Professional Piercing

Sacred, Professional Piercing

  (Whistler only)

Piercings by Rhonda:
As a Registered Nurse, Rhonda has had too much experience dealing with piercings gone wrong, so embarked on her journey of understanding the process from a safe and respectful viewpoint. A holistic-minded practitioner, she honours the beauty and essence of life, lifting your spirits and amplifying your energy.
At The Oracle, piercing is performed respectful of the body’s energy system; channels, meridians, and chakras.

Rhonda pierces ears on Tuesdays.
Call 604-905-0084 for your appointment.


Includes basic surgical steel pre-sterilzed jewelry

  • Earlobe. single $35
  • Earlobe, pair $65
Piercings by Lindsay:
Lindsay has been piercing since 2001 and has performed over 10,000 professional body piercings.
She continually upgrades in her profession through workshops and her mentor Russ Foxx. Most recently, she attended 12 seminars in Las Vegas through the Association of Professional Piercers.
For initial piercings, Lindsay only uses Anatometal jewelry.
You know you are in safe hands.

Lindsay pierces Monday, and evenings on Friday and Saturdays.
Call 604-905-0084 for your appointment.


Includes basic surgical steel jewelry. (Added cost for gems and gold jewelry.)

  • Earlobe $40 each both for $75
  • Nose $75
  • Helix $50
  • Tragus/ Daith/ Conch, Rook/ Forward Helix $60
  • Industrial $100
  • Eyebrow $75
  • Lip/ Labret $80
  • Septum $90
  • Navel $80
  • Nipple $70 both $130
  • Micro-Dermal $125 inc the gem or top of choice

Piercing Aftercare

Our After Care instructions are dowloadable here.

The most important rule in taking care of your new piercing is, DON’T touch it unless you are washing it. No picking, playing or turning. Manipulating your piercing in this way can jeopardize the healing process.