Theme: Moving Forward — WALK the TALK

Key: Stay Focused / Prepare / Transform

Welcome to September.

I am going to write a bit of a recap of August as we just went through a lot of intense energy ……Eclipse energy at that. And if that was not enough to stir things up in life; the cosmos threw in a Mercury Retrograde August 12th , that went into September, impacting all forms of communication. Just know that both August and September will be the most intense months of the year to go through; they both hold powerful energy to propel you forward into new beginnings …… “anything can happen” kind of energy. September is a very influential time to experience completions of one aspect of self, and at the same time providing energy to push you forward into unlimited possibilities.
Get ready….. and GO .
Eclipses happen every six months with intent to bring needed change that fosters long term gain. When the Universe has exhausted all motivators for you to make needed change, (which at a deep level you intuitively knew where in your life needed attention), but ignored the signs to initiate change…..then yes we invite the full uranium energy of the Universe to help cleanse, release and bounce us forward. It is always a blessing in disguise and we never receive more than what we can handle. Remember the Universe is always very wise and loving.

The Eclipse energy that started August 21st, will be most useful to open doors to new learning and to new skills that ultimately improve your life. Whatever you need to know will be available to you this month. Stay open to receive what knowledge and ideas present to you, and what new skills are available. The purpose of an eclipse is to bring in changes that lead to long-term success and changes that foster your soul’s growth.

The intensity of emotions felt in August and into September was due to the energy of the Number 9 that we were all working with. July was manifesting energy…. planning and preparing where your next journey was going to be. However the number 9 energy’s focus that started in August, was about what to bring and not to bring on that journey. Who is coming and who is not coming? What details are critical and what details can be tossed. What serves your souls intention and what no longer serves a purpose? Self-honesty again will always be the key to succeed.

If you were behind in planning your dreams in July… August would then be the month that would start the chain of reaction of changes meant to unfold for you. Eclipse energy begins a month prior to the actual date and gains intensity and continues to gain powers to create change over the next 6 months. I always envision an eclipse like a big twister ball of energy, gathering momentum and growing in strength which will ultimately have impact on those in its path, and an eclipse does bring needed change in any area of life that requires a re-boot and a renewal. So August was the month to literally throw out the worn flip-flops… because you will need a pair of steel toe boots for the energy of the eclipse and what the full moon in Pisces presented as well in September, (and maybe some crampons). I just really want to emphasis that we have entered into an extremely powerful time of the year to embrace change, and to embrace new opportunities. Energy follows thought. So please remember words are powerful, thoughts are powerful…….. be clear, concise and know the direction your going. Get a map, get binoculars, and get a compass…. Its time to step up and take ownership of what your needs are and to really own your purpose.
The past 8 months have given you time to focus on finding your authentic self. September is the month to start putting things into action and to prepare to be that person. We are being nudged forward to merge both intellectual thought and intuitive awareness together in our decision-making. This is really important. Balancing both the conscious mind and the higher mind… facts and knowledge + intuitive insight. Using all of your wisdom via life experience and following your intuition will assist in bringing your authentic self to the table and will be most beneficial to manifest your true desires. So again, the knowledge learned from the past and knowledge gained from within, (and by really tapping into your present gut hunches), will bring you amazing results for what you want in life.

It is important now to review and revisit the relationships and partnerships in your life of late. Knowing that all relationships are mirroring something of ‘self’ that you may not even be consciously aware of. Look at what others are feeding back to you. What patterns do you notice? Is there balance in your partnerships? Confront the issues about giving and receiving. Balance is key to any solid relationship. Are you always giving and trying to make someone happy, or are you taking and forgetting the giving piece?

In review of the summers number 9 energy that we were all dealing with, there were many themes of conclusions, endings and finalities. Hopefully after considerable deliberation of truth to self, you were able to acknowledge and let go of any toxic relationship, or partnerships that had reached its growth. By doing so this would bring much relief and renewal of valuable energy required moving forward. Knowing you deserve to be happy to receive all the blessings available; the energy of the eclipse will assist you forward and encourage you to leave an unhealthy situation or environment. When a door closes, another door will always open when the time is right for you. It takes courage to close a door in life and that is what the Full Moon in Pisces was illuminating in September.

