s genuine compassion to support others and inspire people to achieve a greater self-awareness; led her to Reiki, Reflexology and a twenty-five year Nursing career.

She has developed her compassionate wisdom to encompass a broad range of mystical and indigenous traditions including smoke smudge cleansing and non-smoke with sprays and aromatherapy.

  • Smoke with sage and palo santo
  • Non-smoke with sprays and aromatherapy


Holistic Practitioner: Body-Mind Therapy

Sara has a passion for life and believes in the magical possibilities of our human condition. Couple this with a broad range of experience and you have the foundation for inspiring others to grow beyond their personal expectations.

Sara’s natural intuitive abilities put her on a quest beyond her Doukhobor community and connected her with many teachers. The lessons she learned with them refocused what she had learned from her mom and grandmother about plants, sound, creativity and the physical and subtle energies.

We encourage you to come play and find out what magic can be opened.


  • Vibrational Healing
  • Cedar Smoke Cleanses
  • Egg Cleansing
  • Metal Clearing
  • Spray and Non-Smoke Cleansing