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Say “I do!”, with a beautiful, meaningful ceremony that reflects your special love and expresses your heartfelt commitment to each other.

Write your own vows or personalize an existing memorable ceremony. Here is a wonderful opportunity to say how much you truly love each other, through a personal and inspiring ceremony.

  • In the Woods • On the Mountain • At the Lake… Almost Anywhere
  • Create Your Own Vows • Express Yourselves • Connect at a Deep Level
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls • Crystal Singing Bowls • Smudge and Drumming
  • Beautiful • Meaningful • Simple • Loving…

Weddings are legal and recognized by the Province of British Columbia Vital Statistics.

Kelly’s own marriage to her life-partner James, inspired her to become an Ordained Minister enabling her to marry couples who truly love each other, through beautiful and meaningful spiritual, although not necessarily conventional ceremony.

The Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony may contain the following elements.

  • Wedding processional or entrance of the bride and groom, and wedding party if applicable
  • Music, literature, and poetry read by friends, family or the bride and groom
  • Attendants or witnesses* to sign the wedding certificate or marriage license *
  • Wedding Vows *
  • Exchange of wedding rings or gifts
  • A blessing, benediction, or official sanction of the marriage
  • A first kiss as a married couple
  • A recessional
  • Your wedding may also include a unity candle ceremony, wine glass seal, hand-fasting, or any other personal ritual.
  • The items with an asterisk * are required.


Reverend Kelly Oswald officiates just one wedding per day to ensure the bride and groom the comfort of her commitment to making their wedding a very special occasion.

Ministry Fee: $280.00

Apply for a Marriage License

To get married in British Columbia, the Marriage Act requires that the couple get a Marriage License. You may get married during the three-month term of the license. The marriage license is issued at the time of application. The marriage license is non-refundable, valid for three months and may not be extended.
You do not have to be a British Columbia resident to be married in the province. However, you are required to get a Marriage License valid only in British Columbia.

We Register the Marriage

Within 48 hours of the wedding ceremony, the form will be sent to the Vital Statistics Agency, where the marriage will be registered and a legal record will be kept. Please remember to bring the Marriage License to the wedding or arrange to get it to Kelly prior to the wedding day.
You will receive a legal Marriage Certificate from the Vital Statistics Agency after the registration of the marriage.

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