Blog - Difficult not Impossible Feature

Difficult? YES. Impossible? NO.

Whether you are making or breaking habits, taking on a new challenge, or struggling with ongoing challenges; belief in yourself can be the key to switching from misery to joy.

Human beings find happiness in two areas: A sense of accomplishment (don’t need kudos) and outside recognition (definitely kudos).

While I explore the villages in Bali, I am always impressed with the culture of ‘can do’.

Anything is possible.

From the most intricate carving, delicate painting, to moving furniture with a handcart, and women with giant bags of rice and bricks piled six high on their heads.

How can we say something is too difficult?

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I don’t really need to explain what I’m trying to say! … notice he’s smiling!

Jump in to your projects and resolutions with enthusiasm and BELIEVE in yourself!

Live in joy,

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