Theme: Metamorphosis

Key: Be willing to forgive, forget, or release.

September is an interesting month; as it is a reminder of what 2016 is teaching us under the influence of the number nine.  The energy this month represents attainment of wisdom through experience and universal compassion. It is about reflection and gaining an understanding of self by simply reviewing our past and acknowledging our disappointments. Learning to forgive and surrender what no longer serves us. Also to truly understand that our beliefs will always be tested in order to help move us forward.  A Metamorphosis of ourselves is truly taking place this month and for 2016.

September brings about a Mercury Retrograde and both a Solar and Lunar Eclipse. This is opportunity to evaluate your situation, relationships and inner self.  It brings completions and transformation in preparation for new beginnings. September gives us opportunity to figure out what you really want in love and with self.  This is perfect timing to reflect and make adjustments. Do your best and be willing to forgive and show compassion and release negativity and situations that no longer serve you. Eclipse will show you what narrative is no longer working for you and where you can see a more loving nurturing path.  Thus a clearing needs to happen to allow fresh starts to transform.

This is the month to tie up loose ends and complete unfinished business. Therefore September is a time of responsibilities and understanding your limitations, but still getting the job done.  A time to let things come to their natural conclusion; accept what is no longer working. Not the month to procrastinate… wasted energy drain.

Maybe we cannot call September a month to spring clean; but it sure needs a big fall clean up. The more you clean out and get rid of, (and that is both physical space and inner self), the more room you open to allow new energy to enter.  With clean up come emotions.  Try and stay optimistic, courageous and know that all is unfolding on how it is meant to.

Keynote for this month is to remain compassionate, generous and be open to forgive.  A time to be accepting of what has happened and let go and move forward.  Remember that people make choices that are theirs alone and not about you.  Decisions you are making at this time is “you” tapping into your inner truth of self; trust your intuition and have a willingness to move forward and enjoy life as it is meant to be.

September brings the energy of completion; which can bring great fulfillment and contentment. Remember that as a finishing cycle that we are in, September is not a time to jump into new business/partnerships too quickly.  It is a good month to definitely get your ducks lined up by carefully examining what needs to be released and what definitely needs completing. Eliminate clutter and complete stuff; so nothing is carried into the new cycle beginning where it can become a burden later.

Find a strategy for realistic dreams this month.  Be patient with yourself and most of all have a willingness to change. Some people may feel stuck or in limbo this month. The delays felt can be partially blamed on the mercury retrograde, which is actually giving opportunity to really have a heart to heart talk with self to see where you can move into better things/situations and people.

Past issues and old patterns in relationships may resurface and even people to whom you may have unfinished business with. Try and heal old wounds and release old coping mechanisms.  Be sensitive and kind and learn about self worth and understand what you truly desire and deserve. Make sure that the act of giving and taking is balanced.  And know that the heart wants what it wants and that people are going to do what they are going to do, just know where you stand in that formula this month.  There is a lesson in understanding what is worth your energy and to be truly honest with self in both hopes and beliefs.  This is a month to take a leap of faith with what you want to bring into your life, acting only with careful deliberation.  Remember that the energy of the number 9 is about searching, exploring and ultimately letting go.

Let September be an opportunity to reflect on what is important and what really matters.  It s not a time to jump in at full throttle, it’s the month to review and rethink first.  Really evaluate what needs tweaking and what does not and who and what is important to invest your energy.

As we enter fall, fresh energy for new beginnings is waiting.  Take notice of where you spend money and why you spend money and how you spend money.  Make sure you do your homework on anything that you invest in.  Go with the flow this month and remember that some things are not really what they appear to be.  That is why it is important to understand your limitations and evaluate your situation and do the homework.  Protect your resources, moving forward at your own pace, but do not block change or hang onto a situation or possession in a stubborn /inflexible manner.

Be patient with yourself as you decide what you would like to manifest. Accept your inner desires, dreams and ambitions as part of what makes you that unique individual. But do not lose sight of the needs of others including yourself. Remember to ask yourself where can you see a more loving path to allow for fresh starts to transform into that higher version of self.

In summary, trust in your intuition, release your baggage and give yourself time to genuinely take a moment too transform. September is eclipse season which is giving us opportunity to do all the above. Embrace change and give yourself time out to acknowledge all what you have accomplished.

All the best and do enjoy the month of September.