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What’s the potential in your palm?

Within the map of Palmistry are curious markings that show individual potential and aptitudes. Tapping into these latent (or already blossoming) talents may jumpstart or enhance your life path. They show which things will come easy to you and will help you flow along with the least resistance.

If you lack these markings, it certainly doesn’t mean to abandon hope of achieving them; it just may take a little more effort to reach those goals.

In Search of Abundance?

In Search of Abundance?

When a triangle forms between the Fate Line and the Head Line you may be destined to earn a substantial amount of money through your profession or business. Known as money triangle, the size and visual strength of the triangle denotes the magnitude of money you may earn and retain.

Are you a Born Writer?

The “Writer’s Fork” may appear at the end of the Head Line by splitting into two strong lines. It has been associated with a natural talent towards the written word. The longer and clearer the fork is marked on the palm, the greater the writing ability. If the fork appears on the non-dominant hand, it indicates latent talents and potential. A Writer’s Fork on the dominant hand is much more likely to indicate a professional writer. However, if you don’t have a fork, please don’t abandon your attempts at writing!

Are you a Born Writer?
Blog - Is Teaching your Thing?

Is Teaching your Thing?

On the mound below your ‘pointing’ finger, there may be a square made up of crossing lines. The Teachers Square suggests and aptitude towards imparting knowledge to others. Teaching, mentoring, sharing what you know may be part of your potential.

This mark is also a sign that you will remain humble even after achieving great success. If you also have the Money Triangle, this is a nice combination.

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