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How to Get the Most from Your Reading

5 tips to get your answers…

Be open:
Ask questions that will allow the cards to guide your overall view. Already arriving with a pre-determined answer is limiting. You want to discover what you don’t already know.

Be general:
Stay focused on the subject, but be broad in your question. Too much detail can also limit the exploration process. Even a quick-question reading requires the freedom to look beyond the confines of present circumstances.

Focus on yourself:
Readings can be done for other people; however, many times the root of the question still lies within you. By focusing on yourself, you are empowered to make changes that can affect relationships and other issues.

Be positive:
If you are looking for solutions, then a positive attitude will really help find the best clues. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, so finger-pointing and blame won’t show up; however, the shift you can make to empower yourself and to know yourself better will be there. A neutral approach will be incredibly beneficial.

Relax and enjoy:
You are spending time with a reader… how cool is that?
Don’t forget to ask the questions you want answered! Write them down in advance so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

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