Finding Yes: The First Step

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Finding Yes: The First Step

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Finding Yes: The First Step

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Finding Yes: The First Step

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Finding Yes: The First Step
A Self-Guided Centering and Grounding Meditation Course

By Kendall Dixon

In Finding Yes: The First Step you will be guided easily into a more Centered and Grounded State
in as little as 15 minutes a day! When Centered, you are living as Essence, which activates your intuition. When Grounded, you can make that Real, making decisions and choices that are in your highest good. "I studied meditation for over a decade yet continued to struggle with anxiety, panic attacks and stress-induced illness. And while I could hear my intuition I often failed to follow through”, writes Kendall Anne Dixon. It wasn’t until I learned how to Centre and Ground that all changed for me.

In Finding Yes: The First Step you will learn, step-by-step how to Centre and how to Ground, two
essential tools of meditation that are rarely taught.

This self-guided e-course includes:
200-page e-book
Full PDF of the curriculum
6 video/audio recordings of the book
5 video/audio recordings of the curriculum
2 video/audio recordings for daily practice
2 audio-only recordings that can be played on any device.

Value: $197 Available from the Oracle for $67

Kendall Anne Dixon is a Master Shiatsu Therapist and Energy Healer with over thirty years of experience. She has worked privately with some of the most famous people in the world and is now offering her course in a way that is accessible for everyone.

"A brilliant book and course. A wonderful way to get centered and calm, especially in these chaotic times". - Laura Friedland

Kendall's style of writing is clear and relatable, not overly scientific or esoteric, but still has that spark of leaving the reader wanting more". - H.B

"Kendall's course has worked miracles for me". - Christina R.

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