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Barbara, Personal Astrology Charts

Your Personal Astrology Chart with Barbara

Through analyzing your birth chart, you can resolve matters relating to health, relationships, money, education, career and property. You are born with a blueprint and are here to be your unique self. How you use these gifts is up to you – astrology provides you with a glimpse of natural opportunities in order to fulfill your life purpose.

SECOND FRIDAYS $120. per 1 hour session

    Please call 604-984-9098 to book your hour between 10am-6pm
    Please call 604-885-2200 to book your hour between 10am-6pm

To create your Natal Chart, Barbara requires:
Your name at birth, date of birth and the time that you were born (or as close as possible) to create an accurate chart.

She will create your chart before your appointment and then review the information for you during the one hour session.

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