Psychic Intuitive Readings in-person or by phone are on the days listed below.

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Margaret, Tarot Reader, Numerologist, and Past Life Regressionist

A compassionate and confidential reader, Margaret’s honest and focused interpretations help her clients gain clarity and spiritual healing. She has been reading and teaching Tarot for over 35 years and finds that when her cards ‘talk’ to each other, they uncover large amounts of information to help you deal with life’s challenges. When she looks to the future, she can find ways of dealing with any issues arising, and through hypnotherapy can discover ways to heal past pain.


Anita, Oracle Card Reader

Anita brings enthusiasm and a bright light to her card readings. She offers positive, up-lifting insight and helps to shine on your challenges revealing them to be opportunities to become who you truly are.


Annie, Professional Intuitive and Certified Tarot Reader

Annie is a graduate of the Tarot Certification Program. In her “other life”  she is a Senior Facilitator of the Neuro Trauma Healing Process / Senior Facilitator of Soul Re-Cognition. When you book a session with Annie, you benefit from the combination of her Tarot knowledge, intuition and counselling expertise. She ‘fast-tracks’ you from challenge to joy; from restraint to freedom. You are loved and lifted in a beautiful and personally empowering way.


Armene, African Cowry Shell Diviner, Certified Tarot Professional, Medium

A diviner and holistic healer, Armene is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and a medium. She offers sessions in African Cowry Shell Divination and reads Tarot and Past Life Oracle Cards. Acting as a bridge between cultures or worlds, including between the spirit world and the physical world, she helps you to create more peace, clarity and ease in your life. Guided by her spirit guides, ancestors and divine beings, her readings are both down to earth and divinely inspired. Armene is a confidential and compassionate reader, having endured and overcome many significant life challenges herself. There is no topic too big or too small. Bring your most tender questions with you, and she will help shed the light that you are seeking on your brilliant life path!



Karen, Psychic Channel and Medium

Karen taps into her diverse intuitive abilities; clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, access to the Akashic Records, Mediumship, and Energy Healing, to help you to know your Truth. Sessions are channeled uniquely for the most effective way to help you shine your Light for a peaceful, loving life. Karen offers insight and releases energy blocks (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). She assists you in permanently shifting limiting beliefs and patterns so you are free to Be all that you dream of Becoming.


Dona, Certified Tarot Reader

Tarot and Oracle Card readings with Dona provide compassionate insight and clarity. Using the images of the cards to amplify her intuition and the blessings of her guides, she uncovers your blocks or struggles and shows you how to use your own intuition; leaving you feeling calm, safe and enlightened. Dona also incorporates oracle cards and divination stones into her sessions; of course, her intuition leads the way with a positive vibe.

SATURDAY (every 2nd Saturday)
Apprentice Reading
20 minutes = $20

René, Intuitive Runes, Professional Tarot Reader

With the Tarot, you will experience integral analysis of your current situation, of the influences that are affecting you from outside or within. When you are feeling stuck in a rut, René offers a fresh view, helps you reflect and consider what steps you can take to improve, and grow, and win. Runes do pretty much the same thing, except they are more ultimative. They are better for yes/no questions, but just as good a tool of analysis as the cards.


SATURDAY (every 2nd Saturday)

Sandra, Psychic Medium

Reading professionally since 2005, Sandra offers intuitive sessions in Mediumship, Russian Gypsy Cards, Angel Cards, and Numerology. A graduate of Arthur Findlay College, Sandra’s practice helps you see the uniqueness within yourself and offers perspective to your life with the view to harness power to make changes. Sandra can help uncover the gifts you were born with and learn how those gifts can be of service.

Psychic Intuitive Reading Rates:    Quick question $35    |    ½ hour $65    |    ¾ hour $90    |    1 hour $120