Psychic Intuitive Readings in-person or by phone are on the days listed below.

Please call 604-984-9098 to book your appointment.



Margaret, Tarot Reader, Numerologist, and Past Life Regressionist

A compassionate and confidential reader, Margaret’s honest and focused interpretations help her clients gain clarity and spiritual healing. She has been reading and teaching Tarot for over 35 years and finds that when her cards ‘talk’ to each other, they uncover large amounts of information to help you deal with life’s challenges. When she looks to the future, she can find ways of dealing with any issues arising, and through hypnotherapy can discover ways to heal past pain.


Maria, Cleansing and Protection Specialist: Angel Intuitive Channel, I.E.T. & Reiki Master, Evolutionary Soul Astrologer,
Vibrational Energy Healer

A highly intuitive empath, Maria is both clairaudient and clairsentient. She channels her gifts beautifully by integrating various healing modalities, such as, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Vibrational Sound Healing and Angel Card Readings. She has been an Evolutionary Soul Astrologer for over 25 years and is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, who specializes in Cathartic Release, Natal, Interlife and Past Life Regression.
Maria’s readings, clearings and blessings are heart centered, enriching and empowering. Her passion in life is to be of service to the Light and to channel her gifts with love and integrity.


Annie, Senior Facilitator of the Neuro Trauma Healing Process / Senior Facilitator of Soul Re-Cognition

Heal your past and move forward to your future. Annie shines the light on how to heal your past and Ignite your gifts, passions and purpose. She creates a gentle space and safe opening for you to release past negative energies and bring traumas to resolution. She will guide you through a series of Right Brain/ Left Brain exercises and guided meditations to help you safely access your subconscious – where you hold the answers to your own healing. All guidance comes from within you. Heal the unconscious blocks and beliefs that have been causing destructive behaviours, chronic conditions addictions and pain in your life. Step into your power by creating an inner compassionate relationship to the life within you and reach higher levels of connection to your spiritual self… your Soul Self.



Karen, Psychic Channel and Medium

Karen taps into her diverse intuitive abilities; clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, access to the Akashic Records, Mediumship, and Energy Healing, to help you to know your Truth. Sessions are channeled uniquely for the most effective way to help you shine your Light for a peaceful, loving life. Karen offers insight and releases energy blocks (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). She assists you in permanently shifting limiting beliefs and patterns so you are free to Be all that you dream of Becoming.


Dona, Certified Tarot Reader

Tarot and Oracle Card readings with Dona provide compassionate insight and clarity. Using the images of the cards to amplify her intuition and the blessings of her guides, she uncovers your blocks or struggles and shows you how to use your own intuition; leaving you feeling calm, safe and enlightened. Dona also incorporates oracle cards and divination stones into her sessions; of course, her intuition leads the way with a positive vibe.



SATURDAY (every 2nd Saturday)

Tracey, Intuitive & Medium

An Intuitive Messenger and Energy Healer, Tracey is  Certified by Doreen Virtue, PH. D as an Angel Therapy Practitioner™ and Medium. Trained in psychic development and a wide range of various healing modalities, she has been reading professionally since 2003. A reading with Tracey helps to transform, heal, and provides insight with a gentle and loving approach in the sharing of Spirit’s messages.


Virginia, Clairvoyant

Virginia offers clairvoyant readings and energetic healing work. She specializes in Rose Readings, using the symbol of a rose to provide information and insight, from the spiritual perspective, about your present- time growth periods. As well, all readings include Past Life readings which provide valuable information to apply to present life experiences. Her readings are focused on validating spirit, providing extensive and valuable information about present, past time and past life experiences and support for accessing each person’s natural healing abilities.
For all of her work, Virginia combines her more than twenty years of formal training as a reader and healer, with her natural intuition and the support of her spiritual guidance.


SATURDAY (every 2nd Saturday)

Sandra, Psychic Medium

Reading professionally since 2005, Sandra offers intuitive sessions in Mediumship, Russian Gypsy Cards, Angel Cards, and Numerology. A graduate of Arthur Findlay College, Sandra’s practice helps you see the uniqueness within yourself and offers perspective to your life with the view to harness power to make changes. Sandra can help uncover the gifts you were born with and learn how those gifts can be of service.


PHONE SESSIONS every WEDNESDAY and other days by appointment.

Nina, Psychic Intuitive, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC)

As a caring and gifted Intuitive, Nina helps unlock, decipher and translate messages that are being sent to you by your own intuitive guides. As if reading a story, she receives images and information like flash cards – timely messages that provide resolution to the matters at hand.
Specializing in guiding clients through critical decisions and transitions in their lives, including divorce, separation, loss and emotional trauma and anxiety, her sessions are covered by extended health plans.

Psychic Intuitive Reading Rates:    Quick question $35    |    ½ hour $65    |    ¾ hour $90    |    1 hour $120