Whistler May 12th Market Day

Oracle Market Day

Saturday May 12th, 10:30am-6pm

What’s happening May 12th?

ORACLE MINI MARKET, Saturday May 12th, 10:30am-5pm at Whistler

  • Free Introduction to Cleansing and Protection
  • Free Henna Tattoos
  • Full-on Stone Throwing Readings (very cool)
  • Complete Cleansing and Protection Services
  • Hair Wraps ($20 short hair, $30 long hair)
  • Terri’s re: creation jewelry and scarves
  • Oh… and we’ll be having fun again 🙂

Sara and Sindy ~ two heads come together to give you an enlightening experience of a stone throwing reading followed by a cleansing and protection session. Both are Certified Ontogonic Body-Mind Practitioners and have extensive backgrounds in the intuitive arts & energy management for individuals, couples & families.
Gain clarity, insight and grounding!

GO DEEPER: With a complete Stone Reading and Cleansing & Protection Package = $125. (takes at least an hour). Pre-Booking Recommended.

Call 604-905-0084 for more information, or email whistler@theoracle.ca
Drop in on Saturday or pre-register and book your session in advance.
See you there!

Who is doing what?

Cleansing and Protection, Stone Throwing, Henna, Hair Wraps and Fun!
(We are all doing the FUN part 🙂 )
Feels like summer is coming!

Sindy: Cleansing and Protection
Free short Demos or longer Paid Sessions

Sindy is the founder of WisdomTrees. She developed the Cleansing and Protection Sprays and Oils to be used as tools to help transform negative and dense energy, as well as promote healthier vitality and energy flow.
Using her extensive training in Shamanism, Sindy performs Personal and House Cleansings, using techniques such as: Plant Cleansings, Egg Cleansing, Smoke Cleansing, and Metal Cleansing.

Sara: Clearing Demos and Stone Throwing Readings

Sara has a passion for life and believes in the magical possibilities of our human condition.
Her natural intuitive abilities put her on a quest beyond her Doukhobor community and connected her with many teachers. The lessons she learned with them refocused what she had learned from her mom and grandmother about plants, sound, creativity and the physical and subtle energies.

She encourages you to come play and find out what magic can be opened.

Oracle Peeps: Henna Services (no charge)

Get your Henna On!!!

Our Oracle gals will be on hand to decorate your beautiful skin!

(It’s free… but tipping is encouraged)

Catherine: Hair Wrap Services

Short Hair = $20 / Long Hair = $30
Accessories = $5

Terri: re: creation

Re:creation brings you a variety of handmade Up-cycled & sustainable jewelry and clothing. Each piece is hand made and created in Whistler, inspired by the free spirited feel of the Mountains.