Psychic Intuitive Readings in-person or by phone are on the days listed below.

Please call 604-984-9098 to book your appointment.


Linda, Psychic Medium

Linda shines a light to help you overcome life’s obstacles through clarity, positivity and healing. Linda brings peace, harmony, and inspiration to guide you to reach your true potential. She uses her innate gifts of intuition, clairvoyance (seeing) and clairaudience (hearing) combined with the oracle cards, crystals, pendulum, healing energy and mediumship.

In addition to her strong intuition and spiritual connection Linda’s tool kit includes: Tarot Cards, Scrying with the Crystal Ball, Psychometry, Flower Readings, and distance reading by phone or photographs. A Holistic Energy Healer, Linda is also a Reiki Practitioner, Psychic Development Facilitator and Spiritual Meditation Coach and a recognized Neurofeedback practitioner with the Natural Therapies Certification Board.


Anita,  HeartMath® Practitioner and Intuitive Wellness Consultant & Oracle Card Reader

What began as having prophetic dreams as a child, turned into a lifetime of reading energy fields of people and places. Anita specializes in reading what is in your heart by listening with her heart, and through the spiritual science of HeartMath®. The field of neurocardiology has determined that the heart-brain has precognition over the cranial brain and when Anita helps you access this space, it supports an empowering awakening of your own intuitive abilities. Anita brings enthusiasm and a bright light to her readings. She offers positive, up-lifting insight and helps to shine on your challenges revealing them to be opportunities to become who you truly are.


Annie, Professional Intuitive and Certified Tarot Reader

Annie reads the Tarot tapping into her innate intuition and empathetic connection. In her “other life”  she is a Senior Facilitator of the Neuro Trauma Healing Process / Senior Facilitator of Soul Re-Cognition. When you book a session with Annie, you benefit from the combination of her Tarot knowledge, intuition and counselling expertise. She ‘fast-tracks’ you from challenge to joy; from restraint to freedom. You are loved and lifted in a beautiful and personally empowering way.


Ashala, Intuitive Counsellor and Psychic Diviner

A third generation psychic with a degree in Anthropology and Social Work, Ashala has been exploring various forms of divination and astrology since the early 80’s.
Ashala is honored to use her gifts and talent to support you in reaching your greatest potential and living life to the fullest. She intuits messages from spirit guides and ancestors and channels ancient wisdom with contemporary insight. When it appears in a reading; and if you are open to it, she offers past life information. Her unique specialty is reading genetic ancestral lineage stories reaching back many generations offering great significance in your present life circumstances.
Other specialties include life purpose and career path questions; increasing abundance/prosperity and understanding and enhancing relationships. Using the Tarot as a tool for personal discovery, validation and empowerment Ashala encourages you to”create your own reality”. Ashala has also employed her intuition and divination skills to successfully locate precious metals, underground water sources and lei lines.



Karen, Psychic Channel and Medium

Karen taps into her diverse intuitive abilities; clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, access to the Akashic Records, Mediumship, and Energy Healing, to help you to know your Truth. Sessions are channeled uniquely for the most effective way to help you shine your Light for a peaceful, loving life. Karen offers insight and releases energy blocks (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). She assists you in permanently shifting limiting beliefs and patterns so you are free to Be all that you dream of Becoming.


Alma, Long Time Reader and Fabulous Dame!

Alma reads your soul’s potential. She is practical, grounded, and yet a little bit off-beat with a glorious sense of humour! Alma calls on her background in business, psychology and epic ride as one the North Shore’s long term psychics as she translates your life’s beautiful dance.

Fun, spunky and pretty much spot-on… this is a great opportunity to experience what is ‘Alma and You”.

A celebrated international psychic for over 30 years, Alma uses your birth date to discern:

“Sometimes we are at a crossroads and need a clarifying word… other times we are stuck in a repetitive pattern and need a kick in the pants!”


SATURDAY (every 2nd Saturday)

Sandra, Psychic Medium

Reading professionally since 2005, Sandra offers intuitive sessions in Mediumship, Russian Gypsy Cards, Angel Cards, and Numerology. A graduate of Arthur Findlay College, Sandra’s practice helps you see the uniqueness within yourself and offers perspective to your life with the view to harness power to make changes. Sandra can help uncover the gifts you were born with and learn how those gifts can be of service.

On Sabatical … she’ll be back in June.

René, Intuitive Runes, Professional Tarot Reader

Psychic Intuitive Reading Rates:    Quick question $35    |    ½ hour $65    |    ¾ hour $90    |    1 hour $120