Psychic Intuitive Readings in-person or by phone are on the days listed below.

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Dona, Certified Tarot Reader

Tarot and Oracle Card readings with Dona provide compassionate insight and clarity. Using the images of the cards to amplify her intuition and the blessings of her guides, she uncovers your blocks or struggles and shows you how to use your own intuition; leaving you feeling calm, safe and enlightened. Dona also incorporates oracle cards and divination stones into her sessions; of course, her intuition leads the way with a positive vibe. 



Rhonda, Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Holistic Practitioner

A reading with Rhonda offers intuitive insight, perspective, and Universal messages, highlighting opportunities that are showcasing in your daily life. Rhonda’s genuine compassion to support others and inspire people to achieve a greater self-awareness; led her to Reiki, Reflexology and a twenty-five year Nursing career. Combining her divination tools, she focuses on how your past can help guide you in the present and gain insight to your potential.



Brett, Psychic Medium

Brett offers: Mediumship, Channeling, Automatic Writing, Tarot, Auras, Psychometry, and Pet Intuition. His spiritual journey began as a child during conversations with angels; to this day he still considers himself and life student of the light. Brett has been channeling professionally since 1994. A reading with Brett leads to empowerment and conscious awareness through general readings or very specific questions.


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Natalia, Certified Intuitive, Tarot Reader, Palmist, Handwriting Analyst

Bringing a fresh perspective to the table, Natalia, a visual artist, relates wholly to the Tarot images laid before her. By merging universal concepts and ancient symbolism, Natalia speaks the language of the Tarot as the messages flow forth.
A reading with Natalia is specific and enlightening. She helps you see new points of view, identify your strengths and gently shows you where challenges may lie. Natalia is also an Oracle Workshop Facilitator.

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Sadhana, Integrative Healing Practitioner

Following a reading with Sadhana, you will leave refreshed, grounded and inspired. Readings may include tarot, crystals, guided meditation or chakra clearing. Through a variety of tools and techniques, she will guide you toward the root cause of your issue or inquiry. From there she may suggest steps to healing or offer simple practices to integrate in your everyday life.

Sadhana is a yoga instructor trained in many traditions including Satyananda yoga, yoga nidra, shamanism and chakra psychology. She is a 3rd degree Reiki practitioner, holistic intuitive and physic medium. Whether you are seeking clarification, healing or a general reading, you will be met exactly where you are at.

Psychic Intuitive Reading Rates:    Quick question $35    |    ½ hour $65    |    ¾ hour $90    |    1 hour $120