Want to be happier?

The pursuit of happiness is just a notion, it all happens right here – with you.

Abraham Lincoln stated “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Happiness is a result of many things, including: the people in your life, the things in your environment (home & workspace), your own choices and actions, and the thoughts in your head.
You have a great deal of control over your personal level of happiness.
Of course sad things happen, anger arises, and suffering exists. Happiness is never going to be a 24/7 thing. Tears of sorrow are the human gift that helps us appreciate our joy-filled times.

Happiness comes from what you envision and how you propel yourself.
When you think positive thoughts and do worthy things, you find that the splendid rewards is happiness. ~ Living Peace

Being happy is waaaaay more fun that being miserable. Way more fun. In fact it’s what makes life worth living. Being happy, sharing happy times with others. Hugely fulfilling this happiness thing. The other stuff is a bit of an inconvenience. Being happy is where it’s at.
I think of myself as a generally happy person. I choose to be that way because it’s more fun than being miserable. This doesn’t mean that there are no sad or tragic times, or that anger and fear never emerge, it means that when they do, I embrace them, accept them, and allow them to subside as the emotions that they are. (And sometimes I hang on to them for a day or so and make everyone around me miserable too. 🙂
Our emotions are always changing. Moment to moment and day to day one emotion will replace another. Freedom comes when you begin to recognize that how you feel in this moment is not how you will feel in the next – or tomorrow. Time truly is a healer. If emotions are not permanent (and they aren’t) – then there is no point in attaching drama to this instant. Once you begin to detach from the agony, you can better face the reality.
Through self-awareness, you can boost positivity and reduce negativity without ‘pulling an ostrich’ and burying your head in the sand. Ignorance is not bliss; it is lack of responsibility and is actually disempowering. You can experience much greater joy when you honour situations as they occur (good or bad), and instill the possibility for change, hope, or acceptance.

Specific Tools for Cultivating Happiness:happiness

  • Meditate.
  • Develop self awareness and practice mindfulness.
  • Practice gratitude many moments throughout your day.
  • Get a good night sleep.
  • Take ownership of your happiness. It has nothing to do with people, things or situations.
  • Don’t harshly judge yourself or others. There is no us and them – only ‘us’. If you really need to compare yourself – try holding yourself up to an earlier version of yourself.
  • Embrace your shadows and work to brighten them.
  • Take responsibility for your emotions, they have nothing to do with anyone else.
  • Take responsibility for both your successes and your failures.
  • Challenge your beliefs. Don’t believe everything you think.
  • Practice forgiveness. There is no hope of a better past.
  • Keep promises you make to yourself, or give yourself permission to let them go.
  • Keep promises you make to others, or let them know at the earliest possible moment that you can’t keep that promise.
  • Focus on nourishing your relationships.
  • Look after your ‘self’ body, mind and spiritual well-being.
  • Look outside of yourself – give yourself away. Making others happy – makes you happy.
  • Make choices that are geared towards what brings you happiness and what amplifies your happiness.
  • Recognize that ‘this too shall pass’.

It is unrealistic to expect to be happy 24/7, but to cultivate an underlying sense of well-being that springs into happiness at any given moment is a solid objective.

The 3 Happy Moves:

  1. Move your body: Exercise even a little bit.
  2. Move your mind: Learn or experience something new.
  3. Move your spirit: Explore the possibility of things beyond what we know. Discover magnitude.

The BONUS to happiness: We often think of happiness as a result, how we feel after something wonderful has happened, but happiness is also a source of motivation and inspiration. Happy people accomplish more. If you want to be more productive and fun to be around, then get happy.

You can find more tools to cultivate happiness and peace of mind at Living Your Peace >>