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How to wear rings … energetically

Sooo… I thought the picture above was kindof fun :-/

Energy flows and just like the photo above, will make you feel good, scared, embarrassed, envious, freaked-out, impressed or you’ll just be rolling your eyes. This guy has done a great deal of manifestation to get this ‘look’.

What type of energy do you want to enhance and bring into your life?

What do you want to bring to light and focus on in the days ahead?

Wearing rings adorns and enhances the personality of each finger. They accentuate the traits you wish to intensify.

Make sure that the ring is beautiful to you, fits comfortably (too tight actually blocks the flow of energy). You can go a step further and check out various gemstones that will further magnify your intentions.

Have fun with it!

Thumb = Logic and Will Power

  • Dominant Hand: Encourages results and success; action and the ability to think things through and get things done.
  • Non-dominant: Strengthens family and authentic communities.

Jupiter Finger = Self (How you project to the outside world)

  • Dominant Hand: Enhances leadership ability, influence, ambition.
  • Non-dominant: Amplifies personal power and self-confidence.

Saturn Finger = Responsibility and Self-Discipline

  • Dominant Hand: Boosts self-esteem, integrity, responsibility.
  • Non-dominant: Builds confidence. Helps in teaching others.

Apollo Finger = Individuality and Creativity

  • Dominant Hand: Enhances your personal expression, style and appreciation of beauty.
  • Non-dominant: Gives rise to innovation and self-assurance.

Mercury Finger = Intuition and Intelligence

  • Dominant Hand: Improves all forms of communication. Empowers you to speak your truth.
  • Non-dominant: Heightens the ability to inspire and heal.
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