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Cleanse and Protect

Why cleanse?

Because when your energy is aligned, you have the freedom to be happy.

We pick up energy like a magnet or a sponge; good and bad vibrations affect us. Cleansing and protection helps eliminate negative energy and program good vibes! Set yourself free, reclaim your personal power, and live in joy.

Why protect?

After cleansing, it makes sense to protect work that has been done.

  • Seal in good vibes, reinforce your intentions and keep negativity away!
  • As a preventative measure; before upcoming challenges, stressful meetings, first dates, job interviews, negative entities and even family gatherings.
  • Keep bad vibes away from you, your family and your home.

Personal cleansing and protection

A personal cleansing helps remove and protect you from unwanted energy that arises from:

  • Accumulated negativity from public places, transport, restaurants, work, gyms, hospitals, and schools.
  • Arguments, difficult personalities, problematic people, unbalanced energy.
  • Moving, divorce, financial strain, difficult decisions, empty nest, difficult relationships.
  • Questionable energies or entities that seem stuck or unmovable.

Personal cleansing and protection at the Oracle

  • 30 Minutes = $65
  • 60 Minutes = $120
  • 90 Minutes = $155
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Derived from ancient teachings and traditions, and adapted to today’s modern world, we offer cleansing and protection to eliminate negative energy and promote healthier vitality and flow.

Our rituals include the use of cedar, copal, aromatherapy essential oils, singing bowls and chimes, Wisdom Tree sprays, sage smudge, crystals, and can be applied with or without smoke.

Space cleansing and protection:

Home, office, car, boat + other spaces

  • Aligns the energy of YOUR space to YOUR vibe.
  • Provides a fresh start.
  • Clears accumulated energy from previous owners.
  • Removes unwanted entities.
  • Smooths out unbalanced energy.
  • Protects and programs the energy to flow in the direction YOU choose

Space cleansing & protection rates:

Space cleansing and protection:

  • On-site home, office, car, boat + other spaces
  • 2 practitioners
  • $300 1st 1000 square feet
  • $200 per 1000 square foot above 1000

Our Practitioners

Anita, Tea Leaf Reading, Oracle/Tarot Cards and Tutoring


Anita’s forte include new homes, renovations and corporate office space. She works with intention setting as well as time-tested tools to move old energy out and to create a vacuum for new, specifically intended energy to enter. She works with people, pets, places and objects.


Akiva is an empathetic energy working. He taps into the source of any disparity or malfunction of natural way of things and restores peace and well-being. He is experienced in cleansing homes, offfices, people and objects … with love.

Sadhana, Tarot, Reiki, Crystals & Wellness


Sadhana is a sacred space world traveler and brings a strong and calming presence to her sessions. From Hawaii to India to the sacred places in our own community, Sadhana offers an opportunity to center, ground and clear energy that may be sticking or keeping you stuck. An earth mother, Sadhana moves mountains. She can help you do the same.

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