Blog - Spring Equinox Feature

How to celebrate Spring Equinox

The sun returns to us with the dawning of the Spring Equinox.

Day and night are equal in length creating a beautiful, precious, and brief balance that we can welcome in our hearts as the fostering of equanimity within ourselves.

Bring in the Sun/Moon energy with any of the following rituals (or all of them!)

  • Rise with the Sun and feel into your life with gratitude and appreciation. A new season, a new day, a new opportunity and a new way to love… even more deeply than before.
  • Decorate your space (inside AND outside) with flowers and the ‘Spring Things’ that inspire you! Create an altar or just enliven your space with the items that awaken you to the present moment and the potential that is born, and grows from there on.
  • Plant your dreams. Plant seeds or bulbs with the intention of planting the seeds of new ideas, new adventures and a new lease on life. Dream big and dig deep.
  • Create a new vision board or journal your dreams and desires for the warmer days ahead.
  • Create a ceremony with the feeling of Thanksgiving… you have made it through dark times and are emerging into light. Give gratitude, invite friends and family and celebrate.
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