Psychic Intuitive Readings in-person or by phone are on the days listed below.

Please call 604-885-2200 to book your appointment.


Sadhana, Integrative Healing Practitioner

Following a reading with Sadhana, you will leave refreshed, grounded and inspired. Readings may include tarot, crystals, guided meditation or chakra clearing. Through a variety of tools and techniques, she will guide you toward the root cause of your issue or inquiry. From there she may suggest steps to healing or offer simple practices to integrate in your everyday life.

Sadhana is a yoga instructor trained in many traditions including Satyananda yoga, yoga nidra, shamanism and chakra psychology. She is a reiki master teacher and practitioner, holistic intuitive and physic medium. Whether you are seeking clarification, healing or a general reading, you will be met exactly where you are at.


Elspeth is a conscious channel. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentience and claircognizance. She has learnt from elders of many spiritual lineages including yogis, Buddhists, tribes/ancient civilizations and shamans. Deeply connected to the Divine, Elspeth can glean insights on events, occurrences, body and energetic dis-eases, and life direction. She can heal deep wounds and ancestral lineages.

She is able, with permission, to connect to the places where you need healing or insight, and through being guided by your own spiritual lineages, guardians, spirit connections or ancestors, she can help answer questions and give deep insight. Most of her sessions involve a healing from the heart, and gleaning of wisdom to assist the client on their life and spiritual soul path. Clients often receive wisdom, answers and a form of gift from the spirit world to assist them on their journey.


Joanne, Intuitive Card Reader

Joanne’s intuition for others ‘rocks’ and her insight is uncanny. One of her incredible gifts is being able to see Angels, just like she sees people, and is eager to introduce you to your guardian Angels, and the Archangels watching over you. Since 2001, she has been filling her tool kit with amazing coaching skills and energy healing techniques. When you work together you’re getting all of her; Intuitive skills, coaching tools, her heart, and her passion to let you know that you can have anything you want.


Megan’s Spiritual Journey began after a near death experience when she was three years old. She didn’t see the “light”, she was guided to stay because she still had work to do. The experience opened her awareness to the big picture of life at young age, talking to Angels, and deeply empathetic.

Megan has a diverse set of intuitive gifts; clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, and mediumship. With Megan’s innate ability of “knowing”, she offers compassionate insight and guidance on how to use your inner power to manifest your goals, clear blockages, reset limited beliefs in self, and how to adjust repeating of old patterns. Megan’s tool box includes channeled messages, oracle cards, crystals, and the pendulum.