Special Event

Psychic Sunday Sampler Event

NORTH VAN December 31st, 11am-5pm 604-984-9098

What’s this event?

An ‘open house’ style event – offering an insightful day of readings and intrigue.

  • Readers will be set up around the shop.
  • 49 bucks get’s you in.
  • Choose your reader(s) and explore possibilities.


  • Win a door prize.
  • Enter a draw.
  • Walk away with some goodies 🙂 at impressive discounts.
  • Enjoy refreshments with like-minded peeps.
  • C’mon! Be the Change you want to see in the world.

How is it a FUN-draiser?

The day’s proceeds help our foundation in Mexico.

Your 49 dollar admission is actually a donation and a part of it goes to help our efforts in one of the poorest colonies in Cabo San Lucas.

See what we’ve been doing:

Who is doing the readings?

Our team of readers is offering their time to benefit those in need.

Your donation get’s you in, then you can move around the room and try different readers. They welcome your questions.

READERS on DEC 31st:

Annie, Tarot / Kathleen, Cowry Shell Divination / Joanne, Angel Oracle and Spirit Communication / Anita, Intuitive Angels / René, Runes and Tarot