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Meet Zoltar


Words of wisdom with a sense of humour!

What’s with the Zoltar?

Well… when we finished renovating and opened up the Oracle at Sechelt in 2012, a friend mentioned that ‘now all I needed was a Zoltar’.
I don’t know if she was serious or just kidding, but it planted a seed that grew until I just had to do it!
I believe that life should be lived in joy, and with that comes a sense of humour.

Zoltar is just that – he’s a bit sarcastic, but ridiculously realistic, fun and unoriginal in a corny way.
He softens the hard edge of taking ourselves too seriously.

He hails from south of the border, Las Vegas to be exact (of course!) .

Below are the bits and pieces that craft him into the final dude hanging out at the Oracle at Whistler.
(Yes, he will visit the other locations from time to time).

He’s also a bit of a philanthropist. You’ll find out about his scholarships here >

Live in joy.

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