The New Moon Eclipse may have brought change to one or more areas in life. If not felt now, the change will manifest within the next six months. The past few months should have brought hints to future changes, hints of receiving your highest visions, if you were paying attention. Changes may be in the physical realm or it could be a change in thinking, attitude, idea or belief system. This energy is really trying to make your dreams your reality. Its important to try and go with the flow, as we really will not have such strong Universal support urging us forward to claim our destiny with such force for a while again. Stepping into your new story requires adjustment and effort as you progress on your karmic journey, so be kind to yourself and mostly be patient. If you have ever been involved in a home renovation you will have an understanding that the vision does eventually manifest; however the work entailed is never straightforward and always requires patience with many sittings at the drawing board. During September be prepared, be flexible, adaptable and definitely persevere with all your goals.

Mercury was retrograde August and into the first part of September. This brought about intensity in belief structures, and how you perceive your reality and definitely felt in relationships of all kinds. As September unfolds you may feel criticized in a relationship or on the other end will be the critic. Realizations will present in relationships, so it is best to know what it is that you want and what you do not want. Be careful to think things through before you deliver any difficult information. Egos can get in the way in this kind of energy. So it is truly best to know what you are moving towards and what you are willing to give up. Be reasonable and remember the rule of karma…. What you put out is what will be returned to you. September is definitely a time where the Akashic Records, (the spiritual library of karma), will be justly noted.

September started off with a bang. Harsh realities presented due to the position of Mars. The energy may have felt like it was all over the place as September rolled in. Belief structures and your perception of reality were in the foreground. Questions about goals and purpose and what things in life are you able to give up to achieve true desires may have kept you up at night. We all were going through a huge purge. Releasing out worn patterns, habits and cycles in life. Releasing emotional baggage and accepting all that has happened on our journey was and is key to surviving through some of the crazy energy this month. Always remember that a goal and a plan can actually materialize if you bring it fully into conscious awareness. The energy right now is supportive of change. And yes, I can hear people say that change is all they have been dealing with the last 8 months. Allow September to be the month to adjust to all the changes that have been taking place this year. Be reflective and be honest with all that has happened and fully embrace opportunities that have occurred. Because everything truly is a blessing, if not noted now, it will make sense as time goes by.

The full moon in Pisces September 6th was most difficult; it was a moon that brought to surface a lot of inner fears, insecurities and anxiety. Pisces gives us the ability to receive information at a higher frequency… that definitely triggers anxiety; and we were being asked to acknowledge our inner knowing and blend it with our wisdom of the past 9 months. As this is the month to really connect the dots with our creative self and intuitive self to step forward into new ventures, new stomping grounds that are more aligned with our inner self.
The new moon Sept 20th is the first new moon since the total solar eclipse, which marks the beginning of a six-month phase with certain changes that have happened. Each new moon that follows will highlight a new stage of development in your long-term plans that the eclipse brought out. This will be a good time to review your past emotional wounds, and really start the healing process. The more you can heal, the easier it is for new things to begin.

Ask yourself what have you learned from relationships that have come and gone this year. What did you learn from your relationship with money thus far? Mostly ask yourself what you have learned about your relationship with self? Who are you and who do you want to be? Marching forward in all this new energy will promote new beginnings this month and there after. September is embracing the number 1 energy, which encourages new beginnings, new opportunities, new ideas and beliefs. This new moon in September will foster the healing process required to let go of the old to bring in and nurture the new. The theme of change is ongoing this month; this new moon will help with the adjustment period to changes being made; so embrace emotions. Clearing out old patterns, habits, and any limiting beliefs or old structures that block new growth, will be key for this new moon to assist you in reaching your destination.
As we embrace the equinox on September 22nd allow things to start to take motion and visualize ideas, aspirations and dreams turning into your reality. Trust those deeper felt prompts to move you forward. This is the time to be with compatible and supportive people to help you activate your inner awareness. The seeds planted this month are powerful indicators of what you are going to be growing over the next 9 months. Plant with due diligence, water frequently and be mindful of what weeds need pulling and what do not. (Pick your battles, and rejoice in the small victories at hand). The new season approaching promises new ventures. Hold the memories of the past near as we say goodbye to another season. Watching the leaves begin to turn beautiful colors is exactly what new growth does for your new ideas and new opportunities… it provides a new shade of texture for new beginnings and new blessings.

Sending you love and light, strength and courage to move forward in life. When we get stuck in life, with no movement, we are no longer growing spiritually. Stay optimistic, and focused on your strengths working on your personal development, your place in the world and take action. This is absolutely the time to convert ideas, aspirations and dreams into your physical reality. Dream big and plan big and do bigger. Blessings are truly yours.

Love and Light Always