The Oracle


The Oracle is open every day at all 3 locations: West Vancouver, Sechelt and Whistler. 10:00am-6:00pm (later at Whistler).


Our readers have loads of experience and come with a multitude of modalities and natural talent. Come in for a holistic experience – or just for fun.


Discover unique gifts, beautiful home decor, meaningful jewelry, freedom-wear fashions. Good Karma: local artists and fair trade products.


At The Oracle, you’ll discover unique gifts, beautiful home decor, meaningful jewelry, freedom-wear fashions, original and limited edition art, a vast assortment of journals, motivating books, a multitude of incense, kid’s stuff and a myriad of cards, decks and eclectic, interesting items.


In-store shopping… it’s personal.


The Oracle wholeheartedly supports local children’s community efforts in Whistler, Vancouver, and Sechelt, and is actively involved in the countries from which we import; most notably, the mothers and children of Colonia Leonardo Gastelum, Mexico and children in Bali, Indonesia.

Since 2009 we’ve help build a kitchen that currently feeds over 275 children each school day, built an organic garden, filled a wish list and provided support after Hurricane Odile, helped impoverished families learn skills to improve their quality of life and given out one heck of a lot of crayons!

Just shopping at the Oracle helps… especially for products that contribute directly: Be the Change Colouring Book, Be the Change for Kids cards, Wish Lanterns, Living Peace Cards, Vintage Clothing and Previously Loved Books. FOR MORE INFO on how you can help, email


Locally owned and operated, we trade fair, sell fair, and support our team of in-house entrepreneurs.

FAIR TRADE: Would you want to sell yourself short and bring hardship to your business and family? We wouldn’t either. So we are absolutely fair in buying from other countries… and our own artisans in Canada. Fair Trade allows producers to set their own prices with dignity and respect. We also re-sell at fair prices (bet ya noticed!). This provides sustainability to our suppliers ~ we always go back, year after year, watching their children grow up, as they watch ours.

The Oracle trades fairly with all it’s providers and suppliers endeavoring to maintain a sustainable economy allowing families to thrive and children to play.

We don’t have staff… we have talent!

We ADORE the entrepreneurial spirit, and love to watch it take flight and soar. In many cases, our team are also our suppliers. We empower our team at home to create and offer their fantastic works of art in all three shops. Including; Julie’s Sun Julz, Sindy’s Wisdom Tree Sprays, Debbie’s Magnets, Natalia’s Art Cards and book “Samira the Singing Salmon”, Terri’s re:creation jewelry, Stacey’s Love Stones and Karen’s energy wrap bracelets.


No plastic, no shell, and the owners are hard to reach sometimes.

no_plasticSorry, we just can’t do plastic bags anymore, and haven’t since June 2010.

Our reusable bags are $1.50. They are a nice sized, roomy bag, with handles that are short enough it doesn’t drag on the ground. Occasionally we’ll have some plastic that held product – we re-use it – not pretty, but it helps.  We are not ‘store proud’ so will be happy to put your Oracle product in another store’s reusable bag to cut down on the whole mess.

Thank you very, very much for your support.

shellWe don’t have anything made from shell. No jewelry, buttons, smudge shells. Restrictions of harvesting shell are being violated and reefs and sea life are being destroyed for fashion. The exception is product’s of windowpane oyster because the regulations are strictly enforced.

For now.

jam_kelThis is us.
James and Kelly.
Trying to reach us is challenging, our BEST customer service comes from our FABULOUS team at each shop.

We’re ‘out there’ sourcing (on foot) fairly traded items from home businesses and local shops in Bali, Mexico, and sometimes Thailand, and usually without decent internet. But hey! That’s what it takes to find you products with loads of meaning and unusual beauty. We go for the most deeply personal and unique ‘stuff’ we can find.