Study at the Oracle is designed to awaken possibility, explore timeless techniques, unlock ancient wisdom, and nourish the seeds of transformation for personal evolution in modern life; ultimately bringing a sense of serenity, ease, balance, and joy.

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1st Monday of the Month WHISTLER

Guided Meditation

with Terri and Natalia

Calm your mind and de-stress your life through relaxing meditation. Visualization, crystal bowl, heart centred, and more. Facilitators vary. Proceeds to our foundations in Mexico.

The First Monday of Every Month

By Donation.
We deeply appreciate your help in helping others.
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Aerial Yoga

with Tracy


Begins Mid-July
Schedule is in the works!

For information, please call Tracy at 604-984-9098 or email:
(Mobile service and private sessions available.)

Practical Magic

Altars and Sacred Spaces

with Joanne

A personal altar or sacred space dedicates a space to things dear to you; a goal, healing, faith. This reflects on your personal and spiritual priorities.  It ignites your imagination, intention and intuition.

In this 3 hour workshop we will discover your personal intentions for your altar, infusing it with energy and  create your personal rituals.
Everyone leaves with a personal mini altar made at the workshop.

This 3 hour workshop will include supplies to make a mini/travel altar to take home.

Tuesday, July 18th

Energy is Everything

Everything is Energy

with Margaret

We know energy is everything, from the hardest stone to the softest down on a baby bird.
It just all vibrates at different speeds.
In this workshop, we will explore our own energy and how it affects others.
Learn how to touch the ‘skin’ of someone’s aura. How far from the body does it extend?
What colour is it?
Learn how to do Energy Healing. This allows you to channel the healing energy of the Universe to help heal people.
See the auras of your crystals…amazing.
This is an experiential, interactive, fun workshop.

Tuesday, August 1st

7:00-9:00 pm

Level One


with Margaret

Fascinated by Tarot cards? Wish you could read them? This is a 4 evening Tarot Class with a professional Tarot Reader, where you will learn the magic of Tarot. Amaze your friends.
We will be using the Rider Waite Tarot and will go through it one by one. Learn the meaning of each can and understand how they relate to one another.

This is a fun, interesting class, and by the end of it you should be comfortable doing mini readings.

Facilitated by Margaret Khoja, who has been reading and teaching Tarot for over 30 yrs.
Register early to confirm your spot. (20% discount on Tarot Cards when registering)

August 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th

Practical Magic

Intuition for the Everyday

with Joanne

Welcome to the world of Intuition!
In this day long experiential workshop we will be developing your intuition for everyday use. Simple practices and tools to hone your skills and give you an edge in making decisions, finding your passion and living a life of joy.

Whether you want to excel in business, personal endeavors or enhance your relationships trusting your intuition is the key.

This workshop is for people who want to discover more about intuition and get on site practice and take home rituals to make a difference in their lives.

Saturday, TBA
10am – 5pm


Tarot Introduction

Tarot 101

with Rhonda

Get to know yourself (and your friends!) a little better through discovery of the Tarot. You will learn the archetypal qualities and symbolic messages of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, that you can put to use in your life immediately. Includes your personal ‘mini’ reading. A little bit of insight and a lot of fun. (This class is included if you are taking the Tarot Certificate Program)

Tuesday, October 10th

What to Bring: Notebook, pen, and Tarot cards if you have them (not required).

Professional Tarot

Tarot Certificate Program

with Rhonda

Tarot is a powerful tool to self-discovery, providing insight and prospective in your life. This personal empowerment study shows you how to put together, read and interpret Tarot cards using symbology, your intuition and your connection with the higher self. Read Tarot with confidence and become an Intuitive Professional Tarot Reader*. Certification provided upon completion of all course objectives.

*Opportunity for Apprenticeship and practice for graduates.

Dates: 5 Evenings, October 10, 11, 16, 17 and 18
Time: 7-9:30pm
$185.00 + GST
What to Bring: Rider Waite Tarot Cards / Binder for Handouts / Journal / Pen
(Rider Waite Tarot Cards required, available at a 20% discount when registering)

Be the Change


with the Oracle Team

WHEN: November 5-12, 2017
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

WHEN: November 5-12, 2017
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico




  1. To develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’;
  2. To empower yourself with the knowledge that you can do anything you set your mind to; and
  3. To really, truly, be the change you want to see in the world.