Special Event

How it works:

Celebrating our new location!

An ‘open house’ style event – offering an insightful day of readings and intrigue on Saturday and Sunday March 2nd and 3rd, 10:30am-5:30pm at West Vancouver.

SPECIAL GUEST …. Magician Rod Chow! An extra surprise>

We’ve got treats and prizes and all kinds of great things to lift your spirit!
(No charge to join the fun!  4 x Readings are $49.)

  • Discover the newest fairly-traded products, just released!
  • Tour our TREATment room; offering the latest in holistic therapies.
  • Meet Zoltar in person … such that he is 😉
  • Readers will be set up around the shop.
  • $49 gets you a 4 x Mini Reading Pass
  • Choose your reader(s) and explore possibilities. No limits.

Call 604-984-9098 for more information, or to register. See you there!


Special Guest: Rod Chow

Magician (and psychic intuitive 🙂 )

Rod Chow is an International Champion Magician, who through competitions all over North America, has won over 40 magic awards, including 1st Place at the prestigious Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.) International Close-Up Magic competition.
He is the former Regional Vice President for Canada for the S.A.M. and a recipient of a coveted PhD in Magic from the exclusive 4F in New York, which is an invitation only association of the top sleight of hand artists in the world.
Rod’s unique brand of entertaining Mind-Blowing close-up magic will leave you absolutely astonished, as he melds skills honed from the traditional magical arts, with intuitive and tarot reading abilities developed from The Oracle’s certification courses.

Who is doing the readings?

READERS on Sunday, March 3rd: (SOLD OUT)


HeartMath® Practitioner and Intuitive Wellness Consultant & Oracle Card Reader

Anita brings enthusiasm and a bright light to her readings. She offers positive, up-lifting insight and helps to shine on your challenges revealing them to be opportunities to become who you truly are.


Intuitive Medium, Spirit Guide Communicator, Empathic Energy Healer

Akiva provides a safe space to offer his support in whatever way he is able.
His strengths range from Oracle/Tarot Card Reading and Dice Divination to Spirit Guide Direct Channeling and Mediumship. He helps those that feel like they are stuck in their spiritual development and is a Specialist in helping those people with a Energetic Upgrade.


Spiritual Healer & Teacher, Akashic Record Guide & Mentor

Using her intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and direct knowing, Karen provides specific, inspired messages and energy clearings.
Your session assists you to shift limiting beliefs and patterns so you are free to live authentically and feel the support you seek to feel more loved, awakened, and opened to the greatest possibilities with harmony, direction and balance in your life.


Certified Tarot Reader

Tarot and Oracle Card readings with Dona provide compassionate insight and clarity. Using the images of the cards to amplify her intuition and the blessings of her guides, she uncovers your blocks or struggles and shows you how to use your own intuition; leaving you feeling calm, safe and enlightened. Dona also incorporates oracle cards and divination stones into her sessions; of course, her intuition leads the way with a positive vibe.