Psychic Intuitive Readings in-person or by phone are on the days listed below.

Please call 604-885-2200 to book your appointment.


Sandra, Psychic Medium

Reading professionally since 2005, Sandra offers intuitive sessions in Mediumship, Russian Gypsy Cards, Angel Cards, and Numerology. A graduate of Arthur Findlay College, Sandra’s practice helps you see the uniqueness within yourself and offers perspective to your life with the view to harness power to make changes. Sandra can help uncover the gifts you were born with and learn how those gifts can be of service.

TUESDAY 20 min $20


READINGS: Apprentice Tarot Readings

Kimmy has graduated from the Professional Tarot Certification and has met all the practical and theoretical expectations of the course. During her apprenticeship, clients can experience her talents at great value. Only $20 for 20 minutes.
She has always been drawn to the Tarot because of it’s extraordinary history and the way that the Tarot can “speak” to everyone. We are all connected, and tapping into our collective conscious is a beautiful way towards greater knowledge about our “self” and what influences our life path.


Michelle, Clairvoyant

Michelle is a mediator of love. She is a Reiki Master, brilliantly clairvoyant, adept in meditation, and has a lovely way of showing how capable you are in embracing the changes in your life. She steps out of her own life experience to tap into the larger truth all around us offering a glimpse of your infinite potential. A reading, or holistic session with Michelle will leave you touched with love, and feeling much better than you did with you first walked in (that’s for sure!).


Karen, Certified Hand Analyst

The top 3 questions for just about everyone are; ‘What is my life purpose?’, ‘Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?’ or ‘Is this it?’The answer is in your hands. Literally your fingerprints are the unalterable key to your life purpose which is more than a career path; it is your personal connection to meaning. Through hand analysis, Karen shares how your experiences support your life purpose, and helps to understand challenges that are part of your journey.

TammyAlternating SATURDAY & SUNDAY

Tammy, Intuitive Reader

Tammy channels as a supportive assistant, connecting you with the divine and relaying messages to you through her intuition, amplified by her favourite oracle cards. She works on an energetic vibrational level tuning in to your energy pattern. Through clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance, she interprets the cards that you have chosen during your reading, and how they relate to your life. Tammy’s ability can be used to explore any emotional upheavals in your life, by finding a solution that intuitively works for you.

Psychic Intuitive Reading Rates:    Quick question $35    |    ½ hour $65    |    ¾ hour $90    |    1 hour $120