Tea Leaf Readings

Tea for Two!

Or one or three!

Create a special memory and share in a Tea Leaf Reading Ceremony. For as long as there have been people gathering together drinking tea – there have been those who are drawn to the messages at the bottom of the cup. Tea Leaf readings can bring clarity to life’s most complex questions and also provide divine guidance on how to proceed.

Tasseography or the art of tea leaf reading is a divination method that interprets patterns and symbols of the leftover leaves or sediment in a cup of tea.

First Anita will lead a lovely ceremonial opening, then you will simply enjoy drinking your own cup of loose-leaf tea while socializing with your friends, or chatting privately with Anita. Here you have the opportunity to bring forward your specific questions for your reading. Anita will scry (gaze) into each cup and receive intuitive messages for those at the table. She may also be called to use divining cards or read palms as well.

Call 604-984-9098 to book your Tea Reading Ceremony.

Anita, Tea Leaf Reading, Oracle/Tarot Cards and Tutoring

Anita, Tea Leaf/Intuitive/Oracle Channel/Palmistry/Tarot

From a long line of intuitives, and the mother of a new generation of psychics, Anita is a shining light in the realm of mystic adventure. She offers insight, intrigue and an opportunity for your own personal and spiritual growth. She is a teacher as much as she is a reader… you are destined to be thrilled with your experience of her Tea Leaf Ceremony.

Every Wednesday
Sit ’round the table and enjoy! … at the Oracle Emporium, West Van.

1 person $120 (1 hour)
2 people $145 (1.25 hours)
3 people $165 (1.5 hours)

Bring your own “bubble”!

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