Theme: A powerful month of Manifestation

Key: Karmic Balance governed by the law of “Cause and Effect’

August is the month to be empowered and to harvest the rewards of abundance. This is a period where Karmic balance is important; outcome is in proportion to your efforts, attitude, and intentions. You will “ reap what you’ve sown”. This is definitely a ‘take charge’ month.
Manifestation of money is part of the energy of the number ‘8’ that we are working with this month. Therefore get your finances in order and be mindful not to over spend.
Helpful hint: In order to attract abundance and opportunity, you must balance the material and spiritual worlds and learn that money / image / appearance / status / and power does not define who you are. August gives us the opportunity to confront it “once and for all” take ownership of your power. Step into this energy and confront anything or anyone that has disempowered you in some way: overbearing people / addictions / fear / belief system. Focus on business, career, finances, legal matters and leadership. Keeping in mind the Law of ‘Cause and effect’. Focus on the positive and minimize the fears. August being a karmic period…. Major lessons will be learned and important connections can be made.

As the number 8 carries the vibration to attract money and to manifest things in the material world, adopting this energy and attitude of abundance will be needed in order to attract it. Key is to stay organized and stay self-motivated, hardworking and driven. Avoid being manipulative, domineering and anything to do with intimidation tactics. As we are learning about personal power this month…. it is a favorable time to make career changes, be ambitious and to promote yourself. Take action and adopt an attitude of abundance and most of all stay positive. Energy follows thought. Money is simply energy… as you spend it – ask it to return. Picture an even flow of give and take.
As you channel your energies and efforts – organize your time and work efficiently by taking control constructively in order to achieve your goal. Choose your battles carefully. Issues of the past may resurface…. Which is that Karmic energy… learn and move forward. Put your efforts where they count and matter the most.
Key Note: Power should be balanced with compassion and consideration of others. The misuse of power and authority that you may see in others is simply seeing you in the mirror.

Consequently, August is a month to be flexible, compassionate and have a true willingness to learn from others. August is a great month to study the Law of Prosperity. Remember money earned through greed and unethical practices eventually goes out the window. Money acquired via the application of Devine principles can generate great rewards to be used for building a better world.
Key Note: Big lessons in power, control and mastery this month… Therefore watch for bullying, manipulation, power struggles and bossiness… going both ways.

July’s theme was working on self-integration. August brings out that inner strength discovered with even greater strength to live fully the truth and wisdom previously learned. Your potential and skills may be recognized via promotions’, advancement or simply gaining personal strength to step into your power. Recognize your skills and gifts and definitely step into those Big Boy Boots” – and remember that you must balance compassion and consideration of others on your advancement to empowerment.
Use August as the month to eliminate clutter in both material and spiritual worlds. Confront those who are not carrying their fair share of the load. Be ambitious and promote yourself. Take action. You have nothing to lose.
Emotions will definitely be a roller coaster ride – which has its perks. Do not over react to criticism, but also be ready to offer criticism with a positive introduction. Trust your mind this month – rather than your heart, (common sense vs. emotional response). Thus August will be a month to keep emotions in check and simply stick to the facts.. Absolutely avoid “hearsay”.

In August be the Master of your own destiny. Use a good measure of common sense, look your best and apply for promotions or any opportunity that presents. A month to increase your skills, invest in yourself and to develop and trust your intuition. Manifest your true desires, by learning to focus your imagination on what you want.

In summary, your personal power and vision dominates. Remember to trust that inner voice, as insight and intuition is fully tuned in. Trust in your ability to manifest with intent to grow in a way that benefits yourself and others. Utilize your efficiency and focus to be more proficient with self in your manifestation.
The rewards this month are in direct proportion to your effort and motivation placed in the last seven months. This is the Law of ‘Cause and Effect’ that the number 8 of “karmic balance” generates. Take steps forward to create a future that fosters self improvement, self growth and overall a brighter world for us all to enjoy and prosper.
Enjoy August. Stay balanced, focused and truthful.